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Spell it With Fabric: Fig Tree Style


Welcome to the SPELL IT WITH FABRIC Blog Hop! If you didn't start following along yesterday [the first day of the hop] then you really should go back to yesterday's posts of A, B & C and learn some great things about Aneela, Anne, Sandy and Bonnie!

Today's posts will be D, E & F [that's us :-). If you follow along for the entire hop not only will you learn some fun things about all of us designers but you will also be able to collect all the letters of the alphabet as you go and enter to win some amazing giveaways in the process. Sounds like a party to me... Hope you join us!

Click HERE to go to the MODA CUTTING TABLE blog and get the list of everyone who will be posting on each day.

TODAY, here is the lineup.

Piecing Directions -
Deb Strain -
Kathy Schmitz -
Fig Tree and Co. -


I am pretty sure I don’t nee to explain that one to you. I have been categorized under F from the day I married the Fig. My maiden name is Polish and started with a W and has no vowels and no one could ever pronounce it. I am happy to be the Fig. Although in order to have it continue, I did saddle all three of my children with it as one of two middle names. Oh well, I guess they will have to be spelling it for people for the rest of their lives too.

Sometimes we call the kids Figlets. They love that..... especially the teenagers! That was also the name of my very first business, Figlets, before it became Fig Tree. Its a good thing we love the fruit!


Click HERE to download our letter, F. We went a bit scrappy with ours using a mini charm pack of Mirabelle to have a little fun but you can go either plain with yours or scrappy like our version.


We thought most of these letters were a perfect opportunity to use up your scraps or mini charm packs! Ours will end up in a quilt with other scrappy letters.... some day later this year.

If fact not only have we done the F, but we have done many patterns over the years with letters in them. Most recently, we did the LOVE YOU MORE pattern.






... the teenagers favorite quilt, a 2 color LOVE YOU MORE quilt with a cream SNUGGLE backing. He won't share this one.




Before that we did many series with words and numbers in them. One of my favorites would have to be BUNNY DUET or SINGING IN THE RAIN... a little bit perfect for this time of the year.



A little disclaimer: we were all asked to give all our answers with our letter. In my case, that would be F. When I first started writing this post, I couldn't think of anything that I wanted to write about that started with the letter F. I mean NOTHING. Other than FIGS... and that seemed a bit too obvous to write about.

So then I thought about writing a little disclaimer, about thanking Lissa for her creativity as always but that I was drawing a total blank and would have to use whatever I could come up with....

And then as soon as I decided that I just couldn't do it, the F's started coming...

I thought that I might tell you that I love lots of odd things like FRESH RADISHES with salt and butter, FETA CHEESE on almost anything and FIGURE 8's. I would be sharing that I love FAIRTYTALES, that I will never get a FACELIFT, that I really value FAITH and FAIRNESS, that I have a total thing for FALAFELS [I have in the process converted the whole family to love them in the process] and that I have always wanted to be a FARM GIRL in the worst possible way. I am always working on the husband to build me a chicken coop.

I would tell you that I am at least a little bit of a FEMINIST and that I would give anything to gather FIREFLIES in a jar again. I would share with you that I have always wanted to be a FLORIST [my dad and I even went as far as researching it several times earlier in my life] and that I collect FOLK ART of many different varieties. I would share that I think FOXGLOVES are quite beautiful even if they are poisonous and that my dad's favorite flower was always a FREESIA. I will be planting some of those soon to remember him.There is something about that scent.

I think FRECKLES are cute, especially on your nose. I would admit that I tried to play FRISBEE golf in college because the boy I liked did it and that I sucked. I would have to add that I have a soft spot for FRENCH FRIES, even though I know they are so bad for you! I would tell you that I do indeed love FIGS and that my blog is called FRESH FIGS.


I would have to add that one of my favorite things in the whole world is FABRIC. Fabric is like no other medium. It already has a palette in each and every piece. It speaks to me, in clear and precise ways. It really talks. Like a person and tells me what it wants to go with and who it wants to play with. We have a real relationship, FABRIC and me.

I would end by telling you that I love being a FIG. And that I can't think of anything I would rather be doing for work than FIG TREE & CO.

Thanks for going with the whole F thing with me!


As for what we're working on now.... we have MIRABELLE coming out next month and we can't wait to see what you all will make with it. The precuts are here now and will be on the stie soon... as soon as we can determine all of the ones that need to be set aside for our upcoming kits...

We have a few wonderful nostalgic tins available now after all our orders have gone out. If you like that kind of stuff, you might want to SEE the few that we have in new...


My favorite MIRABELLE pattern today is probably HUGS and CAROUSEL... just can't pick one I guess. I am definitely FICKLE that way :-).




Leave us a comment with WHAT KIND OF QUILT PATTERN YOU WANT TO SEE FROM FIG TREE IN THIS NEXT MARKET RELEASE [it can be a block or a style or anything you can dream up] and we will enter you into the drawings that will be held on the last day of the HOP on February 28.... who knows what you might win!

In fact, if we use your idea, we will send you some extra goodies for the inspiration. Thanks for playing along!





Your F post was lots of fun to read, and I love how you pieced the F.
As far as a suggestion, how about something with the raw edges like the bullseye but maybe done in flower shapes? But I really like your pieced designs and would love to see something with churn dashes or lots of flying geese.

I would love a quilt with lots of snowdrops, crocuses and primroses to help us Europeans get through our dreary wet winter.

there are so many type of patterns that I like but I would love to see something with postage stamp and either embroidery or applique

A center applique, surrounded by round robin type blocks
featuring all the different fabrics of the new line.

I really love the pictorial patterns, like your Painted Ladies, Spools and Stems patterns. I'd love more like those! Jelly roll patterns are my favorite.

You are such a wonderful designer:) I am thinking something a bit fallish...sunflowers, pumpkins...soft colors. I can see why Moda has you...such talent. Have a Happy Day!

I love your fabrics and the wonderful fresh look of any pattern you design with them. I'm Irish and I am longing for spring. My thoughts are trending towards an Irish Chain pattern with maybe a simple applique in the center of each block or a fussy cut would be nice too. I would also love to see this fabric used in a double wedding ring quilt. Thank you so much for your wonderful designs in fabric and patterns. Looking forward to seeing the new ideas.

A Fig Tree sampler quilt would be so much fun and absolutely beautiful!!

Hi, my father had a passion for persimmons. When i look at your lines of fabric, i can see various shades of persimmons, each with the sweet green leaves. Of course, i realize that this is a very old fashion fruit, but maybe you will be inspired? Love every thing you design, i have some fabric, that i am hoarding, but who knows, maybe i'll make persimmons? LOL. Marsha

I particularly love your fruit designs, and I always think of your work whenever I see a quilt that incorporates fruit into the design. How about a sampler quilt that uses a different fruit in each block? And I am completely in love with Mirabelle!!

I fell in love with your quilt "Love You More" as, in our household, that is part of a saying that my husband and I have and will say to each other at odd times (but at least every day): one will start with "Love You", the other will say "Love you more" and then comes "Love you Most". Some people may think it's silly, but it's part of who we are and how we live. We've been married 21 years (almost-like in 2 days) and have never had a fight. It's a second time around for both of us and I guess we learned a thing or two. So, I would love to see a "Love You Most" quilt. Not very imaginative, I suppose, but I would love it. I think other people would too. Thanks for the fun blog!

I would love to see something retro and 50s.

I love your fabrics and once again love your new Mirabelle! I don't know how you come up with all your fantastic ideas all the time but they are great! I'll just leave those to your expertise cause you are so good at it!

I love your fabrics! the colors and styles are perfect for so many things. I would like to see a quilt pattern that uses a combination of Chevrons and heart or flower blocks (pieced for appliqued)or Dresden. Maybe chevrons around the boarder with the interior of the quilt having the different types of pieced blocks - or Chevrons every third or fourth row with a pieced block between them.

I LOVE your colors and style. You and "Bonnie and Camille" are my favorite designers. I look forward to your new fabrics and patterns every market. The type of pattern I would like to see in a new pieced quilt pattern of yours is one where there is not a lot of matching of points to worry about. I am not very good at that and it can be frustrating. I like the way you used a circle to cover up the pinwheel center on one of your patterns (lifesavers?) since I have trouble matching centers. I'm sure you could think of many other ways to design a beautiful quilt without a lot of points to match. :) I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful, creative ideas.

I would love some Fig Tree Christmas designs.

I love fireflies too. When I lived in Michigan we would sit on our patio and watch the thunderstorms roll in in the late evening and then afterwards the fireflies would come out. It was a metaphor for life-the light that comes after the darkness and storms and that as we gather together the light grows. I would make a quilt that features light and dark, with some sort of wing pattern that symbolize the resiliency of the human spirit to come out after the storm…..Love, love, love your patterns and fabric. Thanks!

I'd love to see some oversized blocks on a dark solid background. Thanks for the chance!

How about a sampler in large blocks.
Thanks for sharing

I would love a new spin on a bear paw block . One of my favorites!

Love your fabric and designs. I would love to see a quilt pattern made up of appliqued squares in the form of a garden patch with bunnies in one, carrots in another, figs of course and any other fruits, flowers, or veggies. It could have a nice "picket fence" as the border. Oh yummy!

I love your ability to take a traditional quilt pattern and make it easier to make into a whole quilt. I also love your combination of a traditional block quilt with an appliqué block added, not overwhelming! I would like to see a medallion quilt (english) with appliqué in Fig Tree Style!! I think it would be lovely!!!

I love the ease of piecing your Lollies. Can you adapt that design into another Fabulous quilt? Can't wait for the next collection!

I've been saving my Tapestry for just the right pattern. Would love to see it done up as a Hunter's Star, Fig Tree style (easier~!!). I always look forward to your new fabric lines - love them all.

I like many styles of quilts but I always seem to be drawn to the Irish Chain. How about a FRESH new pattern using the Irish chain. It would be lovely with your fabrics (for which I love every collection you do).

I'm a peace and love kinda girl - recently found a HUGE pattern for a hippy VW wagon - I would love to see some retro patterns - you know - peace, love groovy, cool.....and no I wasn't a hippy - I just love all that all your projects just as they are!

I've always wanted to make a sampler quilt and to embroider on a quilt--so maybe something combining the two. And maybe a little applique on the borders. Thanks for the chance to win.

I would like to see a two block quilt with a secondary pattern developed in fig tree syle :)

Your patterns and fabrics are fabulous! You've devised pineapple, cherry and pear patterns. Why not another fruit, a delicious peach which is in your colors. I'd buy it in a flash 'cause I live in the "peachy" state of South Carolina. And our peaches are the best.

I love your creativity and can't imagine improving it with my suggestions!

I have been following your fabric line for many years. Every time I visit your blog, it is always so very comforting. The colors of your fabrics ... warm and cozy. I would love to see something playful - along the lines of childhood days when there wasn't a care in the world and all was well. My daughter and I would like to make children's clothing for those who cannot really afford much. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents and creativity! Good luck to all!

Pam Hunter

I am really liking star blocks now, so a pattern incorporating stars would be appreciated. Thanks!

I have Hugs already ordered (during your awesome 12 days of Christmas!) and cannot wait for it to arrive...this new fabric line is so lovely! Next pattern? Well, I am not sure...I love blocks, stars, log cabins, applique, you name, you can surprise me!

I'd like to see more of those adorable appliqués!

I am really getting into embroidery and fabric/quilts. Something easy and elegant would work for a first one for me….I haven't jumped in yet as I am cleaning up my unfinished projects before starting a whole new journey.

I love your patterns! I really enjoyed the rooster applique on a kitchen towel pattern you released a while back. I would like to see another type of animal, one that hasn't been used before (that's a toughie!) in some sort of quilt block. Thanks for the giveaway!

I am loving all the medallion quilts going around the internet these days...could always use the inspiration of another one!

I love flying geese (not so great at making them though). A quilt with bright, cheerful geese would be wonderful.

Your fabrics are always Fresh and Fun to cut. I would like a pieced pattern with applique flowers on it, like the foxglove and freesia you mentioned.

Mini's! Love mini quilt patterns!

I'd love to see a pattern with stars and plain white or off white blocks or space to show off beautiful quilting. Love to see the quilting.

Have always loved your style and the fabrics you design for Moda! How about a seashore themed quilt? Beach balls, sand castles, beach umbrellas, sailboats etc?

I love scrappy quilts and would love to see a pattern that uses lots of scraps from previous Fig Tree lines.

I love all of your patterns. They always match your beautiful fabrics so perfectly and are incredibly creative. I think one of my all time favorites was your Cherry Pie pattern, so I would love a twist on that, maybe a "sampler" of fruits with cherries and you could add in some of your canned pears, and you could add in some new fruits like strawberries or plums, or anything. Oh, and if you did one of your beautiful basket blocks in the center of the quilt, so fun :)

I would love to see a Fig Tree version of an Apple Core quilt!

I loved you Halloween quilt last year. I hope you do another.

I am currently intrigued by diamond-shaped log cabin blocks. Patterns are far and few between, and I think this would be a great "new" idea for a Fig Tree pattern!

I would love to see a pattern to make the antique red and white quilt at the Red/White Quilt Show last week. The background is white with red "stars" with points (not sure how to exactly explain it - sorry!) I also love your books and have all of them. I still have the "house" quilt on my list to make (love it!) and I'd love to see some house patterns (don't know why I'm on a "house" kick lately). And finally, I loved the unexpected pop of navy that was in your Avalon line (and then it seemed that everyone else jumped on the navy bandwagon after you) so I think maybe an unexpected pop of color in one of your lines would be perfect.
P.S. I think your Strawberry Fields line was so very beautiful - I still have some of it and I'm hoarding it like crazy ;o)

Would love to have fabric that is based on the Sound of Music favorite things song. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Bright cooper kettles and warm woolen mittens, Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels, Doorbells and sleigh bells, wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings....etc.

Going with the letter theme, I would love to see a quilt that says "Always Kiss Me Goodnight." I think it would be beautiful in your fabric lines, and would be great for a big queen size bed or for a baby blanket (if the letters were small enough!)

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