Red & White Quilt Show: Part 1
Spell it With Fabric: Fig Tree Style

Red & White Quilt Show: Part 2

Today I wanted to share some more with you about the RED & WHITE CHARITY QUILT SHOW. I am so glad that you enjoyed our show photos. So many of you have asked about the specific quilts and patterns in the show and even though I can't tell you about each one, I can at least share with you about the Fig Tree patterns that were used as well as a few others that I have info on....

Of course one of my personal favorites was my A YULETIDE SNOWFLAKE pattern that I made in all MODA reds. I actually loved it so much that I continued to bid on it during the auction for quite a while until I finally decided to let someone else have it. I figured I could always make another one!


My other personal favorite was the DAISY CHAIN pattern. Originally done in our Dandelion Girl collection, this red and cream version was the quilt I most wanted to go home with. The interplay of those red Tapestry collection fabrics was just beautiful. My friend and sewer, Cheryl Hadley, did an amazing job. I let this one go too as the person I was bidding against was quite committed! Yesterday a little birdie told me that Cheryl might just be working on another one :-).




Another favorite duo at the show was the BLOSSOM patttern from my WITH FABRIC & THREAD book. Two different friends, Margaret Clanton and Carleen Green, chose to do this quilt in alternating color choices - one chose a cream background and red blossoms and the other a red background with cream blossoms. Gorgeous! I did manage to come home with the cream version of this one and am so glad to add it to my personal red and white collection.






Our FRENCH QUARTER pattern, which had always been done scrappy with each ring a different fabric in all the versions I had ever seen, looked stunning in all red and white solid. Made by Cheryl Hurd this quilt is a great pattern for beginners especially in this two color version.


Our JELLY & JAM turned out great done in two different red prints. Created by Cindy Brown who owns a local cherry orchard, she also donated several cherry certificates for U-PICK this summer. I will definitely be there!


I thought the red verison of the PINWHEEL GARDEN [based on a pattern by Primtive Gatherings and Lisa Bongean] was a beautiful choice for the show. A simple quilt, made even more classic with just the 2 colors, Laurie Wotus did a beautiful job with this one.


Laurie and her friend Erin also did an amazing job on a scrappy red version of our ROSETTES pattern. There were a lot of pieces in this quilt and it took them a bit of time to finish, but I think the results were well worth it.


I loved the standard and the mini version of the HOUNDSTOOTH pattern [pattern by Vanessa Christensen] done by Anne Kensok. She loved making the standard one so much that she decided to make it again in a mini version. Love them!


I can't believe how much I LOVED the FRESH LAUNDRY pattern done in all various prints of reds. I originally didn't think that this pattern would have enough variation with just reds, but the different prints all look so different that I just love how this pattern turned out as a red and white quilt. Who would have thought? This pattern was originally done in our Fig & Plum collection. Karen Mancuso, who did this version, first created a versio of it for a friend that was all oranges. She started with one of our orange bundles and worked from there. Given my love of orange, I am having a hard time deciding which one I like better!




Friend and Thimble Creek Quilts owner, Joe Wood, had a few lovely submissions done in all solids. His RENDEZVOUS [pattern by Thimble Creek Quilts] pattern was a stunner and we actually had two versions of the quilt in the show. Joe created his and then purchased it himself as a model for his business. Then Patty Flynn created the same quilt for auction. It was a good thing we had at least one for sale as it was a hot commodity at the auction.


Joe and Roxie also created and donated another beauty, PAINT THE TOWN RED [pattern by Thimble Creek Quilts]. What a great quilt. So simple yet so graphic and stunning.


This wonderful large scale quilt features our Fig Tree reds in a great way. Created by Sandra Dunkle, I am not sure what pattern she used but I thought this would look wonderful as tiny little mini stars. What do you think?


A simple red and white version of one of the quilts from our TWINKLE pattern booklet was a wonderful, classic quilt by Cheryl Hadley.


Another Fig Tree favorite that was sewn by friend Carleen Green, came straight from our FIG TREE QUILTS: HOUSES book. It's a book filled with... you guessed it... house quilts and projects. This Village Square quilt was created originally in red and white and recreated exactly by Carleen. It was fun to help her work on this quilt over the year and see those little schoolhouse blocks come together. Fabulous job Carleen!


A few of my favorite submissions came from fellow MODA designers, either their own or vintage donations...

A vintage beauty with a wonderful hand written story by the daughter of the original quilter, was donated by Edyta Sitar. Get ready for this... this quilt was made from beginning to end by a man in Berks County, PA. Wow!


Laurie and Polly from MINICK & SIMPSON, sent this wonderful wall hanging size quilt that had both piecing and applique. Just beautiful!


Kaari Meng donated this beautiful example of a vintage Drunkard's Path quilt. The white has a tiny black dot in it and the red is a deep, saturated red.


Brigitte Heitland from Zen Chic created this wonderful scrappy quilt with a little bit of embroidered verse in the center.


We also had other wonderful donations of fabric, products, raffle quilts and cash from other MODA friends including Deb Strain, Gina Martin, Lisa Bongean, Janet Clare and Malka Durbrowsky. Thank you ladies so much. Your money went straight to George Mark and your fabrics and quilts went for raffle and door prizes to many appreciative attendees.

And finally, take a look at this vintage beauty. Wow!


We had many other door prize donations and raffle gifts and I do really want to thank all of those amazing friends as well. We couldn't have done it without you!

I wanted to particularly thank the anonymous quilter and customer who donated her CHERRY PIE quilt as one of our main raffle items. It was an extremely generous gift and we are so grateful.


And of course another heartfelt thank you to MODA for their amazing MODA GIFT BASKET OF LOVE.  It was a basket that received a lot of oooh's and aaaah's during the show as well as from our online raffle ticket purchasers!


Thanks to those wonderful raffle prizes, as well as others, we sold over 600 raffle tickets!!!


We have some winners to announce. Many of the raffle prizes went to people in attendace at the show but several were nabbed by online purchasers [everyone had an equal chance]:

Congratulations to Mary Marusin in winning the MODA GIFT BASKET!

Congratulations to Shirley Fitzgerald in winning a lovely wall hanging by Janet Clare.

Congratulations to Bev Remillard for winning a bundle of fabrics from Deb Strain.

Congratulations to Kathleen Stiokas for winning a bundle of fabrics from Deb Strain.

Your goodies will going in the mail on tuesday [monday is a postal holiday].

Thanks everybody for all your support and encouragement throughout the planning of this event. Many of you have asked if we will be doing it again next year and that you might like to donate something if so.

Well... we would absolutely love to take your donations and if we decide that we can do it again. We will certainly make announcements about it early on in the year so you have plenty of time to contribute. If we are able to do it again we probably won't do so for 2 years or so. It takes a bit more work than we had originally anticipated :-)!


For those of you looking for some of the patterns mentioned above, click HERE for the Fig Tree patterns and do a search for the name; click HERE for Thimble Creek Quilts; HERE for V & Co., HERE for Primtive Gatherings.

Thanks again everyone!

Joanna and the whole show crew!!


very the reds and whites

Wow - that all looks so fabulous. Congratulations on your successful show, and thanks for showing us from afar the beautiful quilts!

thanks for sharing pictures of those beautiful quilts with us. I almost feel like I was at the show.

More beauties and I admire all of the talent and love that went into them!!

Thanks you, thank you! It brings back fond memories of the Red and White Quilt show that I got to go see with my daughter. I wish I could have been there! Now I want to make a red and white quilt!

Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts with us. This is one quilt I still want to make - a red and white quilt and here there is certainly so much inspiration.

Thank you for posting more on the red and white quilts. The photos are such an inspiration. Gets the juices flowing!

If red looks so good in a two color quilt, I wonder how well other colors would look in a two color quilt? Something that might be worth exploring.

Yes, you should definitely go make a red and white quilt. I think everyone should have a collection that comes out at special times like Christmas and Valentines!


Yes, you should definitely go make a red and white quilt. I think everyone should have a collection that comes out at special times like Christmas and Valentines!

yes, I absolutely love 2 color quilts! Green and cream is great too, as is orange and cream!!

By the way... so jealous that you got to go to the original show!

Hi , love the red and white quilts, I was going to ask which patterns designed by you would look great in red and white and I just got my answer, all of them, do you think your red and cream bundle would be enough for Jelly and Jam, thanks


You will need (21) 2 1/2 strips of reds and (21) 2 1/2 of creams. The bundle will get you more than that I believe with the reds for sure. You might want to add a few more low volume creams to the mix. I think it would look great!


Thank you so much, the red and white quilts are out of this world, how inspiring, Lorraine

Beautiful - each one had me saying, "I want to make that one!" Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

What beautiful red and white quilts. I think I may need to make one now.

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