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Red & White Quilt Show: Part 2

Red & White Quilt Show: Part 1

I will keep the talking down to a minimum because I know you are all anxious to see the pictures! The show went so far beyond what we ever hoped, that all of us are still in a bit of a daze at how well it went together, at how many of you attended and at all the generous donations to the George Mark House. More on all of that later....


What our floors looked like the days leading up to the show...









Saturday morning, the set up begins...


 The sign comes out...



The booth helpers get ready :-). This was a family affair and all kids and husbands were not only in attendance but employed throughout the day!



And the quilts get hung row by row...



























We tried to recreate the circle of chairs from the New York show...








And then the people began coming and kept coming all day. We couldn't beieve it!



We were a happy bunch at the end!



Tomorrow I will show a bunch of closeups and some more information on the show and the quilts.

For now, we have a few bundles and kits from the show. You might want to take a look HERE.





so many beautiful quilts - great job of getting them all in one place wish I lived in your area and had been able to see them.

It was fun. And we sold every single one for charity! Woohoo!!!


They are all so beautiful!

Beautiful quilts. Who would have believed there are soooo many shades of red. Nice job!!

Very nice. I love red and white.

It looks fabulous!! Great job!

Oh my goodness! So many beautiful quilts! it looks like a very successful show and fundraiser. Congratulations!

Small world, Joanna! We were in Maui a few weeks ago and as we were waiting for our table for dinner, we met Ron Wotus and his wife. They were so lovely. Mr. Wotus was wearing his Championship Ring from the 2012 World Series and, of course, I could not resist asking him about it:) He was very gracious and kind. He even let me hold that big honkin' ring. Anyway, if I had known quilting/fund raising was gong on, I would have asked about that. Does Mrs. Wotus quilt? How did you guys hook up for this charity? I'm glad it was a success!!!

Looks like your red and white quilt show charity fundraiser was very successful. Beautiful quilts and I love how they were displayed. Great job.


Hey Jeanie-

Laurie has been a part of my class for years! We created the show from our Friday night class! All the quilts were auctioned off and the $ went straight to the George Mark House. That is so funny that you met them in Maui! They are great people!

You should have come up!

Thanks so much!

It looks so incredible! You must be so very happy (and tired)! But it looks amazing!

Congratulations on a fabulous job!! I know you and your group worked so hard and the quilts were so beautiful! Selling every one is just terrific (although I could see why - I was coveting more than a few myself!). Do you know if you will be doing something like this again next year? With enough warning, I would love to make a quilt for the charity.

Wow, although I have made red and white quilts before, I am incredibly inspired to make another. What a beautiful show. Congratulations!

it looks absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could have seen it in person ( but then I probably would have gone home with half of the quilts!)
Great job!

A very impressive collection!! Congratulations to all the ladies who made this show such a big success!!
As for the picture with the three girls, there can be no doubt about which one is your lovely daughter!

I was out late at our granddaughter's soccer game last night and I couldn't sleep when I got home so I thought I would check out your blog around 11pm and I am SO glad I did! I fell in love with your beautiful Snowflake Quilt and I was fortunate to BUY A KIT!!!!! I bought it right then and there as I knew they would go fast and be gone by this morning. Thanks so very much for putting this out as a kit - I am still pinching myself that one is on it's way to me!!!!!!

Also thanks so much for the great pictures of your show. Had I lived in the area, I would have been first in line!!! Great idea and great cause!!!!

Love, love, love your fabric and designs!!!!

So Beautiful! You and your friends did an outstanding job!

Thank you so much Kitty! We raised over $15,000 for the home! Can you believe it? We were so happy. As for the models… well, yes they were a giant help :-).

Happy sewing,


It was so much more wonderful and successful than any of us thought possible! Thanks so much for all of your support.

It was a little more work than any of expected so probably not going to do it again next year. We are hoping to do it again in 2-3 years though and will keep your email about donating!

It would be wonderful to get more people involved!

Thanks again for your support,

So glad you are inspired. I think we inspired ourselves LOL :-)!!

Happy sewing. Would love to see what you choose to do. Stay tuned to our next post with a few specific pattern ideas for quilts in the show….

Thanks Sherri. We were so happy! Now we are crazy tired!

What a wonderful quilt show! I so wish I could have
been there to see all the beautiful quilts up close.
Loved all the photos you posted! And many kudos to you
and your partners for a really successful quilt charity show. You have inspired me to make a new red and white quilt this year!

Magnifique ! Merci

Absolutely beautiful and what a wonderful success!! So happy for all of you and the pictures are a great share..........xx, Ellen

Wow... what a fantastic idea and a wonderful event! The quilts are stunning! I wish I could have been there to see them in person!

(I would love to be on a wait list for your BOM is at all possible! I have been needing a Fig Tree fix! xxoo

AN AWESOME SHOW!!! AND SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! The quilts were grand and inspirational!
And it was all for such a GGGGREAT cause.
We were proud and happy to be a part of it all!
Same year?? Hope so!!!!

What a great idea and show. I love looking at all the rows of quilts. You ladies (and husbands and children) deserve a BIG pat on the back and an "at a boy". Such a wonderful charity and you have touch so many lives.

Thanks Diane! It was a labor of love!

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