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The Vintage Farmhouse BOM




I fell in love with this vintage sampler the moment I came across the picture. How I wish I could have seen it in person! There was just something about it that charmed me instantaneously. It was classic and quirky all at the same time and we thought the vintage color scheme was just perfect. It is a friendship sampler from the late 19th Century and we don't know much more about it than that. But I thought it was perfect for a little reproduction.... and so our project began.




In our version I have simplified several of the blocks, taken out the saw block which was a little too quirky for me and turned the house around so that it faced vertical instead of horizontal. We have used a few of our favorite blocks several times throughout the quilt and will give you pieced options for several of the applique blocks from the original sampler.  All the blocks have simplified piecing instructions and no templates will be used other than for the applique [[which will have alternatives]. We will not be doing the yellow/tan sun pattern but will be adding a pieced block similar in feel [I have no idea what that is yet]! The one applique block that I will surely keep is the pomegranates block because I think its beautiful [but will provide a pieced alternative for those of you who don’t want any applique].



We are not done with the quilt ourselves and are working up blocks just a few months ahead of what we are sending you so in a way this is a Mystery BOM of sorts.... a partial mystery I guess. Our color palette mimics this one as closely as possible with the main colors being a soft red, a faded red, a soft cheddar yellow, tan, grey, black and cream. We are having so much fun working on these blocks so far and can't wait to share more of them with you!



For 8 months, each month we will send you a small packet of fabric to make sure you have enough to do the blocks for that month [and some more if you get excited] as well as 4-5 block patterns each time. There will be about 40 blocks in the quilt when finished but a few of them will be repeats, especially on a few of the smaller “filler” blocks.

As spoon as we have another grouping of blocks to show you we will [probably next week].

We are so excited to get started and hope you join us! Since this is the first time we are doing a BOM like this, spaces are limited. We sure hope you join us.

Here is some more specific info on the program:

• It will go for 8 months, February - September 2014

• The monthly fee for the fabrics and patterns will be $20.50 plus priority mail shipping.

• There will be a one time $5.00 membership/registration fee upon signing up.

• The program and membership fee is non-cancelable.

• The Block of the Month finishes at 64" x 77" and includes mroe than 11 1/2 yards of fabric and the patterns for more than 35 blocks, finishing instructions for layout, borders and binding.

• Backing sets will be available later on during the program.

• The BOM ships around the 15th of each month.




I like it....it's wonky, usually how mine end up!!

Love it. I also like wonky!

I love this quilt!! I can hardly wait!!

Just signed up, I'm loving it :)

There is charm in the wonkiness!

Lets hear it for wonky!

Awesome. Cant wait to get started with you ladies!


Oh, I think I must make this...gorgeous!!!!

Nice, I like it, not sure I can do another BOM this year, will have re-evaulate my budget.

It is very different from what I normally do, but I am intrigued. Hhmm . . . I shouldn't dwaddle though because I don't want it to sell out.

Sold out in two hours! Hope you'll release a pattern booklet for this eventually: gorgeous, as ever!! X

They are still there… for now at least! Look on the featured page!


We still have a few spots if you decide to join us. Its not what I usually do either, but it is intriguing!

I know its not our normal thing, but just looking at it makes me happy!


Woop! Bagged one!! Thank you so much xx

Will you have a Vintage Farmhouse button for our sidebar for those participating? Thanks!

I can't get the info page to load today, but it loaded fine yesterday. Are you sold out?

We are but we are trying to add a few more spots. Stay tuned!

Yikes I'm trying to signup also

We have at this time sold out but are trying to add more spots as we speak. We will let you know as soon as we know something.

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