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Our Very Own Red & White Charity Quilt Show


About a year ago, our sewing group was sitting around on one of our monthly late Friday night classes and we started talking about the amazing red and white quilt show in New York several years ago. We have all probably seen the pictures or heard the stories of how amazing and awe inspiring that show was for those who were lucky enough to attend. So much inspiration in one beautiful venue!

Somehow the conversation turned to our own sewing and an idea formed to create our own small version of the red and white quilt show and for all the proceeds to go to a local charity near and dear to our hearts, The George Mark Children's House. George Mark is a local charity that provides care and housing for terminally ill children and their families. They do a beautiful job of creating a warm space and special time for the families to be together and receive the care they need in a home like environment. HERE is more information on the home and HERE is a wonderful story that will bring tears to your eyes. 

That night the idea was born and since then we have been busy organizing and sewing and talking to our friends about participating in our show. We can't believe that it is almost here! Several friends and MODA Designers have also graciously agreed to send quilts for the show... some as far as from Germany and England!

Today I will show you a few of them and in a few days, a few more...

First up, a quilt that I have been working on and is almost done is a red/white version of my Yuletide Snowflake pattern. A vintage Fig Tree pattern, this one just never gets old...








Next up, is a fabulous donation from the gals at Minick and Simpson, Laurie and Polly. Using their beautiful fabric, here is a wall hanging/small lap sized quilt that has both piecing and applique in it. Beautiful!




Next up, all the way from Germany and Brigette at Zen Chic, this sweet larger wall hanging size quilt has a whole array of red fabrics in it and cute embroidery in the center.




We have also been busy making red/white pillowcases. These will also be for sale at the quilt show. Here are a few that are done!


More quilts are arriving as we speak and I will show you more later this week. If you see something that you can't live without even if you aren't able to attend, please email me and I will give you more details on how to bid on some of these quilts before the show starts!


Let me tell you a bit more about the show and how you might be able to participate...



For all those of you who are local, please attend. We would love to see you, to meet you and to have you see our lovely red and white quilts, both new and vintage! Hopefully you might feel inspired to bid on some of them! If you are local in any way, please purchase a ticket, email me for more info on admissions tickets.

Advance purchase of the ticket enters you into a drawing for a $100 Whole Foods Gift Certificate and other door prizes as well as entrance to the show, appetizers and white wine. Tickets are also available at the show but will not be eligible for the Whole Food Gift Certificate.


For those of you a bit further away, you could still participate by purchasing RAFFLE TICKETS! We have those available in our shop on the website and we will add your name and phone number to each and every ticket you purchase and put it into either the raffle for the Cherry Pie Quilt or the MODA GIFT BASKET OF LOVE! If you have a preference as to which raffle you would  prefer, please let us know when you purchase the tickets. Otherwise, we will add your tickets into whichever one has less tickets!




The Cherry Pie Quilt was made by a dear customer and donated to our cause! It is made from one of our fabulous Fig Tree kits and so the fabrics are Fig Tree as seen above. The quilt has also been professionally quilted! Our customer prefers to remain anonymous but we just want to thank her again for her generosity and willingess to help!




The MODA GIFT BASKET OF LOVE is another amazing and generous donation from the fabulous ladies and Mr. Dunn at MODA fabrics. The basket is chalk full of fabrics and notions and goodies in the red and white theme. Valued at $250, this is a basket that any quilter would love to win!






Some of you have asked if there is any other way that you could particpate. Yes, we would love for you to send checks made out to George Mark Children's House to our address Fig Tree P.O.Box 901 San Leandro 94577. Fig Tree will send you some patterns as our way of saying thank you for your donation so be sure to include your mailing address. We will take donations all the way to the day before the event on February 8.

We will then combine those donations with all the others we hope to receive through the quilt auction and the tickets and present them all to the folks at George Mark at the same time. Thank you so much for asking and to those of you who have already sent checks!

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. We will be showing you more quilts soon.

Thanks everyone!








what a great theme for a charity quilt show.

What an amazing event this will be!!!

Please include information on bidding on the quilts so those of us in other states may participate.

What a wonderful job you and the Friday night group have done. Congratulations on a job well done. The show should be a great success.

Gorgeous and inspiring! Where can I purchase the pattern for your Yuletide Snowflake quilt? I don't see it in your online shop.

I also love the Yuletide Snowflake pattern, it's beautiful! Is there a pattern available?

Search snowflake in the shop and it will come up.

Thanks so much

We are currently working on a buy it now option before the auction. We will keep you posted!


yes, in our shop. Search for snowflake and it will come up.

Thanks Pam. Looking forward to seeing you there I hope!


yes.....your Yuletide Snowflake is stunning....would love to do one. I have a had time matching up the rows on a pattern like this.....any help/ideas......I should order this pattern.....do you explain it in there? I have tried several different patterns, and have a hard time with it. But I do love a red and white quilt.....simply beautiful....

Thanks, gloria g.

Just ordered your Yuletide Snowflake pattern....Can't wait to give this one a try. But it will be hard since your fabrics are to die for......

Thanks, gloria g.

I loved making this quilt again and was surprised how well it went together. Here are the hints/tips that I use.

1- I am very careful with my cutting and pressing when I am making the strip sets. If you dont press the strip sets all the way open, then you lose fabric in there and then the sets dont come out the same and wont match up.

2- I am very careful when cutting the sets apart on the 45 degree angle. I cut 2-3 sets at once and then check the angle to make sure it is still 45 degrees. Even after 2 cuts, it is usually already a tiny bit off so I trim it up a bit and cut 2 more. If I didnt do this, all of my angles would be quite off by the time I was done with the 8 cuts I needed to make. It makes a big difference.

3- I am careful and slow when I sew the diamond strips together. I literally poke a pin through where my 1/4 seam allowance will be on one side, then look inside to the other fabric and find the same 1/4 spot where the seam will be and poke the pin through that. then I leave the pin in place when I slowly sew over it. That way the spot is made to fit- I am basically forcing the fabric to go where I want and easing it in or out as it needs to go at every intersection. It is definitely more pinning than I normally do but it is well worth the result for me.

Will you be making any of the gorgeous red and white pillowcases available to those of us who, due to travel issues, cannot be present? I would love to know the prices and have the chance to buy one - in the picture, they all look beautiful! I think a "buy it now" option for the auction quilts would be great because long-distance auctions are so difficult...i so wish I could be there (along with many, many others, I know!). Thanks for any information... Such a worthy cause!

Yes, the pillowcases are $15 a piece. Feel free to let me know which ones you might want!

Wow! That red and white Yultide Snowflake is gorgeous. I wish you'd consider kitting it and selling it in your shop.

I am working on that very thing!

Stay tuned on Facebook or the blog!

I must be missing something, as I see references in your post to email you, but I can't find your email address. I have a couple of PR ideas that I wanted to chat with you about.

One, which I hope is ok, is I added your event to a page I setup on my blog to share such insights: http://sewcalgal.blogspot.com/p/here-are-some-insights-on-charity.html

But email me if you want to discuss another PR opportunity that may help. Your fundraiser sounds like fun and for a great cause.


Good morning-just wanted to let you know that I received the two pillowcases I had purchased today. They are so beautiful!! Thank you so much!! I would encourage anyone who can't be there in person to consider purchasing a pillowcase - or two - you certainly will not be disappointed!! Thanks again and good luck with the Red and White Quilt Show: such an awesome cause!

Thanks so much for your support and kind words Laura. So glad you like the pillowcases!


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