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New Patterns!

Our last two fall release patterns are finally ready. The pdf versions are up on the site now and the paper patterns are on their way and will be ready to ship by this weekend.

For those of you who have been patiently waiting, they're all HERE in whatever format you prefer!

First up, HUGS....

I love the simplicity of this block and yet how different it looks and feels from other "X" blocks that I have done and seen.














... notice the one "O" amidst all those "X's"... or one Kiss amidst all those Hugs!


The above pics are all of our Mirabelle version, the collection that we were showing at the Houston Quilt Market. It is light and springy. We also thought that this quilt would look great in fall colors or Christmas colors for that matter...





SEWERS: Thanks to Valerie Marsh on this one!

FABRIC USED: We used a Layer Cake + a Charm Pack for this quilt to get both the variety and the size [the Layer Cake alone was not quite enough for all the blocks we wanted to make].You can also use (21) fat quarters or 1/4 yds. for a slightly less scrappy but similiar effect.

The Mirabelle collection, coming in Spring 2014, for the styled shots above. Our Honeysweet and Tapestry reds, greens and creams for the Christmas version shown here above.

SIZE: 78" x 89" [great twin size]

AVAILABILITY: The PDF version is in our store now. The printed version is en route and will be ready to ship starting this weekend. Feel free to get whichever one you prefer! Click HERE.

Up next, EVERYDAY ZIPS....


Oh this is a wonderful pattern!! I must finish my WIP's so I can allow myself to do this one next!!

Cute pattern! I'm curious about the x's being hugs, I always thought the x's were kisses and the o's were hugs. Either way it is a lovely pattern and just in time for my Christmas wishlist.

Beautiful, perfect name!

Absolutely love this!!!

You are probably right. I just didnt want to name a pattern KISSES so I took creative liberties LOL!

Beautiful pattern! Fabrics are so pretty!

Love this pattern! It really showcases the Fig Tree fabrics. I will be making this quilt.

This one is a fun oneā€¦ so finish up those WIPs!


So you realize now you HAVE to make one with all O's and just one X! You can call it "reverse hugs" if you don't want to call it kisses! haha

ooh ooh love....I have just finished Painted Ladies

I loved sewing may have to go shopping later!


I LOVE YOUR VERSION! It is just perfect with those colors. Very nice job!


Joanna: What is the background fabric that you used for hugs? Is it one of yours or a Bella solid? Thanks.

It was the cream that we had from the latest Fig Tree collection. It is for sale on our site!


I dont know about a reverse one, but one with some of both might be a lot of fun!

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