Market Recap... AT LAST
New Patterns!

Market Recap... for real

Of course Market was a lovely adventure as always. Eric and I both hate it and love it every single time. Since we do it two times a year and we have been doing this for more than ten years... well, we've done a lot of them and still always love it and hate it?!

It is a crazy amount of work but it is the best time to see friends and colleagues, to showcase our new products and to generally participate in this wonderful industry of ours. Regardless of how much we might whine and complain, we wouldn't have it any other way.

This time around due to a completely crazy schedule over here in Fig Tree land and a huge retail show the weekend before Market, we opted to showcase our goodies in the MODA DESIGNER SHOWCASE area instead of having our own booth. It was an amazing blessing to have so much of the work done for us and to still be able to participate with a mini booth space. Thank you in the biggest possible way MODA... we love you!



So this time we were showing off our newest patterns from our upcoming Spring collection, Mirabelle. Most of these patterns have also been done in our current collection Honeysweet [available in stores now] or other color combos [like the Christmas Carousel option] just so that you can see how versatile the projects are. We will start showing you pattern showcases next.


So for our little corner of the Market universe...


... our space





... the new Star Struck pattern made out of Mirabelle.



... Hugs and Carousel



... a few new specialty products that I will write more about soon. Who could resist Fig Tree colored nail polish? I mean, really.



... Spools Quartet. This is an awesomely simple jelly roll pattern.



... Everyday Zips. See this fun little tutorial that I did with Kimberly for these HERE. These will be up in our shop anyday now. Almost back from the printer...



... Carousel on back wall, Canned Pears on right, Al Fresco on the rack.


See that fun patchwork "F" in the right top corner? That is from a great Schoolhouse event that the MODA designers did. More on that in the spring blog hop. See HERE for the Schoolhouse itself.


And even though I had my phone-  and was learning how to use it on INSTAGRAM [follow me if use INSTAGRAM... although I am still trying to figure it all out] and had my nice camera - and managed to take a few booth shots with it and walk a few aisles with it one morning- I somehow completely ommitted to take any pictures of me, of Eric, or of the dozens of you who came and took pictures of me.

Yes, I feel a bit silly but I don't think I took a single photo of my friends in my booth. I know I took some of Kate in hers and did a little bit of photo bombing in Vanessa's [you really should take a look at this one] but that's all. I guess I will have to focus on that in Pittsburgh! Maybe some of you who took them could send me some? Anyone... Sherri? Angela? Jen? Kate? Karen? Alison? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?  :-)


Talk to you soon.



Looking forward to seeing more of Mirabelle. The colors are so soft and lovely.
Will you be doing kits for the darling pear quilt? That one is on my to do list!

Hahaha Bueler, Bueler? Classic movie! Well since life moves pretty fast, Mirabelle will be available in no time. Luckily!

Thank you… in fact we are. They are coming up in our 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SALE!

I love your fabric color choices. Maybe thats why I continue to buy your fabrics. The colors and designs make the most beautiful quilts.

Thank you so much. I am so glad that you think so!

Gotta have the polish :)

Where is the pattern for the quilt next to Carousel in the picture labeled hugs and carousel? I couldn't find it in the shop...I am so excited for Mirabelle.

That is the pattern called Hugs. The downloadable version will be available by this weekend and the paper version will be back from the printer at the end of next week and available for shipping then.

Thanks so much,


I think so too! It is too much fun to play with,


I love these colors and the Hugs pattern! I am also wondering if the Cobblestones pattern from I think 2009 is available for purchase anywhere?

Cobblestones is an older Fig Tree Club pattern which wont be turned into a standard Fig Tree pattern until sometime next year. So stay tuned!


LOVE the Ferris Beuller reference! I'm a teacher and when no one responds to me in class sometimes I say that. Kids of today just don't get it! No fun! Gorgeous fabrics as always. How many ranges do you release a year? 2 or 3?

I think everyone should be required to see Ferris Buellers Day Off! Just a personal feeling I have :-).

We used to release 3 a year but lately have been just doing 2 a year given other time/design commitments.

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