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Summer Memories

As I have a moment to breathe today [ inbetween 3 different deadlines and a couple of sick kids], I realized that I haven't had a chance to share with you much of our summer.

So before its totally too late [ I think the first official day of fall is right around the corner], I am going to bombard you with some of my favorites shots.

So going backwards from the most recent....

Our family vacation to Seattle, the San Juan Islands and Vancouver. Mostly through pictures because I am a bit too tired or maybe brain dead :-) for many words.

More likely, I would sit on this post for another 2 weeks waiting for the energy to add a lot of verbage and then it WOULD be too late to show you LOL!












... if it's there we must climb it.



... we must hit it.



... we must build it.



... some of us have never quite grown up.





... therefore it must be smashed.



... or demolished.



.... while others of us tirelessly work to build it back up.






... bigger than my head!











... a perfect lunch with my oldest in a perfect spot while the rest of the fam went whale watching. 





Steamclock  ... the famous steam clock in Vancouver.










... family horseback riding. A first for us.


Hope you have a great evening!




You have a very beautiful family! Thank you for sharing your vacation photos, they were lovely.

I was born and raised in Vancouver :) I hope you enjoyed your trIp north!

What a beautiful place! looks like a fun family holiday.

I can't believe how old the kids look! They are all so gorgeous :)

Your beautiful photos say it all, Joanna x

Your little ones are growing up and they are beautiful!
Still there are days you wish you could keep them little forever. I do. Life is Good!

First of all you have beautiful children! Secondly, you take the most gorgeous photos I've ever seen! Not sure how you get the crisp, clear color you do, but if you ever want to share your photo tips, I'm all ears!! Thanks so much for sharing those photos, that's one place that's been on my list to visit for way too long!

Glad you got to squeeze in some vacation with your crazy schedule. Beautiful family photos! Thanks for sharing.

That area is one of my all-time favorites and your pictures certainly did it justice. It looks as though you and your lovely family had a wonderful time. What terrific memories! I hope everyone feels better soon!

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful family with us. As a mother of 4, gramma of 10 and great gramma of 5, there's nothing better than family, being together and enjoying time together, which you will find, goes by way too fast. We spent as much time together as a family, that we possibly could, being involved and doing the things with them they enjoyed and will always cherish those memories. I really enjoy your blog and all that goes with it.

Joanna, your vacation pix are very pretty! It so nove to see ALL THREE of your children ;-)
Your vacation surrounding must have inspired much of your fabric designs! Very pretty!
Thank you for sharing!

As the other comments have stated, beautiful photos. Your children are stunning.
Absolutely beautiful. We also had two boys, then a little girl and then 11 years later another little boy. Have fun enjoy your family. Thank you for the beautiful fabric.

Nice pictures, nice family, wonderful holiday.
Hope to visit those places too if I ever manage to visit the USA.
Warm Regards,
Amsterdam - The Netherlands

That post didn't need words! Absolutely beautiful family and beautiful surroundings. Having grown up in a family with three children, and then having three of my own, please tell me there was just a little bickering going on?

Great photos. Makes me want to go to Vancouver, especially to your lunch place.

Great pics, beautiful family and wonderful weather.

Joanna, it looks like you enjoyed some of our beautiful weather! It's back to clouds, overcast, and rain now. We can't complain. . .we had an amazing summer, especially for Seattle.

Bickering is the second language of those three. There are great moments of love and friendship but a whole lot of bickering too :-)!!

That lunch place was on the San Juan Islands, Roche Harbor. It was beautiful!!


Gorgeous pictures.

Oh my! How they have grown!! I remember the first time I met you in your booth at PIQF: one of your sons was with you and he was only a toddler! Has that much time gone by? What a handsome and beautiful batch of kids you have: such a blessing!! And I'm glad to see that you all had some time to get away and enjoy yourselves!!! Have a great day!! (And will we see you this year at PIQF?) Hope so!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

Yes, we will be there! As will be some of those toddlers turned teenagers, helping out in the booth. Looking forward to seeing you then,


Looks like you had a wonderful vacation with your beautiful family!! Love Seattle and San Juan Islands!! Looking forward to PIQF and your booth! My first stop every year!
Cheers, Colette

I love seeing these photos! The kids are getting so grown up now Joanna! My most favorite summer was spent up there on the Islands, on my Uncle's yacht. I hope to get back there some day!

Very grateful for the beautiful photos, words were not necessary.
The Summer photos of your wonderful family in the Summer light is a real life of a happy family! A wonderful reminder of Summer bliss as we melt into Fall!

So, I'm wondering where the time has gone. B is a grown up-I remember him as a toddler! Your family is beautiful. Looks like some fun summer escapades. See you at PIQF!??

What a wonderful trip for your family. It looks lovely and inspirational..

They all looked like they had a wonderful time. Your family is a wonderful looking family.

I just read your post, sorry I found it in spam. Iisn't it wonderful spending time with family? I miss my sons. They're both grown men with their own lives now. My younger one just turned 31 and is currently deployed to the far corner of the world (in my mind). It takes a lot of coordination to get-together with him. We are having dinner with our older one tonight. I am so excited to see him. Fortunately, he lives close by so it only takes a phone call to make plans with him. Cherish the time you spend with your children; they grow up fast. Thank you for sharing your summer pictures of your family.

You have taken some great photos, thank you for sharing with us. Your family photos are showing how much you all cherish time spent together. Th florals and the farm photos are my favorites! It is a blessing to take time from your busy schedule and share with the family.
I know you will be jumping right into Autumn, and can't wait to see what you share with us.

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Jeanie submitted a comment on Summer Memories

I know, its crazy. Can you even believe it? Hope you and the kiddos are good!

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Sylvia submitted a comment on Summer Memories

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on the blog. I am glad that you enjoyed our family photos!

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