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Welcome to Fig Tree everybody and Good Morning!



Today is Fig Tree day on the MODA Blog Hop, SIZE MATTERS. If you haven't been following along yet, click HERE for a list of all the designers who are particating [cool block downloads and giveways at each stop so its definitely worth your time to go and find out what everyone is up to], including all the lovely designers that have gone before us and those that are still to come].

In each designers post, you should be able to find a free downloadable pattern for their block in a variety of sizes. MODA will post a finishing pattern HERE [at the CUTTING TABLE] at the end of the hop so that you can create a wonderful sampler when you are done. Sounds like a whole lot of fun to me!

For those of you you who are new to our little corner of the fabric world, I'm Joanna and I am the go-to-gal behind Fig Tree & Company. I love everything about fabric and design and I can't imagine having any other job in the world! I have been working with MODA for about a decade now [oh my goodness, how can that be?], have created more fabric collections than I can count [see the side of the blog to take a peek at most of them], have created more patterns than should be legal [check out our store if you want to puruse the collection] and have written several books, WITH FABRIC & THREAD being the most recent. I also love to teach about fabric and quilting and this year I have had the honor of teaching in Norway, Spain as well as throughout the US. Just a few weeks ago, we launched my first Craftsy class so that a little bit of Fig Tree can be accessible to anyone interested! Click HERE for more info about that and for a special discount!



There are three of us a day and today I am sharing the day with the talented Malka and the amazing Camille so be sure to pop on over there to see what those lovely ladies have been up to and why SIZE MATTERS to them!



... our upcoming HONEYSWEET group.



Download the instructions to my block HERE.

I don't know what the official name for this block is but "X MARKS THE SPOT"  sounds like a pretty good interpretation to me.


When I first looked at the block [back in the Spring when we started creating all these goodies for Spring Market] and thought about what I was going to do with it, I immediately thought about one of the bigger sizes. I figured it would make the quilt faster and easier to construct and I would be able to showcase the fabric better. Because let's be honest sometimes bigger really is better, especially when it means that you can be done faster!  

So I made the 12" size. And then I joined 4 of them together to create a secondary block...


Then I thought it would be nice to try the next size down and I made the 6" size. And then I made 4 of those together as well, because I was on a roll...

Red blocks

Well, then I realized that lately I have been enjoying making miniature versions of some of my larger favorite blocks [like with our Honeysweet mini Threads pattern that uses HONEYSWEET mini charms, pictured below], so I made the tiny 3" version.


... Honeysweets "Threads" patttern. Made with MODA mini charms.



I decided I liked this 3" one the best and continued on to make 32 more 3" blocks and set it together to create this little table topper....




Keep on reading to see what fun thing we are going to do with this project! 



Lifesaversblog  ... our LIFESAVERS blocks, using a fabulously simple method for making these intricate looking blocks. Also in our CRAFTSY class!


We are busy getting ready for our brand new fall collection to hit store shelves any day now [due to ship to stores in September].

In case you haven't alreay figured it out, it is called HONEYSWEET and I really think it is so perfect for this time of the year, even though it is great for many other seasons and projects as well. It is full of raspberry reds, persimmon oranges, a variety of greens and aquas, on a base of ivory and peach, grounded with a taupey brown. Yum!

Cherriesblog  ... Cherry Pie pattern.

 We have had so much fun with this line and even though I am now busy working with the next collection that we will be showing in Houston this fall [sneak peeks were shown on our facebook recently if you haven't had a chance to see] as well as designing the next one [way too early to show you anything from that one yet], I still haven't grown tired of HONEYSWEET, probably since it has those fabulous oranges and aquas that I am so in love with right now.


Speaking of oranges... we are working on a new kit that has oranges, greys and blacks in it and will be ready soon so be sure you check back for that as those Halloween flavored items seem to dissapear around here faster than we can make them! More info coming soon!

But back to SIZE. We have created some TINY things with this collection...


... our little HEXIES purse pattern made from the yummy HONEYCOMBS. 

And some rather GRAND things....

Cloversblog  ... our CLOVERS & JAM pattern made from just 1 jelly roll  and some background fabric to make a 71" x 71" quilt!

And I truly can't tell you that I have a favorite between the two of them! So I guess the moral of this story is that .... size doesn't really matter at all in the end!



Of course we are doing a giveway- what would a blog hop be without one?! Hopefully you have actually read through the whole post to see what's new instead of just skipping to this part :-).

We are going to givewaway a couple things to a couple lucky winners:

1- A Honeysweet precut.Not sure what this will be yet- it all depends on what MODA can dig up and send on over!

2- The finished little quilt that we showed above made from our 3" blocks. We already have some stores that have entered that particular giveway at Market and now we are going to add in all of you to choose the final winner!

3- A bundle of our newest patterns.

To be entered, you need to LEAVE A COMMENT AND tell us what Fig Tree pattern in our store is your favorite [current favorite at least, since we all know how fickle we can be when it comes to our favorite patterns].

But just as importantly you need to come back next week and see who the winners are so you don't miss out. If we don't hear back from you for 2 days after we announce, we will redraw for that particular prize.

[international winners will need to pay for the additional shipping]

And since we have been wanting to have a sale lately and haven't had a chance, today is the day!  SO WE ARE HAVING A SALE TOO! 15% OFF all patterns in the store... patterns of any kind and any size and any format! Just this week though, so take a look around!

Have fun and we'll see you next week for the end of the hop and the winners!



I really like your Cherry Pie pattern but I like your Clovers & Jam as well. I just love all the oranges that you have in your Honeysweet line! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the smallest block the best. Although it takes much longer, smaller in size makes things look much more intricate even though it isn't really harder to do. It's hard t say which are my fav patterns as they are all so lovely, but I do love the postage stamps, and the Sugar Sweet Swirls patterns particularly, for today at least. Xxx

I love your basket pattern 'Sweet Caroline'. Hope Honeysweet is in store now here in germany soon because I love the oranges for Halloween/Fall projects.

I used you "one piece bag" as a hospital bag when I gave birth to my third son a weeks ago. So easy and cute!

I love the 3" block and how it looks like an Irish chain! I really like the cherry pattern -- also the hexis purse. I'm not normally an orange aficionado but you have such a talent for bringing it together with your new line. It's so fresh! I'd love to win the fabric and play! Thanks for all the discounts -- I will definitely come back!

It was so great to read your post and look at all those cute blocks! Thanks for giveaway, my current favourite is Bountiful!


I'm loving the Honeysweet collection, so beautiful. My mind is turning towards Christmas so my favourite pattern is Milky way because I think it would look great made up in Christmassy fabrics - like snowflakes!

[email protected]

OMGoodness...I LOVE all your patterns and fabric collections <3 But I chose your Sparrows pattern as my fave because I have a thing for fabric birds and have had them on my to-do list forever it seems ;P I LOVE your Pumpkin patterns and projects too :) I have been waiting for Honeysweet to be released...woohoo it's here...and you're already working on new fabric lines?! I can't wait :)
Smiles, DianeM

II am so desperately waiting for Honeyswwt Yardage to arrive. I'm a big fabric lover but this collection is by far my favorite for this Year.

I love the Cherry Pattern. Clovers abd Ham is already waiting for the fabric to arrive.

Best Barbar

Loving the butterflies! Just bought some butterfly fabric that would be a perfect backing for your Painted Ladies pattern.

I love the Sparkle pattern the most. I have also bought your crafsty class and am looking forward to watching it soon (and hopefully making some of the quilts!)

I love the new Clovers & Jam pattern but that Cherry Pie is right up there too! I love all of your fabrics--each time you come out with a new line, it becomes my favorite! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

I love Cherry Pie, it would be awesome to put in my kitchen.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Hands down, it's Cherry Pie for me.

I really like your color-sense...... it makes me happy. There's just something tangerine candy-like about it.

I have long-admired A Girl in Paris. Not sure I would have the patience to do it, but I do love it! One day I'm sure it will be added to my collection :) I love your new Honeysweet line - love how each of your lines is unique and yet they complement each other so well!

My current favorite is Acorn Blossoms as I just finished it in time for fall. I'm intrigued by Lollipops and so it's on my project wish list. I love your sweet little 3" blocks!

Jumping Jacks or Pineapple and Figs. It really is a tough call. Looking forward to the Halloween kit.

Love your fabrics and quilts...adorable! Your Stems pattern is my favorite!

Today, at least, it's Jumping Jacks! What a hard decision to make first thing in the morning.... :)

It's so hard to decide, but I think I 'll have to go with those cute little Hexie purses.

My current favorite pattern is...Marigolds! Just love it! Thanks for the chance.

I love your tootsie rolls pattern.

Love, love, love Cherry Pie! I can't wait to try it.

Lifesavers are really interesting. Have to give them a try

I like what you did with your block. Your new line Honeysweet will be a must buy. My "today" favorite pattern would have to be Kiss Me.

I snatched a few Honeysweet charms when they first arrived and waiting for yardage. I really like the Cherry pattern, but have been wanting to try the wrap skirt. I'm on my way to browse thru patterns, how nice to offer the sale, and I must take a look at your Craftsy class. Thank you, Joanna,

I do love your sparkle pattern as well as three blind mice, oh yes and cherry see I can just run on and on about your great patterns. Lol

I do love that Cherry Pie pattern, though I am also very fond of your Double Irish Chain (Daisy Chain) quilt and Strawberry Lilies patterns, too. I just finished making a quilt from the pattern you showcased at Spring Market, and love that pattern, too. Keep it up!!

Too many patterns to choose from, but I love stars, so Sparkle is my favorite. Thanks for the block and giveaway.

My current favorite is Jelly Baskets. Notice I said current because there are so many I would like to make and love your fabrics! Thanks for the block and giveaway.

Right now my favorite is Lollipops. I have a kit with Halloween fabric ready to go. Thanks!

My current favorite pattern is Pineapple and Figs.

My favorite pattern (it was so hard to select just one) is the "Butter Dish Basket". It has so many possibilities, scrap two color or one collection. I always become inspired when I look thru your web site or Facebook page. Thanks for the chance to win and for the continuing inspiration!

The Cherry Pie pattern is my latest favorite with Painted Ladies a close second. I love the Honey sweet collection too. I have a jelly roll waiting to be made into a quilt top during our upcoming beach vacation.

I'm a huge fan of all your work! Right now, I am loving Clovers and Jam.

I love so many of your patterns, but I have to say my absolute favorites are the vintage Postcard and Postage Stamp patterns - I've made a couple and want to make them all! Thank you for sharing your block ideas - love the 3" blocks and for the opportunity to win amazing prizes.

Marigolds is pretty cool! AND I LOVE that 3" block quilt so beautiful I'm going to have to make something a bit bigger for myself!

Okay my current favorite pattern is lollipops I think I could make that quilt over & over again in so many different color pallets. I have to tell you though I can't wait to get to my quilt shoppe and see your new line it is beautiful. I am currently doing the moda designer mystery quilt and the Avalon line of your fabric is so pretty I love it too.

right now I really love the cherries pattern, it's so fun and fresh. I'm loving the finished table topper too. I love the white space you left.

My current favorite as of today "All Hallows Eve" , as I LOVE all things Halloween. My favorite all time Fig Tree pattern would be "Pin Cushion Buttercups" from your book With Fabric and Thread". You are one prolific lady, I don't know how you do it ALL. All I can say is thank you so much for doing it, we all appreciate it. ;->

I love Clovers and Jam! Thanks for the inspiration.

Clover and Jam is my current favorite. I ordered the kit and just can't wait till it ships!

Too many to choose from, but for now your BELLA bag pattern is my favorite. I am thinking of the fun I can have using the gorgeous colors from the new HONEYSWEET collection to change the bows to match my moods, outfits,seasons, etc. Thanks for offering a chance to win some of your beautiful new creations.......

Love your fabrics. Pattern I love today is Lollipops

Love the cinderella pumpkins, I can see that hanging on my front door for the fall season!

I really like the "Kiss Me" downloadable. The PDF patterns are great!!

My favorite is the Clover and Jam.....definitely will have to get this pattern. Thanks

I have been wanting to make the Pineapple and Figs forever!!!

all your fabrics are bright and cheery. I guess the honeysweet is for now #1. I am a vintage gal thru and thru so i would have to sat vintage postcards and postage stamps, done for holidays thanks for the chance to win

Your designs and fabrics are always so beautiful! Butterscotch Tarts is a neat pattern, thanks for a chance to win!

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