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Craftsy Class Goes LIve!

Have you ever wanted to take a class with me? Have you ever wondered exactly how I piece some of my quilts?  Have you ever wanted to see some of my quilting process up close and personal?

Don't those questions sound like a bad tv infomercial?? LOL! I feel like I should be offering you double the class if you order in the next 5 minutes :-)!!

Even if they do,  I guess the questions still hold true... you can now take a class with me regardless of where you are in the world or what time zone you live in!


As of this morning, I am officially teaching a class at CRAFTSY, the online crafting class platform! If you are not familiar with CRAFTSY, you should really come check it out. Its a fabulous place to take classes, to interact with other quilters and crafters and to be a part of a great online community as we work on some fabulous quilts together!


In my new class, Simple Fresh Quilts, we will be working on 4 projects:



This is  a pattern that we originally debuted as one of our Fig Tree Club patterns and it was a bit hit then so we thought we might share it here with our new Craftsy friends. It is a great beginner quilt and a fun project to use up scraps or your favorite jelly roll!




This pattern is a variation on one of my all time favorite blocks, the Rolling Stone, and it is a CRAFTSY exclusive! I love the movement of this block and the way the quilt looks modern and traditional all at the same time. I am working on a solid version of this one that I will share as soon as I am done with it.




This quilt, Lifesavers, is also one of our standard Fig Tree Threads patterns and it uses a couple charm packs to get you started. I love the methods we used in this quilt to turn a plain pinwheel into this wonderful little block. I think this block would look so great in baby fabrics as well... I guess I might have to see if there is a baby in my life who needs a new quilt!




This is a variation on our Lollipops pattern, also a stand alone pattern- one of my favorites of all time- in which you can make both the smaller Dresden plate and a larger one from the same basic set of directions. The thing I love most about this patttern is that it does not require you to cut out a single template [except for the circle I guess] for the whole thing! Our special method which starts off with a jelly roll or any combo of 2 1/2" strips uses a few traced lines to line up blades and that's it.  You won't believe how fun this method is until you try it!


As you can see, we have used our new line HONEYSWEET for all the samples shown in the class [HONEYSWEET will be available in stores next month] to show you how all the patterns will look in the newest collection. You could ofcourse use any fabric you choose. So many of these projects would look great in solids, reproductions or whimsical fabrics!

All the classes take you through, step-by-step, each quilt, from fabric selection to finishing choices and quilting options. You will see up close and personal each block being made and you will see me talk through design choices and tricks of the trade as I go. You can watch your classes as many times as you want, whenever you want and you can rewind and rewatch as many times as you need! Better still, you can ask me any questions you might have at any point in the class and I will answer via online. Its almost as good as having me there in person! I guess, since you can ask me questions in the middle of the night when you think of them... I guess it might even be better than having me there in person!

If you are interested in joining me, click on the link HERE for a special 25% discount on the price of the class! Hope to see you there!

In upcoming days, we will feature each project, talk about it some more and show you lots more pictures and variations but for now... it is the first day of school for the youngest Fig and that means a whole lot of "mommy" duties this afternoon.


Talk to you soon,  Joanna


Fantastic Joanna - I will be signing up this week for sure! Congratulations on the new publication of the class!

This is great news Joanna. However, the link does not work to get to Craftsy to take advantage of the discount. and when I go directly to Craftsy I found the class, but it is full price. Always looking to save money so can spend on fabric :D

Congratulations Joanna! I am thrilled for you. I signed up this morning when I read your e-mail. I am looking forward to working with you and learning your techniques. This will be a lot of fun and I will gain some new skills and more confidence as well.

Thanks so much for letting me know! Please try it now, I think I fixed it!


Congratulations! I love Craftsy and have long admired your patterns and fabrics--a perfect match! I will have to get your class soon. :)

I am so excited to have lessons with you and to learn about some of your techniques. I already have the Lollipops patterns and some lovely fabric lines to choose from. I signed up before you even put this post up and have already previewed all the lessons. We are in for a treat!

I was so excited when I saw the email from Craftsy this morning that I immediately signed up! I plan to start watching this weekend!

I have joined your lessons and excited.But how can I download class materials featuring all the patterns and templates

Two great things today. I signed up for your class and CRAFTSY observed national Senior Citizens Day and allowed 50% off any class of our choice. Of course yours was my choice. Looking forward to making all four of the quilts.

Yay! I know it will be wonderful!

I've already ordered it yesterday and love it!

Wahoo. I bought the class yesterday so I guess I am in right at the beginning. Can't wait.

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Jennifer Gwyn submitted a comment on Craftsy Class Goes LIve!

So glad to know my faithful customer friends are joining in :-)!

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Tamara submitted a comment on Craftsy Class Goes LIve!

Thanks so much for joining me in the class. I love your excitement and I hope that you learn a lot!

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Kathryn submitted a comment on Craftsy Class Goes LIve!

I am so happy that you have joined the class... Your enthusiasm is so wonderful!

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Cynthia submitted a comment on Craftsy Class Goes LIve!

Wow... What a great double whammie :-)!

I've signed up, Joanna! Since I'm not back there to take classes from you at Thimble Creek, this will be the next best thing. Craftsy is a wonderful thing and started right here in Denver!!!

I signed up for the class the minute I read about it yesterday. I have already gone through four lessons (watching, not doing -- yet!). Your class is fabulous!! I'm especially looking forward to Lollipops.

I just signed up: I was love the quilts that you are going to teach, and I just bought 4 charm packs of Honeysweet a few weeks ago and had been trying to pick what I was going to use them with. Now I know!! I look forward to the classes! Do we start them at any time, or is there a start date?

Hi again Joanna, Never mind the above question: I found the starting area!! :-) Hope your little one had a fantastic first day of school!! Isn't kindergarten the most wonderful thing?!!! If only school could be like that all the way through!!

I signed up and will be starting with the wheel quilt 1st, I think. I watched some last night, and I also run over my pins!

I am having trouble signing up for the class. I can get to the site, but when I click on the add to cart button, nothing happens.

Woohoo!! I was finally able to figure out how to get in!! I signed up last night and just love, love, love the classes!!!!

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Mina submitted a comment on Craftsy Class Goes LIve!

Yeah for those of us who run over pins!

Hope you enjoy the class,

Honey sweet I think is my fave line right now! love love love!!! <3

Thank you for the discount code!!! I bought this class and ended up watching the whole thing in 1 day. This is one of the best Craftsy classes I have ever bought. I loved all the quilts and plan to make them all just ass soon as I get all the fabric. Thank you for doing such a wonderful tutorial and making such beautiful quilts!

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Erica submitted a comment on Craftsy Class Goes LIve!

Thank you so much. I appreciate your compliments so much!


Hi Joanna, I hope you read this: there's a mistake in the pattern for the small Lollipop quilt it's in the craftsy material and in the 'normal' pattern. For the creme background it says 3.25" as a total which can't be right. Perhaps you can update this on the craftsy site and here on your blog. Thank you so much this would be a great help:-)

That number is the correct yardage for that quilt. Thanks so much.

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Hildy submitted a comment on Craftsy Class Goes LIve!

The is clearly a typo on Craftsy so I dont think any updating on the blog is needed. You need 3 1/4 yds of cream background. Thanks so much.

I do have one question....does the class include the downloads for the patterns, or is that a seperate purchase. I tried to figure it out at the site, but still wasn't sure. Thanks in advance for your answer. XXX

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] annelies submitted a comment on Craftsy Class Goes LIve!

Yes, the class includes all the downloads for the patterns in the class.

Thanks so much,


WOW! This is a wonderful class! I purchased it and watched it straight through this morning. Joanna, you are an amazing teacher. I've ordered some of your beautiful fabric and can't wait to start piecing!

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