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Welcome Summer Quilt!

Hello everyone-

I can't believe that some of my kids have already been out of school for a month and summer is in full swing around here!


It seems like the kids multiply on a daily basis, the ice cream truck comes to a full stop right outside our house every day and just plays his twinkle tune until someone comes out, its too hot to sleep at night and too then too nice to get up in the morning. The iced tea is flowing by the jugful- in fact we bought one of those huge glass jars with the spigot so that everyone can help themselves al day long- and we are generally enjoying the slower pace.


At the same time at work we are trying to catch up like crazy- still haven't managed to post about our Spain trip- and are finishing up a few large projects left and right. Our next collection has gone to print- can you even believe it and the one after that is pretty much ready to go as well. Its crazy!

To take a little break, I decided to make a quilt for myself a few weeks ago. Something just for the summer. I pretty much never get to do that but it was a bit after Market and I had a lull in the workload for a couple of days so my mind started spinning. I started with a group of my favorite Fig Tree florals and went from there. I had always wanted to make a Union Jack quilt ever since I saw the very first one sometime last year. Since then I have seen so many different versions- large and small- pieced and appliqued, scrappy and solid. I somehow never found one that worked exactly for me.

I wanted mine to be all florals and simple to contruct with no fabric waste, so of course I sketched out a pattern and thought of a method to put it together without having to do any crazy constructions or waste any fabric.

This is the result.... JUMPING JACKS! I love this quilt right now. It is a perfect picnic blanket or an "eat your ice cream on the lawn" quilt. It is making me really happy....


... I just love the way the florals play together. Who knew that all the collections would like each other so much!





... absolutely love the way the navy floral makes all the other fabrics pop. Made more of that block than any of the others.



... Gabrielle covered in a "Jumping Jacks" coverall. She actually came up with the name and is very pleased with herself. You know... Union Jack... Jumping Jack... we like to amuse ourselves around here!



For more info, click HERE... because you know that as soon as I started making one for myself, I thought you might want to make one too!

On Friday I am hoping to show you the table runner we also made with some of the leftover blocks from the quilt [the kit has enough florals to make 2 quilts or a quilt and pillows or a table runner or anything else you can come up with!!]

Happy summer afternoon!


WOW!!!!! It is wonderful!!!!All will love it!!!!♥

Can you tell me how big this quilt finishes? It's SO cute!

Only you can take a Union Jack and make it your own... and I imagine that your pattern will simplify it and make it easy to make. I just love it Joanna.

Gorgeous quilt. I love the pattern and the Avalon fabric collection. I just began a quilt using an Avalon layer cake.

Reminds me of a dish of ice cream. Looks yummy. Thanks for sharing your pics.

Love your quilt and fabrics, thank you for being so creative and always sharing with us! Can you please change the top of your blog to say SUMMER? Everyday I check and it still says WINTER I think there's no new update and then I look farther down and see all the cool stuff:)

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Kelly Lautenbach submitted a comment on Welcome Summer Quilt!

71 x 84. Its a great size... Pretty big!

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Sinta submitted a comment on Welcome Summer Quilt!

Thanks Sinta! Its one of my favorites!


Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Diana submitted a comment on Welcome Summer Quilt!

Hope you enjoy working with Avalon. It really is perfect for this time of the year!


Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Teri LaVoy submitted a comment on Welcome Summer Quilt!

Thanks so much!

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Vpapin submitted a comment on Welcome Summer Quilt!

Yes I can!!! Thanks for reminding me!!


Fab!! Hi from the UK, love what you've done with the flag,really gorgeous... makes me want to return the compliment and make a stars and stripes quilt... If each nation made floral quilts of each others flags the world would be such a lovely place!
Happy 4th July! RachelB xx

Another Brit sending you a virtual hug and wishing you a happy 4th of July! For those of us who already have ...ahem... quite a big stash of lovely Fig Tree fabric, will there be a pattern? x

Love the quilt! I love reading your blog even more now that i met you at market.. You have such a awesome, funny personality and now i feel it in your blog posts.

This is beautiful! Will it be also available as a pattern or just a kit?

Absolutely beautiful! I can't start another project yet - have to get my cherry quilt done :)

I really really, really LOVE this new quilt of yours, Joanna!!!! Hoping your summer is top notch! : )

Love the Jumping Jack quilt! AND, really am in love with the Avalon fabric. Just started an old timey Churn Dash quilt with it. And, eagerly awaiting block 2 of the Mystery Quilt.....

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] rachel submitted a comment on Welcome Summer Quilt!

Sounds like a perfect idea! I would love to see a floral version of our flag too! So glad you like our rendition of yours,


Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Nicola submitted a comment on Welcome Summer Quilt!

Yes, there will be a pattern soon. Pdf version will be done and up next week and then a paper pattern later on.. So stay tuned!

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Agnes submitted a comment on Welcome Summer Quilt!

It will be a pattern soon as well, pdf next week and then paper after that.

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Janice King submitted a comment on Welcome Summer Quilt!

Yeah, Avalon is one of my all time favorites too!

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] submitted a comment on Welcome Summer Quilt!

I love a good pip pip and all that rot!!


First, I just want to say I absolutely adore this quilt and all of your fabric lines are beautiful. I fell in love with this quilt the moment I saw it and had to purchase the kit immediately. Gorgeous. Can you tell me the names of the solid fabric used for the sashing? Since the kit says it contains enough floral fabric to make the quilt 2x, I want to go ahead and get the extra fabric I need to double the size. Thanks!

Somehow like magic, all your fabric collections do seem to go together! And right now, I am saving all the small squares and leftovers from all prior projects to make butterflies. I just completed a sample for the Front Porch Quilt Shop, in Ozark, AL, and I just finished my table runner...Next up will be a "scappy" Fig collective butterfly quilt! Thanks so much for sharing the "Painted Ladies" pattern.

Love your quilt Joanna, as I do all of them, and the beautiful, BEAUTIFUL fabrics! I'm completely smitten with them.

I agree with Rachel B's sentiments, about the world being a better place if we made each others flags,very true. Making a stars and stripes inspired quilt is definitely on my "to do list".

Enjoy the summertime, love to you and yours, Dawn in the UK x

Joanna ~~ Just love this pattern and the fabrics you choose. This fabric line is my favorite so far. Looking forward to Honey Sweet this fall. Will your kit and pattern be available through the Fat Quarter Shop?

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Janan submitted a comment on Welcome Summer Quilt!

I HAVE to see your collective BUTTERFLY quilt- I cant wait!! So glad that you are liking the pattern and working with the fabrics again. We so appreciate customers like you!

Re: Typepad: [Fresh Figs] Dawn submitted a comment on Welcome Summer Quilt!

So glad you are enjoying following along on our adventures! I really would love to see a floral inspired stars and stripes flag!

Happy summer to you too,

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