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Honeysweet Pattern Showcase #3

Let the Patterns Begin!

Hopefully you have already gotten a glimpse of our new CHERRY PIE pattern, here. I am in love with that one at the moment, although the others that I am about to start showing you are not far behind. 

In fact, this might be one of my all time favorite jelly roll patterns we have done. It is so simple and graphic and yet so much fun to make and it showcases the fabric perfectly!

Introducing CLOVERS & JAM [since Clovers and Jelly just didn't sound quite right LOL!]


... styled version of the HONEYSWEET version. Perfect for a quick fall project this upcoming September!



... detail of the block and the quilting.



... flat shot of the full quilt.


And since we always like to make up the new patterns in both the upcoming collection that we are debuting [HONEYSWEET in this case] and the current one, here is the AVALON version of the same quilt...


... tried some channel quilting this time around for a more modern, fresh look on this AVALON version. Love the result!



Clover avalon draped72




NAME: Clovers & Jam

SIZE: 71" x 71"

FABRIC: As mentioned above, the first shots are all of the HONEYSWEET version perfect for the fall, we think! The second version is made from our current AVALON collection out in stores now. 

ETC: The entire quilt can be made with one jelly roll, background and a border! You gotta love that!! The pattern will be available and up on our site by the end of the week [ or maybe sooner if all goes well] in both printed and pdf format! Yeah!!

Note: We will have a VERY few kits available of the AVALON version of this quilt in the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled if you're interested! 


Love this pattern in both versions!


Gorgeous. Love your fabrics.

Love it!

Clovers and Jam --- another darling pattern! I think I should focus 2013 quilts on fab Fig Tree patterns. Hmm, hmm, hmmmmm.

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Karee submitted a comment on Let the Patterns Begin!

Now that sounds like the best idea I have heard in a long time!

I FINALLY own an Avalon Jelly Roll. Was planning to use your Daisy Chains pattern but I love Clovers & Jam, too. Now what? Hmmmm.

what fabric did you use for the background? i already have avalon in fat quarter, jelly roll, hexagon and layer cake....just need some solids!!

love the new line - guess i'll have to load up on that too!

Oh my goodness, I love it!

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