Honeysweet Pattern Showcase: Painted Ladies

Honeysweet Pattern Showcase: One Piece Bag

Okay... I have to rave about this bag a little bit... 

I don't know if you know but some of our most popular patterns over the years have been bags. We have an EASIEST BAGS EVER series with handbags, totebags and accessory bags in them and they are basic and are accessible to make and easy to construct so that people who are afraid of bags won't be intimidated.

This here back really should have been a part of that series due to its simplicity but its name was just turning out too long LOL!

It really is one rectangle with a handle loop sewn to it while it is still flat. It is then folded up and the 2 side gussets are pinned in and sewn. That's it! True story. 

We really think you might want to try it!


... its the perfect size, not too big and not too small.


... the handle can be made long or short depending on how you like to carry your bag.



... the hardware we used included a magnetic snap and bag "feet" so that it doesn't get dirty when you set it down. That's it!



... here's my own personal one with one of all time favorite prints from TAPESTRY.



NAME: The One Piece Bag

SIZE: The bag measures app. 12" x 17"  across the front not counting the depth or the handles.

FABRIC: The main fabric used is the large floral from our upcoming HONEYSWEET collection. The one I am holding is the aqua leaf print from TAPESTRY along with the orange from that same collection. We will also show some pictures of a version we have made out of MODA Dotties and a few others next week.

ETC.: Pattern will be available in both printed and pdf form by the end of today!!

Hope you are enjoying the "reveals". So far we have shown you CHERRY PIE, CLOVERS & JAM, HEXIES, PAINTED LADIES AND ONE PIECE BAG.



Ohhhh, I LIKE this! What is this EASIEST BAGS EVER series that you refer to???

I might have to try this one. Of course, I'm still quaking in my loafers! Patterns scare me!

Can't find the pattern in your store. Can u give me the link somI can purchase the pattern please?

Oh, that's a head-turning bag! Do you have liability insurance for whiplash? Love this pattern already!!!

I think I have found a replacement for myself! I haven't made a bag yet, I have been too intimidated. And I have been borrowing my daughter's Hello Kitty satchel. I need my own!!

Where oh where is the patterns for Hexie and the one piece bag ????? Gotta have it!!! PPPPPPlease.

Where's the one piece bag pattern link? Gotta have it!

Joanna this pattern is awesome! I can't wait for the sun to come up in the West so I can see this beauty. Well done Joanna! P.S., I am in Florida, a southern girl!

Could I make two before leaving for the airport tomorrow morning? Can't wait to see them in person.

eek, this looks like a fabulous pattern! I hope it is easier than AB's Weekender Bag. I just started cutting all those pcs. Looking fwd to the pattern release! What lovely fabric too. Love the colors!

PDF? Really? I love you, Joanna:-)

Can't wait to get the pattern and make one!

I too went looking for the pattern for the bag but cannot find it.???

where can I find the pattern

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Anita Kroll submitted a comment on Honeysweet Pattern Showcase: One Piece Bag

Sorry for the delayed response, we have been in Portland at Spring Quilt Market and are just now getting a minute to answer some emails.

The pattern is up and available in both printed and pdf format on the site now.

Thanks so much for your patience!

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Pat Conner submitted a comment on Honeysweet Pattern Showcase: One Piece Bag

Up on the site now!

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Melissa submitted a comment on Honeysweet Pattern Showcase: One Piece Bag

Would have loved to see that!!!

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] steph zerbe submitted a comment on Honeysweet Pattern Showcase: One Piece Bag

This bag... Is crazy easy. One main piece and 2 gussets and thats it! The whole bag is basically made flat with the handle as one giant loop added all the way across while the bag is still a flat rectangle. I highly recommend it is an easy bag.

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] CJ submitted a comment on Honeysweet Pattern Showcase: One Piece Bag

They are all on our site and you can find them in the BAGS category. They are truly the Easiest Bags Ever!

This bag is awesome! I love you fabric choice, I see it is one of your favorites.
I can't wait to get this pattern!

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