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Just a quick peek at a few of my favorite booths from the Norwegain show I taught at. There was definitely a lot of lovely eye candy to enjoy.





Don't you just love the color sensitivities of Europe! What is the name of the grouping of the three-tiered table--blues, pinks, roses group?

They painted the building in your colors when they heard you were coming! Now that is hospitality! Love everything I see.


Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Claudia submitted a comment on Norway: The Show

Those were European fabrics from a company called Greengate. They were a thicker/stiffer manufacture.

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I know! Wasnt that nice of them. In the Norwegian countryside all the buildings are that yellow, red or white. No other color! Its beautiful!

What such pretties! I Just love the quilt with the star/ snowflake piecework against the neutral background .

Thank you for sharing pictures from my shop :-)
It was nice to meet you, and we are looking forward to sell your books and patterns.

Adore Greengate - a similar fresh vintage feel to Figtree - any chance you could use your (considerable) influence with Moda to pair up with them to produce quilting cotton? x

Love that backpack! Everything I sooo pretty!

...what a wonderfull place !!! looks like paradise :) but I just love your colourscheme !!! :)I am nor such a big fan of greengate anymore, for you see it all over here ....
Greetings from Berlin Claudia :)

Beautiful! What a lovely place to have visited and been surrounded by such colors and fabrics!

Thank you for sharing. My great grandmother and great grandfather are Norwegian. I would love to go there. But I really enjoy the pictures and am excited to see that they are as enthusiastic about fabric, sewing, and quilting as we are in this country.

I love the 2 quilts hanging up in the booth that is pictured right under the tin with the little girl on it...and the colors are so beautiful!

I love the Country Fair quilt shown in the background. Is it possible to buy this quilt pattern?
Mandy Hawkins
[email protected]

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Mandy- Those are photos from a show and not my patterns but I do agree that it is lovely.


Joanne, I look forward to more pictures of your time in Norway. I am Norwegian on my mother's side and, except for my mom and her sister, all the family lives in Norway. They are in Oslo, Trondheim, Neffs, and other smaller towns. It is a beautiful country and I look forward to more pictures.

thanks for sharing your pictures. It all looks so lovely!! Wonderful colors, in the fabric and the buildings! Hope all is going well in your prep for Market!

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Thanks Helen. Market prep is insane but then it always is and I expect it to be... Thanks so much for asking,

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Yes, I was so pleasantly surprised to discover that quilting is quite vibrant and very much alive in Norway. It was wonderful to participate in it all.

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Well Bonnie you come from a good quilting heritage then. The small amount I was able to see, was indeed a beautiful country!

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Thanks for following along. If there is too much Greengate, we need to get more Fig Tree fabrics to Germany! LOL!

Hello Hello! Fantastic photos...fantastic display of beautiful quilts, colors...everything!! Can you tell me about the pattern hanging off the table under the double wedding ring quilt? Third photos groupnfrom the bottom...pastals in large squares with Off white center gorgeous .... Thanks, Michele

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We have no information about the quilts from the show or booths. Just eye candy.


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