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Designer Mystery BOM!

Sorry for the posting delay today. We have been experiencing some technical difficulties with our network but we're keeping our fingers crossed that all is fixed now….


Good morning everyone. Hope you had a great Super Bowl weekend. Sure was an exciting game regardless of which team you were rooting for! Even though it didn’t quite end the way we hoped it would over here in the San Francisco Bay Area, it was a great time to be with friends, eat good food and enjoy the excitement of the game. At least that is what Eric is telling himself as he mopes around the office this morning....



Today we are kicking off the beginning of the Fat Quarter Shop’s BOM Blog Tour, starting with us Basket Gals- me, Sandy and Edyta! Love those gals and I can’t wait to see their baskets. Following the baskets will come stars, blossoms and houses... sounds like a party to me!



Ours happens to be on the top of this lovely little stack so you get a good sneak peek of it. If curiosity doesn’t get you to sign up to see al the other upcoming blocks, then I don’t know what will!

  2013 DM Blocks 2

The folks at the FQS asked us to tell you about our ultimate gift basket as a part of the blog hop. I think I have found a new calling…. As I thought about ultimate gift baskets and went virtual shopping for them, I found that I could make a gift basket out of almost any color grouping or theme. I made kitchen baskets and bath baskets, house baskets and garden baskets, all from my favorite stores. It was a little too much fun if you ask me. I finally settled on a “basket” from one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie and one of my favorite current colors, aqua and seafoam. This is what I came up with.


If anyone would like to make me that gift basket for any occasion… birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Bastille Day, Groundhog Day… any day would be fine!


Even just my favorite little mini bowls would be fine. Anyone?


As for the BOM, we’ve already told you that we are absolutely in love with the collection that’s being used but as you know that is a seriously biased statement since Kim decided to use our AVALON for this one! Yeah!

Avalon is a slightly retro, slightly nautical, definitely summer feeling fabric line that contains our signature tomato reds, a wonderful apple green and a soft buttery yellow. Its grounded with a bright aqua and wonderful tone of navy as well as a soft, warm greay that is a perfect neutral. The whole collection is set in a light ivory color that sets off the rest of the fabris and makes them sparkle!



Not only that, but we love all the gals involved in the project. They are our design "sisters" and we appreciate all of them so much! They are truly the best. So… you really can’t go wrong with this one. And that’s a lot coming from someone who is generally not a BOM kind of gal....


I hope you enjoy the hop.

I hope you send me some bowls [kidding really].

I hope you follow all the other designers on their days.

And I hope that you check in with Kimberly and the crew for more information on everything and on their giveaway HERE.


As for us over here, once we’re done crying over yesterday’s game, we will be posting some special sales and coupons on our FACEBOOK page so if you don’t already “LIKE’ us, you might wanna sign up and watch to see what is coming.

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Thanks for hopping today!


I can't wait for it to start! LOVE this fabric!!

I love this collection ..those cherries! And the colors are so bright and cheerful. Hope this new year is treating you well.

I love the touch of navy in the quilt. I might have to sign up for this one too.

I can not wait to get my hands on this BOM!!! Soooooo excited!!!!!!

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Michele Willand submitted a comment on Designer Mystery BOM!


I not only like Fig Tree, I love Fig Tree. Just finished as Breakfast at Tiffany's fat quarter quilt from the Sizzling Sixties patterns. Love your fabric!

I am not su much a fan of "retro", but I have to agree - the navy is a great pop of contrast/color.

Love the new fabric can hardly wait to get started on the Mystery Block of the month, and the Basket is everything I would love in my house.

what a beautiful grouping!! Love the basket!!

This is such a pretty line of fabric - congrats on it being chosen!

Looks like a great quilt and great project!

Joanna, you have excellent taste in basket goodies! Lovely! Can hardly wait for the BOM to begin.

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Kathy submitted a comment on Designer Mystery BOM!

Who knew that the navy would be so much fun to add into things?

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Dee submitted a comment on Designer Mystery BOM!

We love you too!

Love the basket...and yes, I am signed up!

I love the Avalon collection and the navy just makes the colors POP.

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Robbienae submitted a comment on Designer Mystery BOM!

Thanks so much! We cant wait till it hits the stores!

Looking forward to this . I lov eyour selection of basket items.

This is another beautiful line of fabric! :) I am hoping to sign up for the BOM..looks like a fabulous quilt!

I also love aqua & seafoam colours and everything you picked for your basket!
Great colours in the new line of fabric!!

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