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More Blocks, Some Winners & a Roadtrip!

More MODA Friendship blocks...

The MODA FRIENDSHIP QUILT ALONG continues and we have been printing out and making many of the blocks. CLICK HERE for more info on the quilt along itself.

Hope you have been following too... the blocks are really, really fun to make!


Here are my new 4 blocks that we finished up this afternoon.....





Edyta's block...



Kate's bllock...


Kathy's block...



Lauren & Jessi's block...



As for the GIVEAWAY, we've closed it now and will announce the winners tomorrow so come on back to check it all out then! Thank you for every one who entered and good luck to all of you! I plan on having a late night reading all of your comments!!


OK, going back to make a few more blocks now :-)!


I love the way the blocks look in that fabric line --so fresh and delightful!

Your blocsk look wonderful. Love your fabrics.

I like the blocks in your fabrics.It is great to see the blocks done so we can decide what we want to do.

Just went back to down load the PDF for your block and it just comes up a dark grey screen. Have tried a few there another way to get it or am I too late?
They look so beautiful!
Thank you,

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Debbie Johnson submitted a comment on More MODA Friendship blocks...

The download is coming up just fine on this end. Perhaps you might want to try from a different computer or make sure you have acrobat installed on your computer?

Good luck!

Thank you SO MUCH for making the blocks and posting them. They are inspirational to me as I've been saving some fabric from Strawberry Fields and some left from your other lines and I had decided I wanted to use it for this Friendship Quilt. It helps me so much to have a guide for deciding on color and contrast, even if it isn't all the same fabric you are using. Saving that for another day!

Thank you for making the blocks in your beautiful fabric. Now that I have finished, yes I finished, my Dandelion Girl quilt tops, I just might need to buy more!!

Love your blog, so pretty & relaxing!

You are so good at quilting and sewing, I just look your work. I repeatedly watch for new post.


the blocks are so pretty! I love seeing how they look made up in your fabric, since I haven't had time to sew them yet. :-)

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Linda Cates submitted a comment on More MODA Friendship blocks...

I think that is such a great idea to use Strawberry Fields other Fig Tree lines!! I have had many customers who did that with the Farmers Wife quilt along last year and the results were so wonderful to see!

Send pics if you can and if possible, I will share them on Facebook!

Wonderful, inspiring blocks. Such fun to work on these blocks.

I love the Moda Blog Hops, but have never made any of the blocks. Seeing the ones that you have made up makes me want to go back and download all the patterns! They are looking so beautiful. I like the finished size as well.

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Jeanne submitted a comment on More MODA Friendship blocks...

You should go back and download them all. They are pretty easy to make up. I make a couple of them at a time, cutting all the background for 3-4 blocks at once. Makes it go even faster.

How many blocks are there total? I think I have missed one?

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Joy Gross submitted a comment on More MODA Friendship blocks...

Not sure. 3 each day, but I think 1-2 designers missed their spots.

Oh my goodness, so pretty! The colors are so fresh. I love this line!

I haven't been attention here, where or how do I find the blocks. I only one I found was # 15 . I kinda lost here ! LOL !

Your blocks are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Blessings and smiles. Emilou :-)

These squares are so pretty!
I have the perfect fabric for these, I'm just a little late with the quilt a long!

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