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MODA Friendship Quilt Along

Today is my day on the Friendship Quilt Along! Welcome!

Avalonstackspread ... our upcoming collection, AVALON. A fresh, summer feeling collection with beautiful reds, soft greys, buttery yellows, spring greens, all on an ivory background with a wonderful pop of navy blue! Due out in stores next month! We are so excited for this one we can hardly stand it!



For those of you who are new over here, my name is Joanna and this is the home of Fig Tree & Company. We are so glad that you are here to see what we are up to. If you want to follow along our regular "goings on", then subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on our new FACEBOOK page! Click HERE to go to our page or LIKE us from the left sidebar.

Lollipopssmall2 ... one of my favorite brand new patterns, LOLLIPOPS, made up in the AVALON collection with 1 Jelly Roll and some background and border fabric. There are no sewing templates in this pattern. I promise! Its a fantastic method that we have loved for years!



For those of you who are regulars over here but aren't quite sure what this QUILT ALONG is all about, here are some pointers:

• Each day [starting last Monday and going through March 1st], 3 different MODA designers are blogging about the Quilt Along and are sharing their own block with you. You can see the list of designers blogging each day at the end of this post. Each block can be easily downloaded on each designer's blog as a pdf.

• Each designer is also having a MODA fabric giveaway [courtesy of the wonderfully generous MODA mothership] of one of their collections so if you enter at each blog, you will have a great chance of WINNING something. Free blocks and free fabric, is there anything more perfect?!

• All of the blocks finish at 9" and would all work wonderfully in a sampler quilt. The instructiuons are all simple strip pieced and they all the blocks can be made from Fat 1/8's or large scraps so its perfect for your scrap bucket too.The directions for the blocks are all from Fat 1/8's.


• Warning: This could be a bit too much fun. We have gotten a bit addicted in just 3 days time!




Now I have to tell you that I just couldn't get into the Farmer's Wife quilt along [the one that swept the web last year] for a couple of reasons... the blocks were so small and they were all templates. Two things which I really don't love. So personally I enjoyed that one from far away. They were beautiful but I was happy to watch it go by.

This one... however.. is 9" blocks, which are just much more my speed, and no templates.That's right, not a template in site.

When I tell you that you can easily do all 3 of each day's block in that afternoon, I really mean it. Because I have kind of been doing it. Not all of them, but most of them....

This is our block... which I cut and pieced in under an hour, both of them.


It's Block #15 in the Quilt Along. I'm a bit addicted to it and plan on making it in several other color combinations and sprinkling it about my sampler or even making it every other block.... I guess we'll have to see how it goes. The flying geese are quite fun to make when you know yoiu only have to make eight! And it looks good in so many different fabric combos!


Now to visit some of our friends who have shared since Monday, since this is a Friendship Quilt Along after all... 

Here is Barb and Alma's block-


Here is Bonnie's block-

Here is Anne's block-


Here is Basic Grey's block-


Here is Camille's block-


Here are all the blocks we've made so far.... just looking at them is making me a bit giddy right now.






TIP #1: Many of these blocks use the method of sewing a square onto a rectangle, on the diagonal and then trimiming out the excess fabrics underneath. Whenever I use that method [which I love and use often], I trim out only the extra side of the piece on top and not whatever fabric was used for the bottom rectangle. This is because if you leave the bottom piece intact, it acts a foundation of sorts for your block. You cut that piece and it should be exactly the size you want it to be whereas the piece on top has been sewn and is often slightly irregular, coming out a bit shy of the shape or a bit large. The piece on the bottom will always be accurate and will help you with easier piecing as you build your block. The bulk of the extra piece has never been a problem for me or my quilter. The only time you can't use this method is when the piece that is being added on top is white/light and the piece underneath is dark. You must them trim out both pieces.i Try it and see some great results.



Tip #2: On Anne's block we didn't want to fuss with the thin bias tape so we used a 3/8" bias tape maker, made a small piece of bias from the end of the fabric strip, ran it through the maker and affixed it to our triangle with little dots of Roxanne's Glue Baste It. It was quick and easy.

We plan on making many more blocks as more of our friends share them so check back over here throughout the QUILT ALONG to see how they are turning out! We might even make more tomorrow!

Sailawaymain... our SAIL AWAY pattern. All of those boats are made from one Layer Cake. Can you believe it? We love, love this quilt.


As we mentioned above, we are of course having an AVALON GIVEWAY. So leave us a comment about which color or specific print of Avalon you are looking forward to most. To see the entire collection, click on the AVALON button on the right sidebar so you can see all of the fabrics [we've fixed all the collection links so you can click on any of them if you like].

Sailawaymedium2... a styled shot of our SAIL AWAY pattern. Can't you just channel the beach when you look at those boats?

Two lucky winners will be chosen, one for a DESIGNER ROLL and one for a LAYER CAKE. We will also add a third winner for a grouping of all our AVALON patterns and a charm pack!. Be sure to comment to be entered.

Thanks for quilting along with us. Can't wait to see some of your blocks!

Here is the schedule:

FEB 18th

Barbara Brackman

Basic Grey

Barb & Alma- Blackbird Designs

FEB 19th

Bonnie- Cotton Way

Brigitte- Zen Chic

Anne- Bunny Hill

FEB 20th

Camille- Thimbleblossoms

Deb Strain

Eric & Julie Comstock

FEB 21st

Jan Patek

Joanna-Fig Tree & Co.

Jenn Ski

FEB 22nd

Kaari-French General

Lynne-Kansas Troubles

Kate Spain

FEB 25th

Kathy Schmitz

Edyta- Laundry Basket

Lauren & Jessi Jung

FEB 26th

Lisa- Primitive Gatherings

Malka Dubrawsky

Barb & Mary- Me & My Sister

FEB 27th

Laurie & Polly- Minick and Simpson

Pat Sloan

Sandy- Pieces From  My Heart

FEB 28th


Stephanie Ryan

Vanessa- V & Co.

March 1st

The Cutting Table




Your fabrics are so refreshing, especially after a long winter! Love the Candy Apple Red!

My favorite is Mimosa #20202-12. There is something so refreshing about yellow and red. The finished quilt will be gorgeous!!

I am in love with the Candy Apple Red!

20205 13 Wicker Grey is my favorite. I really like that shade of taupey-grey you use. I made a pretty heart shaped pillow last year with a floral with that similar background colour from your Strawberry Fields line- very pretty.
Thanks for the giveaway.

I love the pistachio, the red, the blue...I guess I love the whole collection. Living here in the snow of Montana, I can only dream of a beautiful sunny day through your fabrics.

Love the new fabric. Blue and red are my two favorites.

I love the Avalon collection! The large floral in Robin's Egg is divine!!

Can I choose all of them? I like Mimosa, candy apple red, and robin egg blue especially.

Love, love, love the Pistachio because I love, love, love the color green. Looking forward to the sailboat quilt. It is beautiful.

Well the whole Pistachio group is gorgeous...also love the Wicker Grey! Lollipops is on my to do list :-)
Thank you for the sweet giveaway!

It is sooo hard to decide, they are all beautiful. I believe I like the Robins egg 20200 & the Robins egg 20199. It is just too hard to separate the two. Maybe I'll win one of the prizes. Wouldn't that be great.

Thanks for the chance.

I just love to quilts and fabrics

I am in love with the navy prints!

I love the Robins Egg and Daisy colors. Thanks for the chance to win.

I'm in big trouble if I can choose only one fabric colour - 'cause I'm really excited about the Wicker Grey, Pistachio and Robin's Egg!

Soft yellow flowers! What a beautiful collection! Love the blocks!

Candy apple red is my favorite. Or maybe grey? Pistachio perhaps? It's so hard to choose just one.

I love the candy apple red. But the blues are gorgeous too!

Great fun Joanna. I'm really loving the Robin's Egg colors right now. Looking forward to and downloading all of the blocks! Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

The nice thing about the way I make quilts is I don't have to pick just one favorite! Avalon is a beautiful line and I can use them all if I want. Fun!

This is such a pretty collection! I think the Nantucket small flower is my favorite, I could put it to some good use :)

Love love the blue fabric. So vibrant

Choose one? Impossible! This is my favorite collection from you yet. I do love the little pink flowers on the robins egg background. I am buying some as soon as it becomes available!!

What a great collection! I'm very much a beginner and with all the fabulous fabrics to choose from, it's hard to decide where to start! :)
I really like all the colors, but if I had to choose a favorite in this collection it would probably be the robin's egg blue or the wicker grey. But they are all so very lovely.

I love the red prints. And the greens, blues, yellows, grays....creams....I love everything!!

Oh I love the light blue and the soft buttery yellows. You 're new pattern shows off the colors nicely. Thank you.

What an adorable quilt! I love the look of the Avalon range too, especially looking forward to the robins egg prints, but they all look scrummy together! Love the reds too!

I have all your lines. I think my favorite is Dandelion Girl. I will use it someday. This new line is wonderful with the blue, which is new for you, I believe. It's going to be another favorite and I can hardly wait until it comes out. You and Amy are my favorite designers and I will buy all you ever make as long as I can! Thank you for the block. I plan to make this quilt when it's all over.

Robin's egg blue is my favorite!

If I absolutely have to chose, then the Robin's Egg, but that darker blues are rather appealing too. Thanks for the blocks, I've been wondering what to do with a small fat eighth bundle for a while and now. Have my answer.

My favorite would be the Nantucket colorway, but those little cherries (or are they apples?) are calling to me!

Oh...I adore the candy apple red small floral! The entire line is wonderful! Thanks for all you contribute to the quilting world.

The Candy apple Red colorway is delicious and I love the way it works with the Wicker Grey

I am always drawn to the reds in all of your collections. Thank you for offering your fans so many to choose from, and never disappointing!! Once again, this Blog and give-away has been so much fun.

Looking forward to the Avalon reds especially the Candy Apple Red.

Love all the reds and that green is just yummy Thanks for the chance to win

I love love love all your fabrics/colors, but Robins Egg Blue with the tiny flowers has to be my favorite of Avalon. But Pistachio 20205 is adorable too! Hard to choose! Thanks for the give-away! Can't wait to make the Sail Away quilt - I love it so much I won't be giving it away!

You sure can inspire me to make the blocks - they're gorgeous! Love your fabric collection, and I want it all. :)

The touch of aqua appeals to me. The whole collections feels of a warm spring or summer. I am ready for warmer weather so I would love to work with this beautiful fabric. Thank you

I'm looking forward to Wicker Gray. I love gray and this is the perfect color to go along with your other lines too. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

Can't wait for the stunning navy blue, and will pair them with the buttery yellows-perfection!

I love the robins egg color--it's difficult to choose a favorite though! Always look forward to your fabrics and patterns :)

So hard to pick just one but I'll pick the Robin's Egg Blue. It reminds me of Spring which I hope is just around the corner here in Ohio. I have loved your fabric line and patterns since the beginning. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Love your new fabric. Well I love all your fabric. And I think that is the best boat pattern out there. Pick me!

I love all the blues in this collection!

I'm really looking forward the blue fabric with the white polka dots. So pretty! Terrific giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!

Honestly, they are all beautiful. I think I'm going to love the pistachio the best, unless of course, it's the mimosa.

The Robin Egg blue is to die for I can not wait to make a quilt from this collection, it will look just perfect in our home! Thank youfor another beautiful collection, Joanna

While I ALWAYS love your blues I think I may be crushing the red/coral in this one as much!

Just love the dramatic effect of the Navy fabrics. They just draw your eye to all of the fabrics in the block. Judy R from Buffalo

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