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Kimberly's Newest BOM

Each year the fabulous gals over at the Fat Quarter Shop decide on a theme and a fabric collection and start to make plans for their hugely popular Designer Mystery Block of the Month. You know how fab they are if you've ever done one!

2013 DM Blocks 2[1]

Every once in awhile they choose one of my collections to work with and every once in awhile, I have the pleasure to design the BOM itself. This time I got to do both things at once!



Along with 11 of our designer friends, I have also contributed a block [sneak peek of my block is on top of this lovely little stack below]. In fact the quilt starts off my with my basket block and then continues on with other wonderful basket, house, flower and star blocks. Its really quite fun and lovely!


2013 DM Blocks 1

If you haven't already, I think you might want to sign up... Especially if you are the BOM type! 





Click HERE for more info from the folks at the FQS. Have fun!



I'm definitely thinking about it...

I can't wait for your new fabric line. The BOM quilt looks gorgeous in your fabrics and the sneek peeks of the blocks are amazing too.

I'm signed up! So pretty.

I signed up as soon as I saw that it used a Fig Tree line! Love those Fig Tree fabrics!

i signed up a couple of weeks ago, love their BOM's and I'm even more thrilled that its with my favourite designer this year.

I signed up also. I love the blue in your fabric line. I haven't done a BOM before so it should be fun.

I signed up last week. This is my first time to do a BOM so I'm really excited about it!! The quilt is beautiful!!

I can't wait!!! I have loved this collection since I got a peek a while back. I'm signing up as soon as I hit send!! Thanks once again for such a fabulous and beautiful line of fabric.. :)

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Linda in Aus submitted a comment on Kimberlys Newest BOM

Yeah! Looking forward to it!

I've not done a BOM project, but am looking forward to this one! Signed up and awaiting the first block! Love your fabrics.

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Janice King submitted a comment on Kimberlys Newest BOM

So glad you are doing the BOM at Kimberlys and that you enjoy our fabrics. I think you will really like it. They do a great job!

I've already signed up, love their mystery BOM's and am even more excited now seeing a bit more than a tiny glimpse :)

Thanks for the glimps of whats to come with the Mystery BOM. I just signed up and LOVE that we are using your beautiful fabric!
Sew looking forward to getting started :0)
Have a nice day!

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