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On the  11th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, eleven Pipers Piping.

Again, I have to admit that the image of an entourage comes to mind but I don't want to repeat myself. Can you imagine the entrance one would make with eleven Pipers Piping? I am slowly running out of ways to reject this poor man's gifts. Perhaps eleven Pipers Piping isn't so bad....

But perhaps a little bit better, or at least a little bit cuter would be this super sweet flour sack tea towel with our latest critter on it. Please meet Hazel, the Hedgehog and the HAZEL FLOUR SACK TOWEL KIT.

Not sure you all want a hedgehog story but here's one anyway. When my husband and I were first married, we collected hedgehogs of every kind and size imaginable- cards, stuffed animals, ceramic ones and really wanted a real one. Cheesy I know but true confesssions usually are. Having come from Poland, where hedgehogs were plentiful, I missed the little creatures and the husband, well he humored me. Since then, the hedgehog collection has been put or given away but once in a while the hedgehog obsession comes out and I have to do something with it.



... here she is in her natural habitat with mushrooms and grass and leaves. 



... I know she might be too cute to use, but she could certainly decorate.






... the needlework details include grass, eyes and nose as well as flower accent.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

And for those of you who might like to give applique a try, here is the perfect item for you. An APPLIQUE KIT with all of my favorite goodies in it!

Applique kit info

Over the years, one of the questions we get alot is about our way of doing applique. I know that for many of you applique is something that you just refer to as the "A" word and not something that you want to pursue. But trust me when I tell you, that applique is not nearly as hard as its cracked up to be. For years, I tried and worked with methods that just didn't help me until I found the Starch Method of Applique. I love it and it helps me to create the perfect shapes that I need for my designs every time. Today I thought I would share a little kit of goodies so that you can try out a little bit of starch applique on your own. Hazel might just be the perfect project to try it on! 


And the goodie with today's purchase is the CHICKEN SCRATCH pattern, just in case you want to create some chicken friends for Hazel!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *




For ordering info on the project aboveCLICK HERE.

See you tomorrow!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 



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Oh my cuteness! Another adorable project. Two of these clipped to a cafe rod would make very cute kitchen curtains and certainly would make you smile every time you look at them :0)

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Tammy Edwards submitted a comment on On the 11th Day of Christmas

What a great idea! I think I might just do that... Cuz you know I wont be wiping dishes with ie :0!!


Hazel would have made a charming addition to my Kitchen...sorry I missed out :-(

That truly is an adorable little hedgehog and towel. Well done, Joanna!

I love hedgehogs too...I understand the obsession :)

This is absolutely adorable!

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Monique submitted a comment on On the 11th Day of Christmas

I dont think there is anything cuter!

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