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On the  10th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, ten Lords a Leaping.

Now unlike nine Ladies Dancing, I could really come up with some good ideas for what ten Lords a Leaping might do around here! Just kidding! But seriously, could you imagine what I could get done around here with Ten Lords a Leaping? They could accomplish a whole lot as far as I'm concerned, leaping might even help!

On perhaps a more practical note, I know that many of you have been patiently waiting for us to introduce our AVALON PRE-ORDER KITS. We did intend to have them be the very last day of our 12 DAYS SALE, but our own ordering schedule got bumped up a bit more than expected so here they are today. Now, remember, the beauty of a PRE-ORDER is that today you get to be your own Santa and only pay for a small portion of your goodie this month and save the rest for next year... literally!




So first up.....


LOLLIPOPS: The original large scale version

Lollipops main

... the classic, graphic version of our poplular pattern is beyond stunning and completely doable. Here is the "official" description:

This 81” x  81” version of our popular Lollipops pattern is not only a joy to make, but creates an amazing graphic statement when finished. Based on a lovely soft grey/tan background, it is bordered by a fresh cream floral, giving the whole project a nostalgic, retro feel. The blades of the (9) large blocks are made from a jelly roll [less cutting for you!] and a cream background. The blocks are topstitched onto the backgrounds and no templates or applique of any kind is necessary. You will love this method of making traditional blocks anything but traditional- I promise! The posts can be made with the sweet cherry print or strip leftovers [you have both choices within the kit] and the quilt is bound with a solid red. This is a must have project for any time of the year and is destined to become a favorite!

Lollipops detail  

 ... both retro and romantic all at the same time.


Lollipops detail 2



... same exact quilt, just done on a crream background. If you specify cream in your order notes, we can substitute the tan/grey for the cream.


Next up....

LITTLE LOLLIES: the Avalon Retro Beach Version

If you haven't already caught on, this is the most fun quilt to make that we've come up with in a long time and we can't seem to stop!

Litle lollies main

The "official" description:

This 61” x 77” version of our popular Lollipops pattern is like the fresh, more whimsical version of its larger more imposing cousin. Based on a soft ivory background, the (12) blocks are made entirely from the strips of a jelly roll [making the cutting a snap for you] and sashed with one of my favorites in the entire collection, small red cherries on an ivory background. I seriously want to put that fabric in every quilt I make these days! The blocks are topstitched onto the backgrounds and no templates or applique of any kind is necessary. You will love this method of making traditional blocks anything but traditional- I promise! Can’t you just see those blocks twirling in the wind like pinwheels? The posts are made from strip leftovers and the quilt is bound with a classic navy dot. We have created this quilt in at least 4 different versions so far and we don’t seem to be tiring of it any time soon. Each new fabric combination seems to create an entirely new masterpiece each time and it just makes us want to create new ones. It really doesn’t look like you can get tired of making this one!


And last but most certainly not least...


So many have asked about this pattern and this kit and here it finally is. The pattern is up on the stie as well but we really think you might just have to have this little lovely!


There is just something so classic and clean about this quilt and even though it is a bit out of my standard range, I am completely in love with its feel!

The "official" description:

Given the fresh, retro and slightly nautical feel of our upcoming AVALON collection, we couldn’t help but branch out into a Fig Tree version of a classic sail boat pattern! It was received to rave reviews at Market and we can’t wait to share it with you in this kit. We can see this quilt in so many settings- a seaside cottage, a light modern home, a young boy’s room, as a part of an Americana quilt collection and in so many other venues. I think I might create a summer look around it this upcoming year!

Based on a Layer Cake and a few additions, this project is a lot of fun to make and easy enough to tackle one block at a time. Each boat is done from nothing more than squares and half square triangles and we promise that you will enjoy seeing each and every boat come together! The background and outer border are made from the beautiful soft, aqua, mottled solid that comes with this group and the waves are created with all of the cream prints in the collection. The quilt is bordered by a whimsical “fat” sawtooth border and bound in a solid red. You don’t want to miss out on this one!

Sailaway detail 

... don't they just feel like they are sailing?


Sailaway detail2



... love the quilting on this one!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


For ordering info on any of the projects above, CLICK HERE.

See you tomorrow!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


These quilts are all sewww beautiful! My grandson loves boats and I just knew I had to make Sail Away the moment I saw it. I am looking forward to receiving the kit and making it in the New Year.
Thank you for another great Fig Tree Day of Christmas :0)

Thank you Joanna for brightening my day with yet another fabulous Fig Tree Quilts offering!

I love!love!love! the traditional look of these quilts! I too am looking forward to Spring and receiving these kits!

Happy Holidays!

Just beautiful.... even though we are on our way to a winter season - these colors really brighten the day!

Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

Hi there I just recently found your site and would like to know how I can buy the At Sea kit? Please let me know I absolutely love it! Thanks!

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