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Just Around

Today I am working like crazy to get these last patterns finished but thought I would share a tiny bit of what was around me as I worked....

I love fall. Just. Love. It.


... my favorite color combo right now.



... Love this wreath courtesy of TARGET.



... my favorite tree outside the studio window.



... a little deco on the dining room table.



... because I do, after all, still live in California LOL!



... the carpet that is my backyard right now.

Okay, back to work.




I love fall, too, but it seems as though the part of fall that I love the most has passed...just this week. I live in Oregon. It's now cold and rainy :/ Your fall is looking the colors!

Fall has my favorite colors. For me it's warm and comforting. Where I live we have a symphony that lasts awhile, with the different types of trees some start early and other start later , so you get months of color not just weeks.

Thanks for sharing, Joanna! Just brightened up my gloomy, Chicago weather day!!

Wonderful! I loooove your photos! What about a Fig Tree's photo contest? We could post on our blog a photo with Fig Tree palette for next inspirations and you can choose the most near to your heart! :)

I love Pepe's idea! I will have to get my camera out tomorrow and post some on facebook.

Love the colors, as always. Was the wreath a Target purchase this year? It's perfect!!

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Miss Jean submitted a comment on Just Around

Yes, the wreath is this year. I have heard that they also have red ones!

Gorgeous, gorgeous colors: orange is my favorite!! And yes, we do get a strange mix of things to see in our landscapes being in Calif!! :-) Good luck on the pattern writing: can't be easy in my estimation!! Have a great weekend!! :-) Hugs from Helen in Healdsburg

Hi! Love all the colors. They make me happy and think of you and your studio. We lit a fire in the fireplace today for the first time this year. I'm not in Healdsburg, one of your favorite destinations, but in Claremont, the home of another one of your favorite destinations! Come visit and we hang out there!

Yummy, just yummy
And your love of these is reflected in Fig Tree
Thanks to you

I love fall in California too Joanna. The colors are unique and soothing. :) Hope you combine those cream/greens together for a future line, they are my favorite and nearly every color blends in with them. Coming back for the 12 Days of Christmas...

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