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Whereas Lollipops might have been my favorite yesterday... and maybe for another 2 weeks or so... the moment that I start to decorate for winter, this will surely be my absolute FAVORITE, as fickle as I am :-)!

Introducing.... MILKY WAY.

This classic star pattern was our answer to a twinkling night sky or one exploding with fireworks. We loved the idea of creating different size stars of the exact same blocks, simply by using different sizes of strips with which to make them. The result is a sparkling quilt full of movement while it is actually a basic, straight forward block set in a giant nine-patch. We love how it turned out!!


This is the TAPESTRY version...


... by choosing the taupes and reds with a background of several different cream prints, the pattern feels even more classic and timeless.


... those nice open spaces are a perfect occasion to show off some quilting like these wonderful wreaths that Diana made. 



... pieced by the amazing Cheryl and quilted by you-know-who! 




This is the AVALON version...

In case you are in a more patriotic or Americana mood, this sample made up out of our Spring '13 line, AVALON, will surely fit the bill. We absolutely loved the twinkle that the royal blue added to this version!


... again, the mixed cream backgrounds with a variety of different feeling prints that are still light/mellow enough to not detract from the stars, makes for a sparkly, twinkly effect we think.



.... ooopps, that left hand side binding didn't quite get finished before the photo shoot!



...pieced by the lovely Sherri.





And in case you were hoping for a more holiday version of this pattern....

Here is the red and green version of the quilt. This one is absolutely perfect for the holidays and will literally light up any room that its in, whether on the wall or on the couch. Can't wait to finish ours! 





NAME: Milky Way

SIZE: 78" x 78", 3 different sizes of stars. 

FABRIC: Shown in both our current, TAPESTRY, collection as well as our upcoming spring line, AVALON. We are also making a Christmas version as seen above from a mix of reds, greens and creams. The sample shown above is made from AVALON, which is due out in stores in Spring, 2013.

MORE INFO: A wonderful way to practice sewing strips together and using the 45 degree angle on your ruler for a fast and simple method of making these kinds of stars. Not out of anyone's reach! Click HERE to purchase the pattern. Some limited kits will be available later this month. Feel free to let us know if you are interested.


Love them both!

I can't wait for your Avalone fabric to come out. These quilts are amazing.


LOVE this new pattern! Just wonderful in the various color combos!! Please let me know when you have kits up for these as I would like to get one. Thanks! [email protected]

Oh, I love the patriotic version of Milky Way! If you ever run out of room, I'll be glad to "store" it here at my house for you. Aren't I nice? LOL!

Would love a Milky Way kit in your new Avalon fabric. Please let me know at [email protected].

Hi Joanna! I LOVE this one!. . . (& the quilting is beautiful too!) Avalon is so pretty. . . (but then - they all are!) Continuing to keep you in my prayers!
xo, Bren


Wow, both versions are absolutely gorgeous! Hard to decide which one is my fave :)

OMG. How beautiful is that!

I love star quilts! This one is absolutely gorgeous, no matter what fabric it is made out of!
Thanks for sharing!


Gorgeous quilts!

Goodness!!!! What a beautiful pattern! Love it in the Avalon! WOW!!!!

Absolutely love this: we're pretty keen on Bonfire Night in this house - building ours right now! - so would love to have one of these ready for next years celebrations: would look amazing in Tapestry!! x

Love your patterns, and this one is absolutely gorgeous, really love Avalon too - beautiful! x

They are both beautiful and I love the fabrics.

Doh! I think This is my favorite too, just like yesterday's :D That deep bright blue is just stunning!

Love this Milky Way pattern as it is such a different design. Would like to purchase one of your kits in this pattern but not sure in which fabric. Can't wait for the opportunity to order!

Love the tapestry version! Any chance there would be kits in the red and taupe version? Love the neutral backgrounds with gorgeous quilting. Please make kits for this version!!

Would love to buy the pattern in the tapestry version, please oh please let me know when its available. I love ALL your patterns, I could never pick a favorite, even for a day!

I am in love with this quilt. For Christmas, it will be perfect. Wish I had time for it for this year but it will be on my list for next year. Beautiful. I am always excited to see what you are coming up with next. Too bad life has things like house payments and groceries. Would be so much fun to be so selfish to spend it all on quilting.

Love star quilts and love Milky Way -- all three! It's hard to choose a favorite!

I've got another "tab" open with an order started, and this pattern is the first on the list. Beautiful pattern. If I get all the quilts made that I have bought patterns for (just the ones I've bought from you) I will be busy for the next 100 years! Thank you for the eye candy!

The twinkling of stars in the winter--you captured it beautifully. I saw Avalon in a quilt market blog and was drawn to it and noticed the rose fabric also. Right away I thought, gee, someone has a rose that reminds me of Joanna Figueroa's design. Duh, it WAS your fabric line. I love the bright blue you've added to your wonderful palette. Thanks for always inspiring us.

Love it and the quilting is absolutely beautiful!!!

It's gorgeous. I love the open space between the stars. It truly looks like a sky full of stars.
I would be interested in a kit.

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