Pattern Showcase #2

Showcase #1: Lollipops





 Some of our newest projects that went on to Market for us this year.


So I promised some sneak peeks this weekend just so we could all pretend that we are at Market sending you debuts and new pattern showcases. I know its not the same but what's a girl to do!

Wow, I could get used to this "market from the couch with a diet coke" approach!  So come and pretend a bit with me!  Instead of a booth to share, we'll show off some of our brand new goodies...


Each time I share a new pattern release, I  tell you that I have a favorite and even though I am not supposed to [its kind of like having a favorite amongst your children, I mean come on!]. There is usually something about one of the quilts that really just sings to me personally a bit more than the others. This time around however, I don't have a favorite or really, I have 6 or 7 favorites and I can't seem to pick one to be more favorite than the others.

So to make it easier on my poor little psyche, I will just tell you that each one is my favorite for that day. And then I will tell you the same thing the next day. Deal? Deal.


Introducing my newest favorite quilt.... LOLLIPOPS.


The pattern has 2 completely different versions of the same block, one with larger and thinner pieces and one with fatter and wider ones. The results are both stunning and yet completely different even though the blocks and the quilts are created and put together in exactly the same way. I love that about a pattern!

Not to mention the fact that there are no sewing templates or rulers or anything in this method, just straight sewing. You gotta love how these blocks come together!





 ... The AVALON version of the larger CARNIVAL LOLLIPOPS pattern. We topstitched this version of the block onto the background and machine appliqued the center circles. This lovely quilt was pieced by my dear friend Valerie Marsh. She did a wonderful job as always.



... there is something about the soft grey background that makes these simple, graphic blocks really sing! I love the color combo. For the background, you could either use the grey with dot print from our AVALON grouping or one of your favorite grey/tan solids. Either way, the results are fab.



... this version of the quilt is currently hanging at the MODA booth in HOUSTON. Have you seen it? If you have, send pictures!



... perfect for the summer or Americana or patriotic or... gosh, I can think of lots of ways to make this quilt again.



 ... this is the same quilt, same layout done out of our TAPESTRY collection [our fall line due out in stores any minute, literally, now]. Whereas the first one is Americana, this one is definitely warm and harvest and yet still modern and graphic all at the same time. I love this version a lot. Maybe its my favorite :-). I am really looking forward to this one returning so that I can enjoy it this fall. It is currently on its way to HOUSTON FESTIVAL, so you should be able to see it in person if you are going.



 ... this one is also topstitched straight onto the background, but the center circles are appliqued. This TAPESTRY version of the quilt was pieced by the amazing Sherri McConnell, words do not describe this girl's skill with fabric and a deadline! Love her!



... Diana decided to crosshatch the centers on this one to give us something a bit different and I love the result. 



... surprises me every time, how different a pattern can look simply by changing the colors of the backgrounds or other small changes!



Since we can never leave well enough alone, we thought it would be fun to give you another alternative in the pattern, a different size and width of "fan blade" that ends up making a completely different block.



... our AVALON sample of this LITTLE LOLLIES version. This just makes me think Spring and Fresh and Americana and, well it makes me think of lollipops at the beach in Avalon. Go figure. Its my favorite!


Below is our latest version of this same quilt, our HALLOWEEN POPS version which we made up just in time for our retail show a few weeks ago.

Wow, did this little sucker move like crazy! Who knew people would love this one so much! Personally, we were just so "wowed" by the pairing of some of our favorite MODA blacks and our "Fig Tree" toned oranges that we couldn't resist a little seasonal pairing for this time of year.



 ... start collecting some wonderful blacks and oranges right now when they are abundant and get started on this quilt for next year!


... the oranges and blacks paired with a little grey for the sashing and some creams for the backgrounds and you are good to go. This one was so much fun to put together and we did it all in the studio! Have I chosen a favorite yet, because in case I haven't, this one is my favorite!



... these blocks were machine appliqued with YLI silk thread instead of topstitched like the previous samples This creates a slightly different feel that mimics hand applique with a lot less work! Both methods have really good results and make these blocks so fun to finish. It just depends on what you prefer. 


We are currently working on yet another version of this quilt so stay tuned for that one too! Did someone say Christmas?



NAME: LOLLIPOPS-- both CARNIVAL LOLLIPOPS [larger blocks] and LITTLE LOLLIES [smaller, squat blocks]

SIZE: CARNIVAL is app. 81" x 81"/ LITTLE LOLLIES is app. 61" x 77"

FABRIC: As noted above, we used both our upcoming AVALON collections as well as our almost due to release TAPESTRY collection in the above samples. We also made a harvest/halloween version out of oranges, blacks and creams from a variety of MODA collections including TAPESTRY, LITTLE BLACK DRESS, MODA ESSENTIAL DOTS, GIVE THANKS and MODA BELLA SOLIDS.

MORE INFO:  For pattern info click HERE. For a few kits left for the TAPESTRY version, go to our SHOP page. 



This show case is fabulous! I love Lollipops...even the name! All the versions are wonderful, and even though I am not a Halloween person, the version in oranges and blacks is my favorite...I think because your shades of orange are soft and just so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

Each one so lovely. I love it in the Avalon, but I'm looking forward to making the Halloween Pops version.

Love Avalon
Love lollipops

I never would have thought that orange and black would sing to me, but that quilt is belting out my name. Thanks for sharing.

I love the small squat blocks in Little Lollies. I think this would be very cute made into a table runner and placemats sets in different colors for different seasons. Enjoy your market from home this fall, I'm certainly enjoying your blogging from my home.

They are all my favorites. This is great fun for those of us who do not get to attend market. What more can I ask for than to see pics of great quilts, read your blog, and enjoy a cup of coffee on a cool, rainy morning. Thanks so much!

Beautiful quilts, Joanna. Love, love, love this pattern. It's a must have and I'm already making my plans. :-)

Oh my how O love this quilt! Good thing the pattern is on its way to me as we speak. do wish I hadn't missed out on the orange and black version...maybe you have a few bundles hidden away in your shop?

I wish I had been quicker on the draw for the Halloween kit. Need to be ready for the Christmas one.

Gorgeous! Love the colors used in both quilts. Thanks for sharing!

These are beautiful! I love the pattern and the fabrics you used. I think this would be really pretty in Christmas colors. This is one pattern I will definitely be getting. Thanks for the eye candy. :-)

Luckily, a friend alerted me to the butterscotch-and-black Hallowe'en kit the day it appeared on the Fig Tree blog, and I ordered it that same day, even though I have "plenty" of autumnal-themed fabrics (my husband tells me that I already have enough fabric for TWO lifetimes, and, he is probably right!) . . . I was so HAPPY to receive this kit, the oranges are warm and subdued, not garish and harsh like so many All Hallow's Eve-ish fabrics (and purple? where does that horrible purple come from for hallowe'en projects? yeech . . . ) anyway, I have this wonderful Fig Tree Kit! It makes me smile!!!! I am currently finishing a long-term project for Work, and when I am done data entering and such, I will start playing with these lovely warm colours! And the pattern, it is fantastic! it is so illuminating to "know" another way to make dresden-plate-type Lollies . . . You guys have done it again! Another sure-fire winner! thanks, fig-tree people!!!!!! All of you r o c k !

Just beautiful!!!! Sometime in the future, I must make one version of that quilt! Thank you for sharing. :)

I love,love,love the Halloween quilt. Would you make it into a quilt kit? I would soooo buy it!! In fact I had a dream last night about this quilt and you said you would make it into a quilt kit. LOL.

I love the new patterns and the fabrics!! Congrats on another wonderful line!

OH! At the bottom of the stack of quilts on the chair do I see the sailboat quilt? I saw it in someone's photos of Market. Will we get to see it, too? ~ Karen

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Kris submitted a comment on Showcase #1: Lollipops

We did in fact have it as a kit but we are completely sold out! And after re-cutting the kit 3x and reloading them on the site, we are now completely out of fabric after a couple hundred kits! Sorry that you missed it. To keep up with our newest products and kits please sign up for our newsletter or follow us on facebook

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