Our trip to PIQF
Showcase #1: Lollipops


Well.... I bet you think I am writing from Houston right about now but I'm not this year. I kinda wish I was right about now as I am thinking of all my friends and colleagues in their grubbies setting up thier booths, living on trail mix & Monster drinks, working like dogs, not getting a lunch break, running around trying to organize last minute details, worrying about product launches....

oh wait, I am not missing any of that LOL!


What I am missing, is catching up with some of my closest designer friends, seeing what wonderful new collections and designs my colleagues have dreamt up, hanging out with our wonderful MODA team and getting to say hi to some of our favorite customers! I do really miss being in the midst of it all!


Instead this year we are at home, watching Market unfold through the blogs, tweets and facebooks of others. I have been wanting to share a bit more personally about our year for a while now and am almost ready to do it. It might explain why we are at home. I hope to share it all with you soon.


For now, I wanted to show you a little sneak peek of our newest fabric collection... AVALON... that will be showing tomorrow at Market. We are absolutely in love with the lighter, crisper colors and the slightly [but not too much] nautical, Americana feel of this line. We think its... well, we think its a little bit perfect right now!


Stay tuned for the next couple of days as we show more of the line and also share with you some of our brand new patterns that are accompanying the quilts to Houston.














Talk to you soon.



Very pretty shades of fabric!

Hi Joanna, We are also home following all the happenings. One of the sisters had ip replacement 3 weeks ago so we will pick up again in a week or so. Love the new line. Keeping you and your family in our paryers.

So excited for this line!!! Beautiful colors! Love that pop of blue :)

Love this line too Joanna, Fig Tree style with a little surprise! Hugs to you and yours, some years we just want to be done...

Looks like a beautiful grouping!

LOVE THIS! I am going to have this one on my list for sure!

So pretty! I love that little floral stripe.

Oooo I really love the colors!

Beautiful fabrics - AGAIN! I can't wait to see more and the patterns. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] CJ submitted a comment on Introducing.....

Thanks everybody for the happy comments! Joanna

I hope everything is ok with you all. :0)
Sweet mercy that is gorgeous fabric!!!
I am currently working on a quilt using
Strawberry Fields. :0) Would you like to see?
And now have two fall table toppers in my kitchen
using Tapestry and Breakfast at Tiffanys. :0)
Those two are on my blog. :0) I adore your fabrics!
Have a nice weekend. Sincerely. Trish

Sometimes, home is the place to be! Avalon is awesome!

Delicious! (Would love a dress in that Aqua and Red sprig!) Enjoy Quilt Market from the comfort of your sofa. Hugs x

Avalon is beautiful! I love the addition of the blue.

I love it. Love the colors. Can't wait to see more. You do have a gift. God is good. How wonderful you can work in what you seem to love. Blessings to you.

I love ALL your fabrics....The new.. the old...the bold the crisp!!!I will keep you guys in my prayers for whatever is happening...LIFE...UGH! colleen

Love that pop of darker blue. Very French!

Love that darker blue and that red sort of stripe. I'm totally seeing a flag is my first thought. And I love Avalon - they had the best miniature golf course there - such fond memories!

I love you patterns and your fabrics. Keep it coming! Home is a great place to be anytime. Sorry you missed Market but there is always next year!

Oh how I love that darker blue! What a yummy looking collection. Placing it on my must have list.

Oh my, the fabrics are just so gorgeous I could eat them! Wonderful collection!

I love what you do Joanna. I don't have any quilts made in your fabric but I have a serious stash collection going on. Can't wait to see the fabric in person. It all just creates peace in the heart of me.
Peace and hugs for today for your circumstance. janita

Oh, Joanna, what a sweet line of fabric. I'm anxious to see your new patterns.

What a delightful collection! Love the range of colors...wonderful! Hugs...

Avalon is beautiful. I love the clear color palette. What ever it is you have been going through I know that all of us who love your talents are with thinking of you and care for your well being.

Love this line! I saw a lot of people buying it tonight at Sample Spree!

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Ramona Chester submitted a comment on Introducing.....

You are so right.... Avalon is a magical little place and the perfect little beach town.... Hence the collection.

Hope you enjoy sewing with it next year!

Oh my stars, I just love this new line!!!!!! The blue is just breathtaking! I simply can't wait until it is released!

Hi Joanna, just spied Avalon on FQS blog and had to pop over and tell you how much I love it. The colors are so beautiful and clean - so coastal. Market does sound incredibly hectic - hey, you get to keep your voice this October - bet your kids will be happy!!

Oh Joanna, I love this new line. Avalon is just lovely, with the fresh colors and vintagey prints.
I am dying to hear your news and hope it is something wonderful! I know where my thoughts always go when someone says they have news they are not yet ready to share, but I am probably wrong. Whatever it is, I pray blessings on your family!

Wow, I love the blues in this collection! Need to snatch up a few charm packs asap;-) Have a wonderful weekend, Hildy

I am in with everyone else! That blue is beautiful!

I am loving Avalon but then I love all the lines you have designed.

I love the colors of Avalon. And cherries and dots are favorites of mine. Wonderful!!!

We miss you but your beautiful projects are in good hands.

I love this collection, especially the little cherries and rosebuds and the whisper of that lovely blue. Wishing you a peaceful autumn with your family, Joanna.

Very pretty! Still what I think of as "Fig Tree" colors, but adding in some new "Fig Tree" colors! Looking forward to touching it! (That's the best thing about fabric, touching it and letting my fingers "think" for me). Hope you are doing ok.

Love Love Love Avalon and can hardly wait for it to arrive at the LQS! I'll be happy with the pre-cuts as soon as they are available! Fun to see ahead of time so that I can start organizing my ideas for projects! Love and prayers for you and your family!
Hugs, Colette

Oh this is it! This is the perfect Fig Tree line for me. Move over, everything else on my wish list.

Love Avalon especially the dark blue and red polka dot. Sorry you couldn't go to market this year but I bet they are all missing you as you miss them. Sometimes it is just good to sit back and take a breather for what ever the reason. Love and blessings Sandra

I love the soft aqua and gray with that deep blue, that's lovely.

I got another sneak peak on Sherri's blog "A quilting Life". I'm in love with that amazing blue!! Looks like a light navy, and I have to say that it is one of my favorite colors, so I'll be doing something quilty with it when it comes out!! Can't wait! And you could use the rest: Market right after PIQF has to be murder!! Hope all is well with you and your family, and that the news is good!! It was good to see you at PIQF!! Hugs, Helen in Healdsburg

Hi Joanna, I hope that you are all okay. I shall send a prayer your way!

Avalon is beautiful! Fun!!!

Another beautiful line. It's understandable that so many of use have difficulty cutting into your fabrics. Right now I am combining some leftover Patisserie with some of the Tapestry, and my gosh, they are gorgeous together. Looking forward to mixing in some Avalon when it's available.

As always, I just love the colors of this line!

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