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A Little Updo

I'm sure that I'm not the only for whom this is true but sometimes in my most overwhelming times and deadlines, I really, really need to do something else for a break. It makes everything else go faster, easier and better, it seems. So last weekend I decided I was finally going to give my very old and outdated hutch a little updo. The top of the hutch was oak and the original bottom was something I gave to a friend since I wanted something bigger with more presence and storage space.  This bottom was a white piece that I had found at the flea market this summer. It had been sitting in my dining room since then, taking up space!

A little dark grey chalk paint for most of the hutch and some creamy white for the interior and we were done. 

I can't even tell you how happy the end result is making me.

If I'm not doing what I am supposed to be at any given time... well, you might just find me with a cup of tea at my dining room admiring my "new" hutch.


I know, I know, I am easily pleased.




... my favorite chicken collection.



... my favorite new Weck Jars. Now if I just had the time to can something that would be even better!





... love that little touch of light green these days. Doesn't it look wonderful with the orange and bright yellow?







If there is a random little project that you have been wanting to do but haven't had the time... well, go for it. I think it will make you feel so accomplished! 



Love it! I have a hutch to "updo" myself! Thanks for your inspiration!

Very pretty. Your home is a sweet little oasis. Well not so little but you know what I mean. Every little bit lovely.

Gorgeous! It's full of Fig Tree colors. I love the way you have it staged. So glad you have something beautiful to enjoy.

Love it...beautiful!!! My hutch holds my colorful collection of depression era dishes. After many years, I still love to look at them...every day! :)

Lovely! Perfect for the season.

The colour is wonderful: it seemed to make every other colour shine! (is this the paint equivalent of natural linen?) love it!! x

It's just lovely! I love all of the jars and accessories on the shelves too...perfect!

Love the green, orange and yellow. Inspiration for the next fabric line perhaps?

Would never have thought of putting grey and white together but they combine so well,love all your treasures on the hutch makes it pop even more.Sometimes just a lick of paint can do wonders for the soul just like fabric can :) Barb.

I love your photos so much!


I love your photography, too. Such beautiful vignettes and pretty color. Always a cheery start to my day, when I visit your blog!

Oh my gosh!!! I am so in love with your "new" hutch!! I so wish I could paint our dressers that colour as well!! Amazing job you deserve to take the time and just sit with a cuppa and enjoy!!

Very nice. The painted interior certainly gives your collection a wonderful backdrop.
I chuckled when I saw the scale, I have the mate. My MIL used it for many years and I inherited it. It is on my kitchen counter and still gives an accurate measurement.
I think it was originally purchased with an accessory to lay a baby in to get weighed. My DH being the baby, so it is at least 74 yrs. old!

Beautiful. Calming, too.

Lovely!! Great paint combination on your new hutch!!
And don't you love those Weck jars!! Fell in love with them this summer and found a recipe for Vanilla Peach Confiture that is so delish and looks amazing in those jars!
Hugs, Colette


Joanna, you have done it again . . . created a masterpiece of form and function. Your hutch is Vintage Lovely. And then, sharing with the world—your artistic contributions inspire so many people. You mention that you painted the inside a "creamy white." I note what you state in your new book "With Fabric & Thread" [and I quote!]:
"I love the warm side of each colour and . . . the ones I am drawn to again and again are the ones that I consider to be warm. As I begin to create a palette, whether it is for a fabric collection or for an individual project, I always start with a cream base. . . Fabrics with a cream base . . . have cream as their lightest tone and are warmer in general . . . For me, the colour comes first and the rest just falls into place."
Thank you, Joanna, for sharing your designs AND your colour sense!

Love the colors! I like the creamy white interior being different to the exterior so that the contents are the focus not the shelves.

Love your "new" little hutch; the colors are wonderful!! Wish I had you near for color consultation!! :-) And I love your wonderful little collection of chickens (my maiden name was Hennis, and I've always been fond of chickens :-)!!
Have a great weekend, and thanks for sharing!!

I really like it-I have several things that need that "up do"- where does the time go?


It came out beautiful!

Very pretty & your things inside are beautiful!

delightful :) love everything!

I just adore it!!!! I love the country feel and look of it, and wish that hutch was at MY house! ;) Great job!

Is this a hint for an upcoming line? I remember those sweet colors bowls ended up as a line . . . California Girl wasn't it?

you're hutch is simply beautiful . I have a huge pine one--
Dare I paint It?

your hutch is simply beautiful . I have a huge pine one--
Dare I paint It?

Oh, the light green with the orange pumpkin -- I absolutely love it. What a beautiful color combination!

Just this past week I too have been working on a project. With help from my hubby, he did the sanding, we worked on a chiffarobe cabinet that came from my grandmothers house. The door was warped and beyond repair, so it had to be discarded, but thats OK cause I will store my antique quilts in this side anyway. The top door still has the original mirror and I will leave it slightly open with all my pincushions sitting neatly inside. We painted it white with cream (of course) accents, and I will be off to the hardware store this week to search for new knobs for the drawers. Inside the drawers I can store all my threads and Fit Tree patterns. I will email you a photo when its all finished!

Your hutch is just beautiful ~ I would sit there with a cup of tea admiring it myself ~

Wow - this looks great - and you just gave me inspiration to redo our old hutch... it's little... beat up... but sentimental because it was my husband's grandmother's... I really like how you did the cream inside and the gray outside... I would sit there with my tea for sure! :O) Great job!

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