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More Blog Hops & Giveaways! Really.





... just a little decoration on my table right now.


Hello Everybody and Welcome to Fig Treeland!

I hope you have been enjoying the roadtrip so far. Here is the info to everyone who has come before and all those who will come after! There have been some fabulous stops on the blog tour so far with some of my favorite friends like a couple of the ones you see here below....

Confused designers... we're usually not this confused but I love this shot! I have absolutely NO IDEA what we are talking about or looking for!!



For those of you who don't know me.... well, let me tell you a little about myself. Or more accurately, a little about my hometown.




I live in a little town called San Leandro in the San Francisco Bay Area. Usually when folks visit we take them to all the standard San Francisco type places like Pier 39 and Ghiradelli Square. We love to go to baseball games at PacBell Park to see the GIANTS and to stop off for a little bit of shopping at the Ferry Building Shops. San Francisco is a wonderful place to visit but it definitely doesn't feel like my hometown.




But our little town is where we mostly stay when we're, you know, living our regular life.




We are known as the cherry city as we are located on old cherry orchards. Each year we host the Cherry Festival where the entire town gathers to play and, to be honest, mostly to eat. I guess most of our festivals or town activities are somehow created around food- Sausages & Suds Festival, our Farmer's Markets, Drake's Brewery evenings, our school Fall Festival, our 4th of July Street BBQ and so forth and so forth. 


We live on a little street lined with giant Liquid Ambers that turn every shade of orange and gold in the fall. In fact one of my daughter's favorite activities during that time of year is to make "leaf bouquets" and scatter them all over the house in little glass vases!



Speaking of food, our favorite San Leandro restaurants [which we frequent much more often than we should, especially during those times when I am designing fabric or creating new patterns and dinner just doesn't seem to happen] include:


Our favorite Taqueria-

  Lospereqos... my personal favorite here is the salsa bar. I could eat nothing but the complimentary chips & salsa for dinner, really. I guess I'm a cheap date.


Our favorite Sushi-

  Makiyaki... my personal favorite here is the New Mexico Roll. Like a California Roll but with Ebi on top and spicy srirachi in the mix. Yum!


And Frozen Yogurt of course-

Yogofina...the kiddos will have to pick the favorite here but let's just say that my middle son has been known to eat almost a pound of yogurt [you buy it by the weight of yogurt and toppings]. True story. 

However, right now if we are actually in San Leandro you will find us either playing with fabric in one way or another...

  Tapestrystack... a lovely little stack of TAPESTRY [coming to stores in October] 


Or doing a whole lot of this...


Ccershoes...Gotta love those mini F50's in a size 1!!!

Or that...


Given that all 3 of our kids play one [two goalies and one striker] or the other [a kicker/punter and wide receiver] or both at the same time, it feels like we are either in the studio or on the field. I guess that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for anything else. 




Our newest fabric collection TAPESTRY is about to hit stores in October. We are so excited that you will soon be able to play with this group. It is absolutely perfect for this time of the year. Here is the PDF of the entire line along with skus, etc. in case you find yourself looking for something in particular.



We also recently finished our latest book WITH FABRIC & THREADWe are so pleased with how well it has been received.

It is full of both quilting and sewing projects and the entire middle section of the book gives each set of instructions twice- once if you are coming from the quilting side of things and once if your background is more from the sewing side of things. The result, we hope, is that the book can be used so broadly by people from both backgrounds. All of that and there's alot of pretty cool photography done in our home and garden.




As of a few weeks ago, we are on FACEBOOK. Can you believe it? Come and friend us so you don't miss out on all of the upcoming goodies that we will be writing about!



We have recently completely updated and changed our entire website so if you haven't had a chance to browse around lately, you might want to. We have added several new features as well as added a lot of new info and photos. And our SHOP is so much easier to use and has many more goodies in it!  

Plus we are currently having a little ODDS & ENDS SALE to finish off the summer.... check it out HERE!! 




Moda-candy copy

For those of you patiently waiting for our free MODA 2 1/2" CANDY pattern, Starburst, HERE  it is.

We really like the idea, that one of our customers suggested last time we did one of these crazy blog hops, of creating a small binder and to add all of the patterns as you print them out, one by one. You could decorate the front of the binder with some of your favorite fabric scraps or something else. That way you will never lose or forget about your little CANDIES.


For those of you patiently waiting for the GIVEAWAY information, here we go:

We will be giving away a copy of our new book to one winner, a Layer Cake of TAPESTRY to another winner and a set of MODA TAPESTRY 2 1/2" CANDIES to another 4 winners.

All you have to do is comment below to be entered. TELL US WHAT YOUR FAVORITE FIG TREE PATTERN IS and if you are one of the winners we will add that pattern [or another one if you already have that one] into your prizes.

Winners will be announced on September 15th so be sure to come back to check. If you want to catch a sneak peek of our newest upcoming collection, come back even before then to see!


Don't forget to check out tomorrow's designers:





Hope to see you soon!


I just LOVE Tapestry! It has such beautiful colors and I love the flowers. I can't wait wait to play with it! My favorite pattern is Sparkle. Thank you for the chance to win!

I love them all....how can you pick just one? If I had to choose...well, it would be between twinkle and cameo. Thanks for the fun give away and chance to win!

I'm thinking I love the Jelly Stars pattern and I'm going to have to try it. I have many jellyrolls sitting in my sewing room waiting for me to do something with them and I'm so over race quilts!

I love them all, I will choose Vanilla & Blooms if I am lucky. Thanks for this beautiful giveaway.

I definitely love Fresh Vintage and Vintage Stamp Collection! I have quite a collection of your patterns!! My favorite is Petit Fours! I am working on a variation of Sew Simple Baskets right now and loving it! Looking forward to your new fabric to arrive in our quilt shop! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

I grew up in San Leandro :). I had no idea you were in that area. We lived in the Washington Manor area and I love that city.

Thanks for sharing the photos - brings back memories :). Oh yes and I love your new fabric line!

I love everything Figtree, I am currently redoing my guest room with all your fabrics. My favorite pattern to date is Boardwalk which I haven"t gotten yet,……

I visited San Francisco a couple of years ago. What a beautful place. Love all those homes, like the ones in Mrs Doubtfires street. You know from the movie.I really love the vintage stamp collection. I have several of those. One I have done the others on the to do list. Keep up the great work.

Just love your new line Tapestry...might just have to make a boardwalk quilt.

I really like the Marigolds pattern. Can't wait until Tapestry hits the stores!

Love it all - so hard to choose, but I'd really like to make "My Paris Traveler's Bag"

Tapestry looks beautiful! So serene. I like your Daisy Chains pattern - simple and effective!

fun new fabric. All of your patterns are great, I like several but chose Daisy Chain as my favorite.

Hello! I am still new to quilting so it has been fun checking out everyone's blogs, especially yours!!! I love the boardwalk pattern and the sparkle pattern. As soon as I am done with my current projects I am going to have to get them :)

Love all your fabric! I really like the Bella bag and would love to have a go making it. Thanks for the giveaway.

I love the pattern Daisy Chains and all things "Fig Tree"

I love to make the stamp/postcard patterns...my favorite is the strawberries one.

Oh how difficult! I really love so many, but a favourite would be the Jelly and jam pattern. My second ever quilt was a gift for my sister and I used the lovely fig and plum jelly roll. She loves and treasures it. I've now been quilting gifts for a couple of years... Between buying and renovating our home and getting married ...and Im now ready to make something for us. I love the warmth and freshness of your designs and love the look of tapestry!
Keeping fingers crossed the fairy quilt mother will look down on me kindly...

That is a tricky one! I'm currently making the Jelly Stars quilt using California girl but I've been really excited about trying out Saltwater Taffy. Oh and I bought your new book a month or two ago and I'm utterly in love! There are just so many fantastic projects. A few of my friends have already received a pair of booties! I've also been eyeing off the house block quilt. So much sewing to be down but oh so little time ... sigh!

Love your fabrics and the pattern jelly and jam. so many projects in my head,

There are lots of favorite patterns, but I'm really loving the new postage stamp designs. I had a friend working on one and it was sooo cute! Thanks for the giveaway :)

I like your Daisy Chains pattern!
Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

I like the Daisy Chain pattern because it has a nice modern feel to it. thank you for designing such beautiful timeless fabrics.

I really like the new school bag satchel, two sizes. My daughters would really love this one.

thank you

sandyb720 at gmail dot com

I just love your fabrics! The pattern I'm currently jonesing after the most is Marigold.

I enjoyed reading about your hometown! I haven't been further west than Colorado but would love to one day visit that area and then head north, exploring along the way. Your house looks adorable, btw.

There are about 4 that I like, but I think sparkle is my first love.
That TAPESTRY fabric is yummy. I have a Victorian fireplace and the tile inlays match this colouring totally. I don't believe it!
So I would make - if I won a quilt for my sofa, just in-time as autumn sets in. OK so I may have to wait till October!.Kx

I just LOVE Prairie Sweets after seeing them on Camille's blog ages ago! Looking forward to Tapestry hitting the stores x

I have 2 favourites - Bunny Duet and the party dress - both so sweet. The bunnies win out.

My favourite pattern of yours is Daisy Chain. I have loved Strawberry Fields and California Girl fabric lines!

I loved the flower pincushion in your last book. Oh and Tapestry looks like a wonderful range, but as I'm in the UK I'm going to have to wait about 6 months before it gets here.

Your My Paris Traveler's Bag would make a great overnight bag or to pack your clothes for those 3 day retreats. I love Tapestry!!

My favorite pattern is Winter Robin -- so cute!

I love Strawberry Fields. It reminds me of my childhood. Thanks for the chance to win.

Hi there,
I love your patterns! I think my favorite one is all hallows eve! This morning it is actually cool out I have my kitchen door opened getting the fresh air in while I'm going through the moda hop! your pattern makes me feel like fall

Your fabrics and patterns are so sweet!
I love Prairie Rose and Berry Sweet bags patterns :)

Thank you for the giveaway!

Best wishes,

What a wonderful tour! You make a great tour guide! I can't wait for tapestry, your fabric collections are perfect. My favorite pattern, along with lots of yours is Sparkle.

Love Tapestry and the cute little candy block! I am currently making a Salt Water Taffy quilt, and LOVE it. But if I have to pick another one, I would say either Sparkle or Jelly and Jam.

Ooooh, so hard to choose just one pattern. Pineapple & Figs is to die for and also LOVE the Vintage Stamp collection. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Love all your vintage stamp collection patterns! Hard to pick a favorite from those. Can't wait for Tapestry to hit the stores. Thanks for sharing about your town and for the terrific giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Pineapple and Figs is a yummy pattern. On my list of patterns to own!

You have a lot of great patterns! One of my favorites is Jelly Girl, and your book is on my to buy list, love it! Thanks for a great blog hop.

It is very hard to pick one favorite pattern. But since I am currently at the shore I will pick Salt Water Taffy. And I hope I win as I love your new Tapestry fabric and your blog pattern. Thanks.

I really liked the Yultide Snowflake pattern. THanks for having the giveaway!

I have a couple of your patterns, but one I'd love to have is Les Fleurs.

Love all of your fabrics and can't wait to see Tapestry! I think that I would like to try Figgy Pudding with my small stash of Fig Tree. Thanks for the chance to win, lovin' the Blog Hop, too.

Love the look of your new book. And the fabric isn't bad either.

Love your book and Tapestry! I'm using it in my Schnibbles of the month it's the perfect september fabric.
My favorite pattern is Chintz, the little heart is too cute!
Thanks for the giveaway and gretings from germany, Hildy

Hi, my favorite pattern is Star Bloom! The colors seem to pop when next to the cream. It would be fun to machine quilt this!

My favorite pattern is Petite Fleurs. It's a great classic pattern...in my opinion ;)

All that you create is beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win some fabric.

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