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A little Blossom and a little Jam. I guess I might have been a little bit hungry when I originally named this pattern! But more likely I was thinking of my last trip to London, or more precisely, the Cottswold villages right outside of London. It seems that anytime we sat down for a snack there, we were offered something “with jam”. Mostly “scones with jam” I think, but also other things with jam.


Oh, I would really love to be back there now. Or at least have some really good jam :-).




This little project is one of my current favorites. Its kind of funny with the way things work around here, I don’t often get to enjoy the projects during their actual season. We created this little table topper in early Spring, just in time to debut for Quilt Market in May. We finished it and photographed it for the cover and then sent it on its way to visit its share of stores. Then the patterns were actually finished up and printed and they began shipping to the quilt shops and the topper continued to travel.


The fabric that it was created with, TAPESTRY, however, did not start to arrive in stores until the last couple of weeks  [for all of those yummy precuts] and the yardage is still to come [later in October].  And suddenly my little topper is back at home.



And so in a little twist of timing, I get to enjoy my little Blossoms & Jam before she goes off on another adventure to another quilt shop or perhaps to a show or two in the fall. Meanwhile, here she is and more importantly…. She brings kits with her!!

Check it out HERE for more info. Or HERE for just the pattern.


Name: Blossoms & Jam.

Size: 16” round

Fabric: Cover sample made from TAPESTRY. Back cover samples also made from CALIFORNIA GIRL. Uses (1) charm pack or (2) of the yummy new MODA CANDY PACKS








I love the scalloped edge.

I like the touch of burgundy color with the coral, cream, and butterscotch.

That is sooo cute! I am going to have to make myself one.

The table topper is cute and I really love your new tapestry line but could you enlighten me; is the table runner with the baskets in your new book or in one of your other publications as I have not seen it as a stand alone pattern?

I love the way you made the center! It complements the scalloped edging very well! This story made me think of one of my favorite holiday movies: "The Holiday!"

What a sweet little the fabric and scalloped edge!

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Terri U submitted a comment on A Little Blossom, A Little Jam

Yes, the table runner with the baskets is from our new book. It is one of my favorite projects and we have it on our dining room table now! If you are interested, our book is available on our website

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Beth Beal submitted a comment on A Little Blossom, A Little Jam

I love that movie!! I think I might have to go rent it this weekend!

Hi Joanna....

Not on topic, but could not find another way to ask my question. Just got your newest book as a birthday gift ( LOVE IT) and my first project will be the Fresh Vintage Patchwork ( I LOVE quilts with houses). On page 179 it says to go to this page to get the information on the "all yellow" variation. Could you direct me to where this would be. I could not find it.
I LOVE your introduction and the book is WONDERFUL. I am blessed to have friends that gift me with something I enjoy SEW much. XXX

Yummy - table topper and jam - and I've only just noticed the little piced flower at the centre. Hope you get to enjoy it at home for a little while yet ;-)

*pieced* (dread to think what piced means..)x

Just finished my farmer's wife quilt using all fig tree fabrics. It turned out great!

Thanks for your continued creativity and inspiration!

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