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A LItlle Bit Back

I'm a little bit back today. Very little actually. Still transitioning to the first week back of school for all three of the munchkins not to mention that I am still in a timezone somewhere far, far away and will share more with you very soon. 


For now I have a couple of quick updates today:


1. WE ARE ON FACEBOOK! More about that later, but for now... come and friend us HERE so you don't miss out on anything!


   Boardwalk-Kit-2T   Satchel_Purse_Kit-2T  

2. We started a little "ODDS & ENDS" sale today. Come check it out HERE.




2. MODA DESIGNER BLOG HOP HAS STARTED! Click on the Blog Hop Tour Badge on the left sidebar for more info on the posts that have already happened and stay tuned for our post on Sunday. I promise there will be a giveaway!


I'll be back soon. Even if for just a little bit.


That's okay, I have to say I've only been a little bit here. I'm on the "trying to get a routine back in place with the school schedule" track. Fall has plenty to offer though! I will Like you on FB in hopes to see you if even for a little bit;-)
Be safe

So glad to see you're back! Please take care!

Ienjoyed your blog. My favorite pattern is jelly and jam.

Joanna-I too was born and raised in SF, but when I came home from college and married I moved to south to DC and now reside in Burlingame after one of my daughters wanted to "see the sun" as I'm sure you can relate to. Now my daughters both work in the city, the oldest lives in there and works at UCSF. Your fabrics are beautiful and I'm sure many people will like the new small size, but I like to work with much bigger pieces when I have a choice. I love shop hops and blog hops as a retired Home Ec teacher, I now get to spend more time sewing and quilting. How about creating some retro-ethnic designs? I have some of my mother-in-law's vintage fabric for inspiration. Thanks for sharing

Joanna... Love your color combinations
and soothing soft tones and its hard to
pick just one design so my favorite design
is the Butterdish Baskets and first runner
up is Petit Fours.

You have really cute things! I guess my favorite is Petit Fours. You make me wanna sew!

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