Prairie Point Towel
Christmas in July

They're Heeeeeere!

I know our new pattern release has been unusually delayed given everything going on with my dad and I would like to thank all of you who have been waiting so patiently! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

The 5 new quilt patterns are here and have started shipping to stores and distributors as of yesterday! Yeah!!

They are also now available on our website as of late last night! Yeah again!! Look under NEWEST DESIGNS for all 8 of the new patterns!



LIBERTY BOY: Perfect for today but you can work on it for Labor Day or next year just as well!



CINDERELLA PUMPKINS: Easily my favorite time of year and its never too early to start on a fall project.



MARIGOLDS: A wonderful way to use up a couple charm packs of your favorite collection. Love, love the feel of circles with nothing but squares and triangles!



SPARKLE: Easily the most simple design in this group, Sparkle is already on its way to being a best seller! Super simple method with no y-seams or anything else difficult. Can't go wrong with this one in either the cream, the plum or the single table topper version!



PINEAPPLE & FIGS: My absolute favorite in this grouping. Have always loved pineapple blocks and just couldn't resist making this one out of our new TAPESTRY fabric. This method will just amaze you with how basic and simple it is. I promise. Each block is literally a set of 5 sizes of square and 5 sizes of rectangle. If you have ever wanted to make a pineapple block, I guarantee that this is it!





The 3 FIG TREE THREAD patterns are about a week behind and are on their way back from the printer as we speak. We will let you know as soon as these arrive in the office! 



ESCARGOT: The newest in our menagerie of animal projects. These cute little snails are fun to make and are just too cute to resist... we think. And the name, well the name just cracks me up to no end. Maybe I'm the only one...



BLOSSOMS & JAM: A great way to play with your favorite charm pack or those brand new MODA CANDY squares if you are lucky enough to get some. These are perfect as table toppers, desk decorators [I have 2 of them on my desk at the moment] or as placemats. Super simple to assemble and then try your hand at a little curved binding. You can do it!



SUNDAY COVER-UPS: A quick and perfect way to dress up any dining room chair before company gets here. At our house these get used any time we want to add something special to a dinner occasion. We have sashes of different colors and for different holidays and change them out often. This is a great beginning sewing project.




If you are purchasing patterns from our site, we will start shipping them out starting tomorrow. You can also feel free to purchase the FIG TREE THREADS patterns now if you like and we can either hold your order until complete or ship in 2 batches [let us know in the special instructions section of the order what you would prefer to do. If we don't hear from you, we will hold until complete].







I am off to make some Black Eyed Pea Salad/Dip... otherwise known as Texas Caviar. We love it around here and can consume it by the bowl full. Literally. If you've never tried it, you might wanna [many recipes for it can be found online. I recommend adding in a bunch of fresh veggies along with the canned ones].

We included our favorite recipe for it in our FRESH VINTAGE #12. Just in case you'd like to try it out. That and a bunch of really cool quilt patterns LOL!

Happy Celebrating!


I love the Pineapple & Figs and the Blossoms & Jam is so sweet! But all of them are awesome - great job!

I can't wait for escargot!!!When I spotted it in your video I knew it was a must sew! Blossoms and jam would make wonderful gifts, love the pineapple and fig,and sparkle and just all of them.Thanks for a wonderful giveaway and for you sharing your creativity!

I'm really fond of the Blossoms and Jam!

Sparkle caught my eye first, with the rest close behind.

I would have to say that Pineapple & Figs and Blossoms & Jam are my favorite. They would be fun to make.

I just love Sparkle! Of course, Escargot is dang adorable, too! :)

Pineapple and Figs with Sparkle a very close second.

I LOVE cinderella pumpkins and Pineapple and Figs!! What great patterns. I have always loved pineapple quilts too. Really I love them all. Happy 4th!!

My two favorites are Blossoms and Jam and Pineapple and Figs.

I have a question though. Will you be putting these out as PDF patterns? I'm in Canada and if I can avoid shipping charges I try to.

Oh my so hard to choose! I HAVE to go with Liberty Boy ans my number one choice. I love any pattern that has a Scottie on it! :P And since it is this is Independence Day (and I love Star blocks!) my number two choice it Sparkle.

Thanks for the chance to win them!

They are wonderful Joanna. Life does happen and all will understand I am sure. Wishing you and your family a wonderful day.

Marigolds and Blossoms & Jam, please. (I kinda like Sparkle, too : )

I love Escargot the best, but I want to make many of them! Thanks for the chance to win!!

I love them all! I guess my favorites are Sparkle and Blossoms and Jam! Thank you so much! Happy 4th of July!

Love the Pumpkins and Blossoms and Jam. Thank you for the chance.

I'm in love with Marigolds and Pineapple and Figs - can't wait to get my greedy little mitts on them:-)

I want to make the blossoms and jam table topper. I love the scalloped edges.

I love Blossoms and Jam.....but the sweet Liberty Boy is a very, very close second!!

In love with Pineapple & Figs! Happy 4th to you and your family, Joanna x

I love the Sunday Cover Up. Yet how could I resist the Blossoms and Jam Table Topper. Decisions, decisions!

That are all gorgeous as always but I love sparkle. I must have it!

I love all the patterns but my fave are Marigolds and Sparkle.
Today I have received your last book Joanna and it's just wonderful.The best book of quilting and sewing I have in my sewing room!!!!
Great job !!!!!

I like all of the patterns but my favorite is Liberty Boy.

Sparkle and Marigolds are my two favorites!! Both are beautiful. Thank you also for the prairie point flour sack directions. I am definately doing some of these for my favorite people!!

I love, love, love Marigolds. I am so addicted to your fabric & designs that I am decorating my guest room with all things Fig Tree.

I loooooovvvveeeee Sparkle!!! It is gorgeous. Blossoms and Jam is super cute too though. Really tough decision. I am currently very impatiently waiting for your book to be delivered. I hate waiting :-). Thankyou for designing more gorgeous patterns for us to make :-)

I love the Liberty Boy and Cinderella Pumpkins. I also love the snail. They are all great and have been waiting for them to show up. :). Happy 4 th.

OH MY!! The two that I want to make first - Sparkle and Pineapple & Figs.
Happy 4th!

My 2 favorites are Sparkle and Marigolds. Although all of the patterns are beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win them.

Marigolds & Sparkle are my two favorites but all the other patterns are gorgeous too. Thanks for the giveaway. :)

Blossoms and Jam and Pineapple and Figs are my favorites. Thanks for the giveaway!

Hello! My favorite is "Marigolds"!
Thank you FOR SHARING!

This certainly isn't easy, but I would have to say Marigolds, and Pineapples and Figs are my two favorite, at least they are today, who knows what I would say tomorrow.

I love the first two Fig Threads, Escargot and Blossom & Jam.
Beautiful patterns!

OMG! I am literally going nutso about the Pineapple & Figs pattern. And your Blossoms & Jam would be PERFECT for a Christmas gift for my mom. (Yes, I'm already thinking Christmas.) She needs a table topper for her plain round kitchen table. I think the scalloped edge makes it extra special!

Firstly I think its a bit mean that we can only two choose LOL! I love Marigolds and Blossoms & Jam but seriously that Escargot is just way too cute to pass up.
Thanks for the chance

Oh! They're all so adorable, it really is difficult to choose just...or two! I do love Blossoms and Jam and the Cinderella Pumpkins though!
Happy Independence Day to you and yours!

LOVE the new patterns - forced to choose I would have to say Sparkle and Marigolds are my favorite!!

Thanks for the giveaway! :)

I love Marigolds! My favorite for sure.

Thanks for the giveaway. I need to get me some California Girl! My favorite since Dandelion Girl!

I love Marigolds but they're all gorgeous! Will your patterns be available as PDF downloads soon? Being in Australia it's easier than shipping. Thanks.

Sparkle is my favorite and I also really like Blossoms & Jam! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

I just love Escargot, too cut! Then Blossoms &Jam too! Wee really just all of them!

sunday cover up and the pineapple and figs. Everything is sweet as always miss Joanna. fig tree dreaming now! janita

I would love to make the Sunday cover up exactly as you have it shown.

A favorite or two? Oh my! I'm crazy about Marigolds and Pineapple & Figs. Wait, wait, come back here, two favorites - Pineapple & Figs and Marigolds. OK, I think I've made my decision. LOL

Keeping my fingers crossed.

liberty boy and escargot are my faves...thanks for allowing a second pick! i love love love you stamp patterns.

Yeah! Thank you. I can't wait to get my hands on Marigolds, although Sparkle is lovely as well. And I already have California Girl Charms to make!

Wonderful patterns! I'm liking Liberty Boy and Marigolds!!Thanks for the chance to win!! How exciting!!

I like Blossom and Jam. The scalloped edge really makes it!

Sparkle and Marigold are my favorites among your lovely patterns.
Happy sewing,

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