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Prairie Point Towel

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By now, you must all know about my love of flour sack dish towels. We have embellished them. Made them into kits. Made patterns out of them. 

So when I was working on one of my top secret QUILTS & MORE SCRAP LAB projects [due out later this fall], and had a whole bunch of really cute little prairie points left over.... what else could I possibly do with them but add them to a flour sack! It makes the cutest dish towel I have ever seen. Really.

So for a little 4th of July post tomorrow, I will add a very simple little tutorial on how to make these. For today... I hope you enjoy the photos.









FLOUR SACK: available at any home type store like Target, Wal-mart or Kmart.

FABRICS: Camille & Bonnie's MARMALADE. Very yummy and due out in fall '12.

BINDING: MODA Bella Solid Clover.


Be back tomorrow with the how to and if the stars align some other good pattern news!




Too cute to dry dishes with but it would look oh so adorable in my kitchen!

Love them! What a great bridal shower gift! Matching apron and towels! Cute.

I love them. A gift for anyone and everyone. Thank you Joanna. Wishing you and your family a wonderful 4th. Thinking you and your Dad.

I have always loved flour sack towels since I was young. My Mother taught my sister and I how to embroidery on them. I have many fond memories of those days. I still have many of them in my cedar chest. They are too cute to use. It might be fun to add some prairie points on the bottom of them. Thanks for the idea.
Happy 4th!
Karen M

Love it!! Thank you for sharing your creativity!! I agree...would make a nice, easy gift for a special friend.

I have always loved flour sack towels either plain white or prints that my Grandma used to have. I have been looking for flour sack fabric to make flour sacks out of it and not much luck. Any suggestion where or how I could get flour sack fabric to make our own sack towels into several sizes?
Thank you for everything you have been providing. Have a stellar day, everyone!
Brenda - Minnesota

VERY cute! Like someone else said, they would make a most awesome shower gift. Or Christmas, Birthday, just-because-we're-friends...

Many years ago, my husband's Grandmother embroidered an over-sized flour sack dish towel - just his size for drying the dishes. It's quite worn now, but still his favorite. I think I will take some car fabric scraps, make some prairie points and embellish a new towel. Thanks for the inspiration and the helpful photos.

I have to agree...that's the prettiest tea towel ever! Now I know why I've been keeping a few leftover prairie points from a table runner. It kind of makes me sad when people think these items are "too pretty to use," but I know what they are saying. When it's so easy to make more, though, we really SHOULD be using our prettiest things every day!

I love the chair covers! What a great idea to change out the sashes!

Love using the prairie points on the towels! A little bit of fabric, a little bit of sewing and such cute results!

Love these!

I am thinking of you and your dad, Joanna. Luv Cinderella Pumpkins and Strawberries and Jam. Big hugs to you, Keri in CA.

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