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Strawberries for Sale...





We thought we would have some fun today and send you some strawberry love. Given our apparent love of all things strawberry around here, we are putting anything strawberry related on sale 20% this weekend.


This includes any pattern that has the word strawberry in it or is made out of our STRAWBERRY FIELDS fabric collection.


This would include:



Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Fields

Berry Sweet Bag

Strawberry Lilies

Strawberry Cafe

Sit Upon


Kiss Me

Peggy Sue



Now you have to go to the website and search for the patterns to see what they are. Some are quilts, some are accessory goodies, some are purses... there is even a box cushion in there. Have fun searching!


You can start here.




In addition, we thought we would tie up some strawberry themed bundles for you for the occasion. These are not on sale, but are added into the festivities just for the fun of it. Not a lot of them here so get 'em while you can!





Click here for more info on the Strawberry Bundles.


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With ANY STRAWBERRY SALE PURCHASE [that would include the bundle or any of the above mentioned patterns], we will include a STRAWBERRY CAFE pattern in your order free!


Strawberry Cafe has a pattern in it for some fun summer curtains and a matching table topper. How could you possibly resist?








Happy Strawberry searching and sewing,









Just wondering when the 'Marigolds' pattern will be available??

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Judith submitted a comment on Strawberries for Sale...

The Marigolds pattern is due back from the printer next Thursday so it will start shipping next Friday. If you are on the newsletter list, you will receive a notification as soon as we receive them.

Happy sewing and thanks for your patience,


Nice textile selection,I like the strawberry design simple but looks so colorful.Where can I find the same textile for me to personalize.

Oh no!!! I just went to check-out and Sit Upons is at regular price!!! :( I want that pattern so bad!

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