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From Market...

I am sure that some of you remember that I promised booth shots yesterday. But then again I am sure that some others of you remember that I sometimes promise things and can't manage to get them here in time LOL!

Well, today my day aligned and I found a moment to upload a whole LOT of Market pictures... way more than I would guess most of you would ever want to se!. But here are some of my favorites and I promise that tomorrow I will show some more.... promises, promises!




... a bowl full of candy goodness. These new mini swatches are called MODA CANDIES and they are good enough to eat. We will have plenty of them available for your snacking pleasure in the fall!



... simple little pins from the new book, WITH FABRIC & THREAD.



... a stack of our new brochures for stores.


... my new book in the booth.


... a closeup of the left side of the booth. Where many of the projects from the book resided.











... one of my favorite quilts from the book, dressing a mannequin like a jacket.




... a little booth embellishment.



... me in the booth. Doesn't it look like I need that chair to hold myself up with?




... right side of the booth.



... middle of the booth. Table filled with goodies from the book and new patterns too.



... the whole booth.



... center right.



... the book side or the left side.


More shots tomorrow. Not sure you guys could load it all up if I kept going today!




Thanks for the pictures they give me some ideas.

Love these pictures! The basket runner looks cute (as do all of the projects!) Can't wait to get your book. I put it on my birthday list! :O)

Well, you've done it again! I didn't think I liked Pinapple blocks, but seeing yours - in the lovely Tapestry - I really want to make one... x

Oh my! That Pineapple quilt is so delicious!

Loving that basket runner. Beautiful projects and fabric!

Oh, oh, oh, I want to make the Pineapple & Figs quilt. Right now!

Joanna-HOW you do it all is mind boggling! & 3 kids-always smiling to boot~ me thinks I need a nap after looking at all of these projects-did you employ the Shoemaker's Elves? Loved the pineapple quilt-and all the others of course. Another blog had a picture or 2 of your booth so had a sneak preview. Love your energy, from the land of unfinished projects...

Love the basket runner, it's a winner, and all your beautiful colour palettes. Congratulations on a really beautiful booth!

Love, all the pictures! I just bought your new book and I can't wait to try a few things, especially those slippers! I love all the new fabrics too!

Loved the pineapple quilt and the twist on the Log Cabin. Can always count on you to excite us, thanks for all the inspiration!

Awesome, keep em coming. Love it!!!

What beautiful projects!! You have a LOT of projects packed in there!!

Thnaks for your beautiful pictures! Hildy

I bought your newest book. It is beautiful! The first project I want to sew is the beach bag. I am trying to track down coated/laminated fabrics for it. Do you have any online sources for coated fabrics from your line? I am in Edmonton, AB Canada.

HELLO! All so neat! Especially love the quilt on the mannequin>so bright+beautiful! Love the table runner next to you too>little basket blocks! Thank you for taking the time to post these!
Happy Stitching + Designing

[email protected]!

Hello. I love the quilts. I am going to have to get the patterns and the book. I love the stamp quilts too. They are so wonderful.

Love the pineapple and figs quilt! Where can I get the pattern and when?

Thanks for the pics: love your quilts and fabric, and I love seeing all that loveliness!! You always do such a wonderful job with it all, and if you need to hold yourself up with a chair (and you look great, by the way,) go right ahead!! None of us would say you don't deserve it after all that hard work!! The items that are in the book look tantalizing: I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for it :-)

I love the star pattern on the right side of the booth! What is the name of that pattern and where can I find it?

I love Tapestry! Can't wait to get some :)

It all looks so yummy!!! Makes me want to make something out of every fabric shown; how I wish I could.

All are awesome and I`d love make all.

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Anita LaHay submitted a comment on From Market...

That is one of my favorite projects in the book. We have the yellow strawberry coated fabric from STRAWBERRY FIELDS but that is all we have here. If you are interested in some of that, give our office a call and we can sell it to you in increments of 1 yard.

Other than that, you might want to look around online and type in the name of the fabric and the word laminate and see what you might find.

Best of luck, Joanna

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Mary Kay submitted a comment on From Market...

That is our SPARKLE pattern and it comes in a couple of colorways for your inspiration. It is currently at the printer and will be available on our site by the end of next week.

If you are on our newsletter list, we will send out an update as soon as the patterns arrive.

Thanks so much, Joanna

LOVE all your newest things - as always! Wish I had more time to make them all. Such an inspiration! Hope your dad is doing better. Would love to see you on a Friday night @ Thimblecreek sometime. Have a wonderful 4th with your family!

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