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To Market, to Market to Make a Silly Video

I know we all say this when we hear our own voices... but I guess I will be unoriginal and say it all again....

Do I really sound like that? And is it THAT uncomfortable for everyone who sees themselves on video or is it just me?

I mean, you would think that I would have gotten used to it all, with lovely Gene chasing after us with that blasted video camera year after year, Market after Market... but I don't! Every time I see a new video, I have to shut it off or at least I have to leave the room so that others can watch it.

Just an odd experience that I can't seem to get used to...oh well.

But, anyway, in the absence of having edited any of my Market photos [hope to start having those for you by tomorrow], here is the lovely video that the lovely Gene took for the lovely folks at MODA and they, in all of their loveliness, felt the need to share it with the world :-) :-).....




Happy viewing,



I happen to think this and all the others taken at market are wonderful. At the same time I do not like to hear myself speak either. I really really really do not like to hear myself. This was so helpful to me to get me through the reality that I did not attend Market. I felt like I was there - not - but you get my point. So I will send you and Moda a very heartfelt thank you!

Thank you, it was to see your booth.

you're so cute!

Have been to your website several times looking for the new 'Marigolds' pattern. Where or how can I order this pattern. Thanks for the video as it was so informative.

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Judith submitted a comment on To Market, to Market to Make a Silly Video

All of our new patterns were a bit delayed this time around and are still at the printer. They will be available in about 2 weeks.

Thanks so much for your patience!

Loved your video sharing your new patterns, fabrics and projects and your delightful new book! Love California Girl and will be looking for Tapestry next.

I think you sound great! And you've got some lovely things coming down the chute...I can't wait to take a peek at your new book!

I think your stamp quilts are so clever !! Nice colors too.

Joanna - It is absolutely not you! I ALWAYS have to leave the room when seeing a video of me. However, you look and sound adorable! And as always, your fabrics are beautiful :)

I get you. I cannot stand even most still shots of me. Just doesn't match up to the vision I have of myself... however, in your case - you're adorable!

I really appreciate these little videos -it's great to see what's new and add a few things to the "have-to-have" list!

Love putting a voice with a face.
Your booth and everything in it, is
wonderful! Thanks for sharing

Great video! Love your voice - my 25 yo walked in without seeing the screen and said "what on earth is Demi Mooore talking about?" I'd take that as a compliment any day.

Loved it. Thanks.

What is the source for the table runner with the basket pattern in the last few seconds of the video?

Your video is so warm and inviting! Wish I could just sit in your booth and admire all of the fabrics and quilts in person. Thanks so much for sharing. :-)

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] maryc submitted a comment on To Market, to Market to Make a Silly Video

Tell your 25 year old that I love her/him!

Actually my Demi voice is a standard at Market. After all that work and talking, my voice seems to always go lower during Markets, usually giving out completely the 2nd or 3rd day. Usually Gene takes all the Market videos the 2nd and 3rd days, but has learned to take mine the first day to get me while I still have a voice! Consequently my husband always calls me Demi at Market, but its very funny to hear that someone else thinks it too!

Thanks for writing. Joanna

lol...I can still remember the first time I heard my voice...OMG, that's not me! it?
regardless I went on to a 25+ yr career of teaching private art lessons world wide plus a few stints in local theatre....and I still hate my voice!

Your vid is adorable, and all your projects are just so cute - and you already know how much I love your book(s)

Thank you for sharing. The booth looks great and so many cute projects!

You and your voice are both precious! I enjoyed seeing your video and I love your fabric lines.

thank you for the video! I saw a post with the brown quilt in it and have been searching endlessly trying to find tha pattern or the name of the pattern and the fabric used. I think you called it Sparkle in you video and you used the new tapestry line. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can not wait to purchase it and the fabric.

The video is great. It is especially helpful for those of us who live on the opposite side of the globe and cannot go to see your gorgeous booth at the market.

You're lovely and you sound just fine! It is so much fun to see the new art you have created, and a video is even more fun. Every time I see your new patterns it makes me smile and brings me sunshine to my day!

I am glad I am not the lone ranger when it comes to being uncomfortable with listening/watching myself on a video! SOOOOO not what I think I sound like...who IS that person speking?!?!? I think you sound great and I really look forward to the Tapestry collection. I am working on a California Girl quilt currently. Thanks for the video!

Love your voice (especially much better than mine :-), and loved seeing your booth with all your wonderful projects!! you are such a great creative person, and so nice too!! (I've been to a presentation at the Petaluma quilt guild, and attended a class at Thimble Creek.)

L'escargot never looked so good and cute. But glad snails aren't that size in real life..... good also to see the postage stamps always wanted to know their size. Loved the different quilt adaptations and also a glimpse of the Tapestry line....Oh yes never thought of combining materials like Amy Butler's with yours but why not...Looking forward to your next from downunder

I love your voice, and your style!!! I actually posted this video on my blog last week! Eye candy galore! And my friend let me look at her book of With Fabric and Thread! Gorgeous book and projects too!

I watched your video on Sinta's blog and really enjoy it. We all think we sound and look and silly but you were great. Love your little snail. I loved your last book and bought it so I am sure I will love this one. Excellent market this spring.

You were terrific! I really like your pineapple patterned quilt. I forget exactly what you called it but it sounds very interesting and one I want to make. With all the flipping of squares...

You are adorable! I just reviewed your book on my blog and sewed up the Dear Betty Apron.Your book is GORGEOUS girl! I like it very much. Here is the link.

I think everyone hears themselves differently when it is recorded. You sound great though and look really young :)

I loved your video. I thought you were wonderful! I am so excited to see your new book. There are way too many of your new quilts that I want to do. The yellow one is awesome and love all the big "flowers" ones that are scattered all around. And the placemats. So fun. Thank you so much for all your hard work and giving us all this inspiration.

Your video was fantastic! I can't wait to make the adorable bedroom slippers for my granddaughter. I love your fabric, patterns, and the new book. You and your team are such an inspiration to me and many other quilters and crafty folks:)

Loved the video. Fun and lovely!!

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