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Warning: Picture Heavy!

You know how there are certain patterns that you remember sewing long after you are done with them? Those ones that become favorites no matter how many other quilts you have made in the meantime?

In my case, that often means those are the patterns that are mysteriously “unavailable” to travel or go to shows because they are… well, they are being used on our couch! The original SUNWASHED pattern is one of those patterns.

We have made it up in various different color combinations and are still in love with most of them, several of them are “regulars” in our quilt basket and get used on a daily basis.




....on the cover of the pattern it is also made up out of our Mill House Inn collection





Something about the simplicity and yet complicated look of this quilt is fabulous to me. Not that I can take any credit for the design as I discovered it on a vintage quilt many years ago and just reinterpreted it with a much easier piecing and assembly technique. I love that it is a simple 1 block quilt that is created primarily through the pieced sashing!





Pieced by the lovely Sherri. Quilted by the amazing Diana []



So when it came time to start thinking of patterns for this Spring release, the favorites popped quickly to mind, including this one.

Before we started re-designing, the first thing we thought would be fun is to make the SUNWASHED pattern our of our new, CALIFORNIA GIRL, collection.

Choosing to focus on the blues, Sherri pieced this one for her own collection. We are ga-ga for this version! Beautiful job as always!



... doesn't it just make you think of the beach? 






Pieced by the lovely Sherri. Quilted by the amazing Diana.

During the design process, the variation we came up with that is completely different but completely the same…. is that there is no appliqué in this one, its all pieced from charm packs!!



Super simple, to say the least, with the same straightforward sashing construction this version is just like the original but no appliqué. Now mind you, the appliqué on the original SUNWASHED is the most simple kind of appliqué there is and one that I recommend to beginning appliquers all the time. It is a simple curve, with ends that don’t have to be finished or even tucked under because they are pieced into the next block. You really can’t go wrong with that kind of appliqué. In fact, the appliqué doesn’t have to be done at all. Just prep the pieces using starch or any other method that you are familiar with and then simply topstitch the ¼- circles into their blocks and be done. Either way the circle version, SUNWASHED, quilt is a perfect introduction to doing a bit of simple appliqué or at the very least, appliqué prep.

This new version, MARIGOLDS, is entirely pieced, same construction, just an even simpler setup. Half square triangles with “snowball” corners and a pieced sashing. We love it. Made up here also in CALIFORNIA GIRL, focusing a bit more on the corals and the yellows.



... really can't figure out which one is our favorite!!



Hope you might be inspired to try one of these summertime yummies, regardless if a bit of applique is your thing or not!

Believe it or not, there is another version made from our TAPESTRY COLLECTION in the works to be debuted at Quilt Market in Kansas City. If all the stars align, we will show some pictures before then!




Size:  53" x 68 or 68" x 68"

Collection: Shown here made out of California Girl. Coming soon, made also out of our brand new collection, TAPESTRY.

Available: Patterns will be available at the end of May, 2012.


Gosh: I love this. I must admit I have the 'Sunwashed' pattern and I look at it often, but I'm not ready for appliqué yet, I haven't been quilting long and I still really enjoy piecing quilts, so I am looking forward to trying this new version (and that Sherri, how does she do it? I swear she has an identical twin in the attic helping out with all that sewing!!!). Have a wonderful time at Quilt Market, Joanna x

so anxious to see the patterns. I hope they come PDF as well. I already have some of the California Girl collection and I am ready for a fun project. Thanks for sharing!! I love your beautiful creations!

Be still my heart!!! I have that pattern on my sewing table but I just used my Calif. Girl layer cake for Boardwalk! Dang dang dang it!... looks like I am going to need more, lots more! These photos are gorgeous and the new version is just as beautiful but still different enough that there is no choice... I will simply have to make both!


It really made my day just looking at all these fresh summer quilts. Lovely! Have a great time at market!

Oh goodness, I am going to have to look for both too! Love them! :-)

Beautiful quilts!!! I can't wait to see the Tapestry version too.

All about the beauty, all about the fun...that is what you are!

California Girl is already on my list of fabrics to purchase. Now I need the Marigold pattern. LOVE IT!

Sherri's choice of fabrics are divine!
There are all of the colours I'm using to create my Summer wardrobe :D
Sue x

Can't wait to see the "Tapestry" collection!! Your quilts are such keepsakes. Also, the "Sunwashed" pattern is so timeless. Enjoy the KC market.

Oh I love this version and I love that it uses charms. I'm currently painting everything soft warm white and a California Girl quilt will be perfect - roll on end of May !!

Oh my goodness!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! I love, love, love these quilts and the patterns. It is going to be awful hard to wait until the end of May! :(

LOVE both of these, but especially Marilgolds. "Picture Heavy Post" is ambrosia to me...draws me like a magnet!!! Thank you for this - it's like an early Mother's Day gift!

My Saturday moment of relaxation was well worth spent on looking at your quilts - just beautiful and refreshing!

What beautiful colors for such a sweet quilt. Just looking at their pictures bring such contentment and a very soothing peace of mind. Kinda speaks to your soul. Thank you for sharing your love of colors and quilts with us.

Oh be still my heart! I love, love, love both versions of the pattern and the fabrics! I have a jelly roll of whimsy, It might me good for a smaller block re-make version, but I am off to buy California Girl which I can no longer put off after seeing these beauties! Just gorgeous!

Oh I so love the Marigolds pattern. I'm not one for applique. Be sure to tell us when the pattern's out!

I'm drooling. I don't blame you a bit for using these everyday, they are so cheerful that just looking at them makes you happy! I love the California Girl in blue - absolutely gorgeous.

Love the new Marigolds pattern and can't wait to order one. Just received my 'early mother's day' gift to myself....your new book! Thanks for signing it with my name in it too! Love it and I am reading it from cover to cover. I want to make everything. Love all of your fabric and California Girl is my new favorite. Have fun at Quilt Market.

They are all beautiful!

WOW!!!! I just love all of the quilts! I'm sure that you will do very well at the market! The shop where I work will be there too, Cozy Quilts. Daniela also amazes me with all of her designs... I don't know how you gals do it, but I sure am glad that you do! Have a good show! blessings, Debbie

Gorgeous! I was thinking about the perfect pattern for California Girl and I love blue! Thanks for the inspiration and have a wonderful market.

Awesome quilts and patterns.Have fun at Market!

I don't know if i could pick just one can't wait for the California Girl in m favourite store and make both patterns Lorraine

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