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A bit more Tapestry...

Remember how I mentioned a little while back that this next line coming up is one of my favorites.... well I think I still feel that way. It has every single one of my favorite colors in it!

The other day when I was having a particularly daunting day and I should have been working on ten different projects and dealing with a few big family issues but couldn't motivate myself for any one of them, I worked on changing all of my screen savers to the picture of the stack I showed you.

It made me happy on that hard day. Hope it might do the same thing for some of you soon!

Here are a few more shots of the few teeny, tiny pieces I have. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of air yardage sometime soon!





Hope you all have some fabric near you that is making  your hard days a bit easier!




Well there needs to be a spot of sunshine and hope in our difficult days Joanna. I'm glad you have your family, friends, faith and fabric.

I do believe I need that fabric! It is beautiful!

I love this aqua/mint color! Your new collection looks beautiful and I makes my day better, thnak you! Hildy

I'm excited to see more of this. It has that wonderful blue-green sea glass color that I loved so very much from Fresh Cottons.

it's beautiful. I'm so happy to see that beautiful shade of aqua!

Oh it's GORGEOUS! Can't wait until Market to see more !!!!!

It is really too long to wait until next fall. I am so excited and I am on pins and needles waiting to see what the projects will be to go with that beautiful fabric.

Such gorgeous stacks...and isn't that the truth...fabric always makes things better!

I love it! I will have to get some to use in my Farmer's Wife quilt that I am making out of all of your fabric lines!

Well, now you've done it.

I declared California Girl as my favorite ever. For all of eternity.

And now this.

I'm so confused.........

You should feel bad. :-)

Looking at and touching fabric always makes me feel better too :) Love the plum, taupe and coral colors :)

OOh Yes yes yes,..I just love this...oh Joanna your amazing and always make my heart miss a beat when I see the next range...I am in love again...
Hugs Dawn x x

Wow! Beautiful! I especially like that little bit of dark purple at the bottom!
Things will get better..Every morning is a new day...

Wow, seaglass and plum together? With big florals? I can't wait to see more of this!

Seriously...you know how to make cotton look good! Can't wait to own some Tapestry! Thanks for sharing...it definitely brightened my day, too! ~ Mary Carole

That's a lovely palette. I know I will add these to my Fig Tree collection!

Some times I go into my stacks of fabric and just pick them up hold them for a few seconds, turn them over and even put my favorites up to my cheek ( I guess caress is the word ) and put them back in the stack. Makes me feel better. some of your fabric is in that stack too. Hope all gets better for you soon. PC

Patience is a word I don't recognise so want to work with Tapestry. Congratulations. LOL Susan

Congratulations on another outstandingly beautiful fabric collection! Such rich colors!

This fabric and your site are beautiful. So fresh and pretty

I just subscribed after stopping by from Why Not Sew giveaway. Such a lovely site.

Those are so yummy! Love those colors. Soft and warm and cozy. Can't wait to feel them!

I'm dealing with my dad and his illness and I know how hard it is. Just know that there will be better days.

I love this colors, it's full of happiness !
I've done my first patchwork yesterday and it was with a charm pack of "Butterscotch and roses" : it's really a touch of joy in my room !
Thank you for your wondeful work :o)

Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

Am working on 3 applique projects using all your lines (SO MANY UFO's!)& at the applique meetings people pop over to my table and s i g h at/for/with your fabrics. Always!

Looks scrumptious to me! I could just snuggle into those colours.

Oh my gosh! Those colors are beautiful!! That fabric would cheer anyone up!! Can't wait to see them full view! I hope things are looking better for you!

Absolutely Beautiful fabrics!!

I have lost a dear cousin this week and it has reminded me just how difficult it is to say goodbye to someone you love. You and your family are in my heart and I continue to pray and trust for His Grace to bless and keep you..throughout this season and always. We are in His tender care.

I love mixing your different fabric lines with other lines you have past produced. I like the darker plum and think it will contrast well. Still to this day my favorite is the gypsy rose, but none of your fabric lines were ever not to my liking. I still have a stash with some of the gypsy rose and think this plum may be a good coordinate.

Hang in there...one thing I know is life keeps going whether we are ready or not! The new line is so beautiful!

It's so nice to know that we're not alone...so many of us feel that attachment to fabrics, and find peace or enjoyment through them. We're lucky you share your designs with us!

Oooooh, that peachy colored fabric comforts me. What a great color.

So very fresh and pretty!

I hope your day got better after looking at some of your pretty fabric....I know my day is always much better when I read your blog and look at some of the yumminess that is your fabric!!

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