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Postage Stamps

Sometimes I want to work on something big and simple and a bit more modern. On those days I crave clean lines and brighter colors. I want to see a lot of white space and love to play with pattern. I love looking at shapes and positive and negative space to see what kinds of patterns will emerge. I feel expansive on those days :-)!

Other days I retreat to little treats of handwork and sweet vintage images. I have a collection of vintage ephemera that includes fruit crate labels, postcards, stamps, ads, travel posters, school booklets and the list goes on and on. Some days all I need to do is immerse myself in those vintage images for inspiration.

On those days I am very detailed oriented and love to focus in on the minutia of those vintage pieces of paper and the colors and images that they chose to work with so long ago.

I go between the two on a regular basis, never sure which one I will be more drawn to that day. Today seems to be one of my traditionalist days and right before Easter, I just wanted to share with you our little collection of Vintage Postage Stamp quilts. Each one inspired by a combination of vintage postage stamps and postcard images. 


Today this is what is making me happy...

Not sure that I have a favorite on these. But if you made me choose... I think I would pick the little birds under the umbrella and the winter skate. Love those a lot.













Happy Easter to everyone!


Click here for more info on these.

Any orders for these will start shipping next wed. due to a few spring break activities around these parts!

And a little insider information... we have 2 more coming soon for Market. Maybe a little something patriotic and a little something "autumny"!


I'm like you - there are days I want to work on "modern" quilts and big, easy blocks...and other times I want to do something detailed and traditional. It makes life interesting, doesn't it?

Just adorable!
Thanks for sharing!

oh yes, im with you.
i love these sweet sweet postage stamps

I love your vintage stamps and canĀ“t decide which I like more. Will you have a pdf pattern of those soon?

Happy Easter!!

Very cute! I can't pick a favourite!!

Happy Easter to you and all your family, Joanna!

Happy Easter everyone! Should I have to pick one or two, I like the same as Joanna, the birds with an umbrella and the skates! Almost opposite seasons, well at least here in the midwest. The birds are so spring! I must admit I do like early winter, Christmas, skates and cozy! Lovin Spring right now! Have a Blessed Easter!

I love all of them. Love collecting them. Can't wait for the new ones. Have all your postcards too. Some day will actually have time to make them!!

Ooh I have all these patterns and cant wait for the new ones..exciting...I just love the nostalgia feel about them...thanks x x

I'm just trying to find time to make the birds under the umbrella. I've had the pattern for quite some time now, but darn it, life just keeps getting in the way! But, at least I can look at it! The pattern is pretty enough to frame all by itself.

Happy Easter and Spring break!
Looking forward to a little something patriotic and a little something "autumny"!

I am in love with these postage stamps and have all of the patterns. I look forward to the new ones. My plan was to half-size them and then set them wonky style into a larger quilt. Guess, I'll put the project off for a while and wait for the next two to come out. But no worries, have plenty of other projects to work on until then. So much fabric and patterns, not enough time!!

Best Spring Wishes!

WOW! Great job! i have vener seen such postage stamp before.

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The project you described in your comment sounds so creative!

It sounds like such a great idea and one that I really, really want to see once you are done with it. Please send pictures!!

Good luck,


Wow ... I am in love with these!! What a lovely and nostalgic concept in fabric.


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