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They are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, here in Michigan.. very little is in bloom (just my trees), this gives me hope that summer might actually be coming! and the colors are just beautiful and inspiring!

There's nothing lovelier than blossom, is there? If I could have just one thing in my garden, I think it would be a fruit tree. Hope you had a wonderful Easter too, Joanna x


Adorable spring photos! Thank you for sharing!


Beautiful flowers! :)

I hope you are so lucky to have the Cherry Blossoms and Peones in your yard!

Happy Spring,

I love taking close-up photos of flowers with the right setting on my camera,too. They are so amazing, and yours are really beautiful--the colors of so many of your fabrics!

Perfection! There is no need for words when you are in the presence of such beauty.. thank-you for sharing such delights...Praying for continued grace and peace for you and your family.

I can't believe how quickly spring has came this year! Your flowers are beautiful. I can hardly stand to be inside these days.

Those are so pretty!! Ours havent bloomed yet but the flowering trees are starting to bud out. I am so excited for Spring this year!


Love your flowers. We finally have a dy up here in Lake county Ca no rain and the lake is shiney..

Here on the east coast, NJ, the pink dogwoods exploded this past week and they are just beautiful along with the daffodils, and pansies--no peonies just yet, soon though if it stays this warm and sunny. Spring is so delightful.

Hi Joanna,

I've quickly looked for a way to email you, not seeing one, I'll comment and hope this reaches you. I love your fabric and quilts and receive your blog updates via email. The second image in this post is so beautiful, I'd like to ask your permission to use it on my face book page. I sell natural handmade soap at our local farmers market (not online) and I feel the picture would nicely represent me and what I make. This is the page:

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