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For those of you who have followed me for a while, you might remember these beauties that bloom outside my studio windows every late winter. The color and feel and shape of them is just unbelievable.

Usually I try to photo them alongside my daughter as a way of seeing her change and the blooms stay the same every year. I still hope to do that this year but so far life has gotten a bit in the way.




Look at those petals?!




I don't know if you remember but last week I promised everyone another great reveal. I still plan on getting that reveal to you soon! Unfortunately I had to go out of town quite suddenly due to some urgent family health issues. Wish it wasn't happening. Wish I could make it all go away. Wish that instead I was working on another great reveal. But it is not to be so today. Maybe tomorrow. One day at a time they say.

I might write more later. Once we all wrap our heads around what "it" is. 


For today, however, I am hoping that Magnolias might make you happy. They are certainly bringing a ray of sunshine to our world. Even if I am not at home to see them right this very moment.


Beautiful flowers!! I hope things are working out I will be saying prayers for you and family. Love and blessings

I love it that people whom you probably haven't even met, whom you don't even know, are praying for you, sending you good thoughts and wishes . . . this is powerful energy . . . as beautiful as the flowers whose pictures you took. I have "met" you and your adorable husband at various vendor situations, and I am sending you good thoughts, as well . . . so much loving energy directed your way . . .

your photographs are always stunning

Hope things go better.

Hugs and warm wishes!

Sending you lots of postive energy for dealing with the heath and welfare of your loved ones ... our family brighten our world just like the beautiful blossoms that remind us of the beauty around us. Judy C

Lifting you and your situation up in prayer to the One who can change all things. The flowers are so beautiful, thanks for sharing.

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