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I am so very excited and proud to share with you, my latest "baby". Many a times I did indeed compare it to child birth so I guess the metaphor has stuck!

My new book....




It feels like it has been such a long time in the coming but I guess if I look at it all with better perspective, it hasn't been that long at all- at least not for a book process that is!

I will tell you much more in the upcoming weeks and share a lot of fun stuff about the process & the projects. For now I am just happy to show you this!




The book showcases projects that are both geared towards quilters as well as sewers and focuses on both of these wonderful worlds in separate sections of the book!


Leave a comment telling me what topic in the book-  QUILTING or SEWING- you are most excited about or interested in and I will enter you to win a mini bundle of our newest fabric collection, California Girl!

We will draw at the end of this week so be sure to check back.


Can't wait to hear which "side" you are coming from. Geesh, I can barely wait to show you more goodies!

For more information on the book, click here!


Quilting is my first love but I do lots of sewing as well... my mood changes from week to week! Be blessed.

I would buy the book based on the cover alone. Gorgeous!

Looking forward to the quilting section!

Well, I suspect I will have drool over both...but for now, I will say quilting! Looks great. Thanks for the chane to win

Ahh! I can't wait for the book. This summer is going to be full of great fabric and patterns. As for the sewing vs. quilting...I'd have to say I'm excited for both. :)

Mostly quilting, but interested in the sewing as well. Thanks for the opportunity!

Love that it's BOTH! I don't think I could pick one or the other. Too many things call to me.

um, anything I can make with Fig Tree Fabric is what I'm most excited about. I've made some lovely quilts with it, but also some pretty fabulous little girl dresses.

I love all your fabric and quilt patterns. I have collected alot of your patterns and fabrics and kits. I would love to win California Girl since I am one! I havn't sewed any sewing projects yet unless you count pin cushions. You have made me love, love quilting with all your amazing color choices.

Joanna, I like to do both, as it breaks up a long quilt project, and I always have more than one project going. I never cared for orange/peach colors until I started visiting your blog and saw how well they go with other colors I like.

i can't decide, i like both quilting and sewing. so the book is a win win for me on both ends. Thanks for always producing amazing products.

Actually, looking forward to both. I always use my quilting scraps to sew something small to give as gifts. Can't wait to buy the book:)

Both really, although I do enjoy piecing the tops more than the actual quilting portion of the projects. thanks for sharing!

I LOVE quilting :-)

Spent many years sewing for children and grandchildren, but started quilting about 5-6 years ago and I LOVE QUILTING. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Looking forward to the sewing projects, need some fun new projects.

I love quilting and sewing but if I must choose quilting is tops with me. I look forward to purchasing this beautiful book.

It's hard to pick...ivebeen sewing what seems my whole life. I just started quilting and I am really hooked. My first was actually full/queen size and my stash is really starting to grow.

I'm just looking forward to being inspired! I do both, but more sewing than quilting, so if the California bundle lands on my doorstep, I will be looking for a great pattern!

I love BOTH quilting and sewing! Both are wonderful creative outlets for me. Can't wait to get the book!!

Beautiful book! thanks for the giveaway!

I truly love California Girl! Great job! I love your material and I just plain love it on my shelf. Of course,
I love all of your books, and patterns. You are just happy and it shows with your family, your husband, and all of your many followers!

Thanks so much!

I'll go with quilting. I love sewing project too, it is nice to have a quick to complete project sometimes.

Quilting but I love to sew so I can quilt!

I "sew" love to quilt but at the end of the day it's all about the gorgeous fabric :)

Quiting! Can 't wait to see the book.

Quilting Quilting Quilting !! It is my passion.

Quilting, Quilting, Quilting! It is my passion.

Both! But mostly I love to collect these fun books and dream of having time to do all the projects!

The book looks beautiful - can't wait to see it!


Quilting, but I've been getting more into the sewing side of things. I do love a pretty pincushion!

quilting! I love quilting with fig tree fabrics, they just me me feel good!

Quilting, but isn't there some grey area here ;)

I vote for quilting!! I would love to win some California Girl. Thanks for the chance.

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