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A little mystery...


A perfect Saturday. It comes around once in a while- in between sports schedules and work deadlines and house projects. A day full of family and stillness and loveliness.


... one of our most popular little patterns right now. 3 Blind Mice. Get it? Sometimes I crack myself up!


Sleeping in.

Earl Grey Tea and French pastries.

Tulips on the table.

A Walk in the hills with the kids.

A family boardgame.... or two or three.

Simple fresh dinner from our farm box.

The smell of said dinner in the house all evening.

Braiding hair.

Organizing my bedroom desk. Looking through inspiration folders.

Having good "life talks" with the oldest boy.

Holding hands. With several different people in one day.

A perfect Saturday.


... at some point in the day, I cut up some apples for a snack for the kids. And laughed when they complained that it was taking me too long to get it to them. It was indeed taking a long time. Since somewhere in between cutting them up and delivering them, I felt the need to photo them on the bay window. It was just a perfect way to describe my day. They didn't get it. That made me laugh.


Hope you had some loveliness in your weekend too!




Those are the cutest mice I've ever seen! I can understand why they're so popular. Love your blog and all things Fig Tree!

We spent half term playing Monopoly, or, should I say, being thrashed at Monopoly by our 13yr old! Sounds like you had the perfect weekend x

Those days are wonderful, I really treasure them. Love the mice, they are awesome!

So funny that the kids were impatient for apples of all things...I love it. Enjoy them as the grow up way too fast & the years will fly by

Hi Joanna,
I did, but it was hard work getting there! I work in construction for my full-time job, and then have a part-time job in a quilt shop. My boss at the shop asked me to make a donation quilt to promote, 'Fences for Fidos,' (a charity that uses volunteers to build fences and sometimes dog houses for formerly chained-up pets). The pattern I used was 'Max,' by Cabbage Rose. Got all the blocks made and together-ready for borders! Very satisfying day!

(this weekend, the rest of the quilt will be conquered!)

love the little mice--they need names: curly, moe and larry!! (larry-etta!?)

have a great day!

Love the little cups the apples are in; where did you find them? they look similar to ones I've seen at Anthropologie (but smaller).

Sounds like a lovely Saturday!

Oh my goodness, I simply love the cups the apple slices are in. You must share with us where they came from! Sounds like you had the perfect Saturday!

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Janan submitted a comment on Saturday.

The little cups are from Anthropologie. I have them in EVERY imaginable color! I think you might need to go get some!


The sweet dishes/cups make the apples "moorish" and even more delectable. I have a yen to make those little mice... they have their noses in the air to find out where that lovely apple scent is coming from or even that special meal you had! Glad you had a splendid, very restful sounding weekend.

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Karen Peterson submitted a comment on Saturday.

In fact they are from Anthropologie and come in a huge variety of colors!


I love California girl. When I first saw it, I thought that it had to have been designed by you! And you outdid yourself with 3 blind mice. Those little mice would make precious gifts. Another job of yours done to perfection.

The sweetest little mice...and the cutest little bowls...and a perfect family day, you deserve it Joanna!

Your quilts/crafts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

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