A Quick Do-Over

A little mystery...

Today's post is a bit of a mystery indeed.....


If you've been following along then you can skip right down to the bottom because you probably already know what to do!

For everybody else....

Today is my day on the FQS Designer Mystery BOM Blog Hop. Each day one of us lucky ladies who designed a block for the upcoming Designer Mystery Block of the Month is showing you a little detail... a very little detail.... of something that is "Vintage Modern" and near and dear to us. Something from some part of our wardrobe! For me that is the little blur of cream and green that you see above. Can you guess what it is? All of you who guess correctly will be entered to win a Layer Cake of California Girl [courtesy of Fat Quarter Shop]!

Yup, that's right! So put on your thinking cap and start commenting. 


...this is a shot of a bundle which we have a few of here, and a layer cake is being given for this contest!!

My hints: 

I unearthed it at my favorite flea market. It matches one of my favorite sweaters. I wear it a couple of times a year at a quilt related event... just because that is one of my only opportunities to dress up LOL!



As always I had a lot of fun participating in one of Kimberly's fabulous BOMs and this one does not disappoint!

 In fact, they are always fun to participate in and to do. Do you remember this one from Strawberry Fields? I can't wait to see that one done up and quilted. A bunch of my customers and friends are working on it. Anyone close to being finished yet?

Be sure to continue on with the hop over at Laurie & Polly's blog on Monday! Who knows what they will have up their sleeve... they are a hilarious pair!


Any ideas ladies... and gentlemen too of course?



Wow... hard to tell... I'm guessing beaded earrings. :)

A necklace piece. I also love to shop for vintage jewelry!

bead necklace

It has to be a necklace. I'm guessing that you wear it to Quilt Market twice a year!

I'm thinking it is a necklace?

It is a necklace, Love the fabric line!

I, too, will guess a necklace.

Aren't flea markets great! My guess is a green and cream beaded necklace.

My guess is a beaded necklace.

A quilted vest :)

Looks like a piece of jewelry, like a necklace.

a necklace? I can't wait for California Girl! I have a quilt all planned and just need to order my fabric :-)

I think it is a necklace too. Love the colors and the sparkle. I like anything that sparkles!

Thanks for the chance to win.


The pretty pearls, glass and lucite beads are a perfect necklace for your style. Great to have you playing with us.

Looks like a beautiful necklace :)

Looks like a beads and flowers necklace.

I think it is a vintage set of beads, necklace or bracelet

I think it's a beautiful sweater clip, the kind that attaches to each side to keep it together without buttoning it up. Such pretty colors!


I'm going with the crowd. Necklace. Thanks for the giveaway!

My guess is a beaded necklace or bracelet.

it is pretty and i think it is a necklace,thankyou for this givaway.xx

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