A Little Valentine

Goodbye December... maybe

Since I did such a non existent job of sharing our holiday decorations with you as they went up, I thought I might share them with you as they go down [actually... saying that they are going down is my way of hoping that I manage to actually get them down this week! What are the odds of that actually happening?]

Question for you? What is the longest you have ever kept up your decorations?















Happy "Holiday Decoration Take Down" Day. Now THAT should be a holiday!





Lovely decorations, Joanna! I usually keep my decorations up for about six weeks. Happy New Year!

lovely decorating the little church with
trees.....i have actually left everything up for about 3 weeks....i was just too busy to get it down and wanted to wait for a weekend to do got in the way....happy new year to you and yours....

I have probably left them up until Jan 6 (my son's birthday) & the Tomtens until Valentine's Day since they were red. Nix nay on that one! But the very worst was the year the howling wind blew open the atrium door in the LR where everything was stacked in a chair. 4" of snow all over everything by the time the coldness seeped to the bedrooms...nothing like shoveling in your HOUSE at 3 a.m. when you have to go to work the next day 1/2 blind!

The latest for me was Jan 15, but I decorate late, starting about Dec 20. I love the pics of your Putz houses. They remind me of my childhood Christmases. I received a charm pack of California Girl for Christmas and it's so pretty! Happy New Year!

My Christmas decor is usually taken down shortly after the holidays are over, so I'm enjoying yours....Thanks!

Beautiful! I love the stocking. Did you make it?

January 6th...12th night. (and my birthday). Since we get no snow and very little cold weather in south Louisiana, I like to have some semblance of winter int he house for awhile. So I'll start the chore of un-decorating this weekend. Love your decorations...beautiful.

After Jan 6th (traditional Epiphany)is when I LIKE to get everything down, but one year I had a broken rib from coughing so much with a New Years Cold, it finally came down the end of January with a lot of help.

Your decorations are lovely and I am thankful for the opportunity to see them even as they are ready to come down. I usually leave my decorations up until January 6 and sometimes until January 13 (my birthday). It will be the latter, this year.

And then -- we have such long winters up here in northern New England, that I tend to leave things like icicles, snowmen, snowflakes, glittery houses, etc. up at least until Valentine's Day. We need some sparkle to cheer things up!

And Susan ... how awful. I can't imagine shoveling inside one's house at 3 a.m.!

During my last year of college, I lived about 45 minutes away from my parents. They have always had an artificial tree, and it was usually my job to bring it up from the basement and take it back down. Unfortunately, I ended up in the hospital six different times (kidney stones and infections. I don't recommend them). So when I wasn't on painkillers or in the hospital, I was trying to make up my work from school. By the time I made it home to take down the tree, it made a lovely Mother's Day present.

Love your decorations, so warm and cozy!
Have a super great.Happy New Year!

Love your decorations!

Your decorations are beautiful. I would not want to take them down anytime soon. One year due to unplanned events the tree was up till mid Jan. In the past I use to take down just after New Years. I think as I get older, Christmas time goes to fast and am re-thinking about putting up earlier and leaving up longer.

Sometimes it is Valentine's Day or after when they come down - that is when we have an artificial tree - this year it was late when they went up, so some are staying up a while.

Valentines Day!! Oh my....

Growing up everything stayed up till the Epiphany (Jan 6th). Also as a kid, I remember my Mom kept a tree (those lovely silver tinsel trees of the 60s - lol) up till March waiting for my brother to come home from his military service. Now I usually take things down the first week of January - will do so this weekend. I hate to see it come down.

Our decorations and tree are usually up until January 7th or 8th. My husband is English and he likes to observe the 12 days of Christmas. I would love to take them down on the 1st or 2nd.
Happy New Year!

Last year we left our tree up and decorated it for Valentine's Day. This year, everything came down on January 2. I've considered doing a year round tree. I think a July 4th tree would be a blast!

I live in a very small place. My patients runs out at 7 days total for the whole Holiday. You do have some very fun decorations. kws

I actually left them up until nearly Valentine's Day.

Your decorations are so pretty! You must share more next year :) I usually make sure I get mine all packed away on New Year's weekend. That way I don't have to fit it in my schedule to get them down once I go back to work. Although, one year I was sick on New Years and they stayed up for a few extra weeks. It's not unusual for me to find something a few months later that should have been packed away...

Love your decorations! One year, we bought a beautiful tree, cut off a little bit off the trunk so that it wouldn't dry out so fast, and set it up in the perfect spot--corner windows. We love the fresh tree smell and decided to leave the tree up until it would show signs of drying. It was early March when we finally took it down.

last year was the latest -- our outdoor lights were up until about March, because they were FROZEN SOLID to our bushes (we're in NY) and there was no way to remove them!!

Everything looks so pretty! Love the antique look! Well... the latest I had mine up was until late February - it was a crazy year and while I couldn't wait to get it down, really did like the pretty soft lights at night! Funny how I always can't wait to put them up and then when the holidays are over... I cannot wait to get them down! :O) I was actually thinking about putting them up before Thanksgiving next year... what's up with that? :O) LOL

I leave the lighted greens on my stair rail until the light levels get higher, around the first day of spring (my birthday!).

Typically we leave our up a good 4 wks. Wknd after Thanksgiving is when we get our tree. The longest though was when our son was born on New Years Eve 32 yrs ago and the tree came down the middle of February. Good memories.

We put ours up the day after Thanksgiving, so we're pretty tired of them by Christmas, so they come down within the week after. Actually, we took them down Christmas afternoon this year. (I'm cringing from shame right now). We had Christmas with the kids on Christmas Eve, and none of them were coming out Christmas day, so after church and leftovers we just took them down and enjoyed a (mostly) clean house.

I love the boot. Did you make it? All your decorations are beautiful!

Aqui no Brasil a tradição é do dia 8 de dezembro à 6 de janeiro.Eu armo arvore de natal 1 de dezembro à20 janeiro.Meu presépio está no mesmo lugar à 5 anos,gosto tanto...FELIZ ANO NOVO!!! FELIZ ANO TODO!!!Maria do Carmo Pezzuto

Your Christmas decorations are beautiful. The latest that I ever took my decorations down was January 31st. I was trying to keep them up until we could celebrate Christmas with my family - that happened in February (it was difficult to have the same spirit that late) - I hate to think what the neighbors said...LOL

One time I left my snowman collection up until May. We were having a party at our house so they had to come down. I have certain items that I consider to be "Winter" decorations so I purposely leave them up through January, or so. Obviously time got away from me that year. The collection was displayed in a book case that was not real obvious when you are in the room so it wasn't the worse thing to have it out until May! (here I go making excuses for myself...)

I love your decorations! They inspire me to make some changes to some of mine for next year. Thank you for sharing.

I have to laugh. I thought I might be the only one who kept the tree up until Valentines Day. The tree is so beautiful and it is always hard to de-decorate it. I do have a fresh one and I usually wait until it shows signs of being really brittle and brown.

I'm guessing that my latest was about Jan 15th. Mine are up still: I always wait till at least after Jan 1st since I usually don't get them up too early:-) Yours look just delicious!!

I'm SO glad that I'm not the only one who has left decorations up until Valentine Day!!! It was only the once-and there was not one needle left on the tree-it made getting the ornaments off really easy. Now I take it down as soon as possible after NYD. Actually took everything off the tree today & tree is out on the front porch, furniture moved back where it belongs. Still packing the ornaments away and the odd bits of decoration around the house will probably be down & put away on Friday.

I spend a couple weeks decorating, room by room. So, of course, I like to take my time enjoying the glow. One of my sons has a Jan. 18th birthday and the tree was often up for his party. I have two more gatherings to host in the next week so will probably start de-glitzing around the 14th. Your pictures made me reminisce about some of my grandmother's things...very lovely!

I found Christmas decorations I hadn't taken down while I was decorating for Christmas this year. Am I bad or what? LOL!!!!

Once noticed Christmas cards on a top shelf in February ... oops.. how often do I dust that high shelf?? Love your fabrics, always fresh, always coveting :-)

I'm taking my tree down today! But I always leave my snowmen ( and there are a LOT of them) out until the end of February. I live in the south now and miss the snow, so the snowmen make it feel like Winter to me. Happy New Year and thanks for your beautiful designs and colors. I've finally finished my quilt top using Patisserie and can't wait to get it quilted!!

Christmas decorations come down around the 6th-ish. My sister was decorating her tree one year for Valentines Day and St. Patrick's Day, but when her father-in-law was supposed to come for Passover, she thought he wouldn't understand it being decorated w/Easter eggs, so she took it down.

Hmmm good question! You never know around here... mine are still up... our grandson laid all the figures of the Nativity down yesterday, so I asked him why? (he is 3)He said that they are tired and need to take a nap! Hmmm... is that a hint? Ohhh, to have that much energy... nooo, maybe I will just go take a nap more often! LoL...

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