Day #12: The 12 Days of Christmas
Goodbye December... maybe


December has seriously flown by around here at both Fig Tree and at home. Our kids vacations have been staggered this year and we have thoroughly enjoyed some great one on one time, cousin time skating in the city, chocolate covered pretzel making time, cookie eating and even some neighborhood caroling! You gotta love the looks on the neighbor's faces that have never been "caroled" before!

Since we have spent most of our family time off line, I just realized yesterday that I did't even share any pictures of our house decorated for Christmas!  

I don't think I can finish December without sharing some of it even if it is a bit on the tardy side....


As a part of slowing down and enjoying each day this month, I have sat with a cup of tea in front of my Christmas tree. Now I know its just a tree and not even close to the real meaning of this season, but there is something so magical about sitting in my living room with the only lights those on the tree, the smell of pine in the house and maybe even a bit of Christmas Carols playing in the background. Preferably Bing or Ella. Cheeseball... I know. 


And so I have spent a part of each evening, in front of my tree, having some quality quiet time. I love this time of the year. And I am officially cheeseball.


Here are just a few of my favorites....




















 Merry end of December.


Cheeseball is good! Merry end of December to you and Happy New Year!

December to remember - that's what we call it:) we agree Figs, the city and skating with cousins was tops! Sometimes you need to just sit and drink the season in;) we are all so lucky and between love, luck and Christmas mushrooms, life is grand! <3 the gonzo's

cheeseballs stick together :) just to let you know you are NOT alone ! Happy merry every day!

Your ornaments are beautiful. And yay for cheeseballs...we did that for our neighbor gifts this year...don't know how much the younger neighbors appreciated it...but the adults all seemed happy!

. . . I love cheeseball. Being cheeseball is the best. . .! (& your pretties on your tree are lovely too!) Happy December to you too Joanna, & I hope you have a wonderful start to 2012! xo, Bren

So glad to hear you slowed down and enjoyed the Season,
Caroled the neighbors, and sat in the evening beauty of your Christmas Tree with the lights and (memories of what each ornament means)even though you didn't say that, ornaments do have have memories and meaning.
Missed you much, but I knew you were doing what you should be doing, enjoying your family and the season. Have a Blessed New Year Joanna and family.
xoxo from another cheesball!

Cheeseballs are normal at Christmas! How else would the traditions, the magic, the music be loved from one generation to another?!
Happy New Year, Leslie

Thank you for the photos, they're charming! I'm glad to see them now, because right at Christmas you can't appreciate them as much as you can now. I've seen some beautiful displays on various blogs. The season can continue a bit longer that way. Happy New Year, Joanna!

Merry End of December to you and your family too! Love your pictures; thanks for sharing. So glad you had some well deserved quiet time. I agree with Leslie's comment. Cheeseballs are the love that keep the magic of Christmas alive and spread the love of the true reason for the season.

Wishing you and your family a New Year full of moments that make you smile. Say CHEESE...ball! :0)

It's so easy to get caught up in the "doing" of Christmas that it is great to occasionally get caught up in the "being" of Christmas. May you and yours have a wonderful New Year.

Wishing you a figgy new year!

Thanks for the wonderful pics of your tree: so lovely!! and where did you get those amazing ornament hooks: the twirley ones? Those are artwork in themselves!! And Have a WONDERFUL New Year's with your sweet family!! Thanks for sharing your fun moments with us!!

I wish you and your family a happy new year!

I am like you, I love to have a little time sitting quietly to enjoy my lovely Chritmas tree (your ornaments are beautiful) each day. It gives me a sense of peace and a chance to reflect on the special time spent with family and friends. May the New Year bring you and yours safety, health, inspiration, and lots of fun.

Happy New Year to you and family. I am a cheese ball to and love to sit in front of my tree although it gets smaller each year now the children are gone and we usually to go to their homes for Christmas. Your tree and ornaments are so pretty. Blessings Sandra

It occurred to me after looking at your post again that your Christmas tree, although real and not made out of fabric, is full of Fig Tree color!!

Have a Happy New Year!!!

This year I made and baked most of the christmas presents and felt quite good about it. I am a total cheeseball and enjoy listening to christmas music all month long, actually since before Thanksgiving.
At Christmas dinner my husbands family reminds us why we gather. I especially like that part of the dinner.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....Karencg

Love your ornaments, and especially the little hangers. Where did you find those, if you don't mind sharing. Love your blog, happy stitching in the coming year..look forward to what you will inspire us with..

We didn't even make your list of Christmas vacation things....what has a friend got to do? I think you even posted this while we were there!!! Should I read something into that?

Enjoying my original!!!

From HU!

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