Day #11: The 12 Days of Christmas

Day #12: The 12 Days of Christmas

Welcome to Day #12 of the 12 Days of Christmas: Fig Tree Style! Each day we will have a different kit, a different sale and even a few giveaways along the way. Join us each day so that you don't miss out on a single thing. We are so excited to share all of our goodies with you!


Day #12



Thanks again to all of you who played. I really did enjoy reading each and every one of your comments! 

The winner is Leslie from . Commented on 12/6/11 at 5.54 am:

Leslie said:
Hi! What a lovely post! My favorite song is Silver Bells. When we would visit our maternal grandmother, in the evening she would play the piano, by ear! Never had any lessons, couldn't read music. She did a special ditty with the upper keys to sound like silver bell tinkling, oh, it still makes my heart melt when I hear the song! Thanks for the great fabric bundles, I'll be adding some to my order! Thanks for the giveaway! Take care, Leslie

 Please email us with your address Leslie so we can send off your package! Congratulations!


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Its the last day of goodies here today on the 12 Days of Christmas sale so hopefully we have a little something for everyone. It has been so much fun to bring you something new and unique every day!


Up first....

Today I wanted to share with you some fun little canvas labels that I discovered recently. They are printed directly onto canvas and range in size from approximately 1/2" x 2" to 3" x 4". They are perfect for attaching to purses, satchels, jean jackets, t-shirts... basically anything you can embellish with fabric, you can embellish with these fabulous vintage feeling, French and English words and phrases. I can't decide what I want to embellish first....

... just yummy.


Label Set #1

Click here for more info.



Label Set #2

Click here for more info. 


Up Second today...

We searched and dug around the studio and everyone stayed late and stuffed and we managed to come up with a couple more dozen scrap bags- well maybe a few more than a couple dozen even- for all those of you who were so sad to miss out yesterday.... So be sure to nab some today while they're here!

 Click here for more info.


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Up Last, but Certainly not least, today...

The Boardwalk Quilt Kit

We would like to introduce the Boardwalk Quilt featuring our brand new upcoming collection, California Girl. A wonderful combination of light, beachy prints with an ivory background for a wonderful Spring feel.

It sure would be a wonderful way to welcome in the upcoming Spring and work on this quilt when it arrives in March, 2012. 

In this collection we have introduced some wonderful french blues as well some light sky blues that will just sing to you... I think. This quilt uses a little of most of the prints in the entire collection and features both the sky blue in the settings as well as the wonderful solid grey in the sawtooth border.

These blocks have so much movement that they look like they are spinning and yet they are one of the most simple blocks I have worked on in quite some time.


... corals, golden yellow, blues, greens and greys. Makes me think of an afternoon at the beach! Can't you just imagine those stripes on one of those retro bathing suits?




... almost makes me wish for Spring. Not quite yet but I sure will be ready for it by March!



Click here for more kit info.


Second option...

The Beach Boardwalk Version

For those of you who prefer to stick entirely to our lovely new french blues and corals... The Beach Boardwalk Kit focuses on the blues, both light and medium, as well as the beautiful coral tones in this collection. It is a beautiful version.


Click here for more info on this kit.


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12 Days of Christmas Special Day #12: 

1. French Canvas Label Sets are 12% off.

2. Boardwalk Kit Pre-orders are 12% off

3. Extra Scrap Bags are 12% off.

4. Stems Kits are 15% off [just several left in stock so we thought we would move them out. Super simple method!]


Thanks so much for joining us for these crazy 12 Days of Sales. The sales are done for now but we do have a couple of wonderful other things to share with you this coming up week so be sure to check back soon. It's been a pleasure to "be with you" each day.

Talk to you soon, Joanna.


Wow that shape for the square is looking impossible to me.. but obviously someone did it LOL.. I keep staring at it and wondering Fantastic!

I think I am in love with the blue one. I like the other one also, but I like blue!
Thanks for finding more scrap bags. I snagged one this morning, so I am very happy. I'm making a sampler quilt from the "Farmer's Wife" book, and these should give me some more colors to have fun with. I have 48 of the 111 blocks made (entirely by hand!)and am really enjoying the process. I plan to sew everything by hand, including the quilting. The kids can fight over it after I'm gone!

The shapes are great and the material is beautiful.

I have enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas. Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays!

Congrats to Leslie! I love the Beach Boardwalk version of this quilt. I can't wait until we can order the California Girl collection. I'm a Carolina Girl and will enjoy taking my quilt to the Carolina coast. Merry Christmas to you and your team. We love all that you do to inspire us!

Congratulations Leslie! Thank you Joanna for the fun 12 days! Love the new fabrics and quilts. Looking forward to next week. Missed the specials today, but seriously trying to decide on which quilt to put in lay a way! Merry Christmas to all.

Congrats to Leslie.Love the new quilts and fabrics.

Merry Christmas!!

As I sit here and see these lovely colors, I am already for spring/summer. It is snowing here today, brrrr.

Love both quilts and that pattern! Can the pattern be ordered separately?

love the quilt - selected the beach boardwalk - love the blues! Am I the only one who never found the labels? Looking forward to getting my kit! I am a California Girl! Thank you Joanna, this was great fun!

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] PennyJH submitted a comment on Day #12: The 12 Days of Christmas

So glad you are looking forward to the quilt! The labels sold out very quickly this morning. We only had a couple dozen.

Thanks so much,


I love the blue one! Good names, too! Beach Boardwalk makes me think of the Russian River, canoes, a squeaky and swaying bridge and hot dogs! Though I doubt that particular quilt would ever end up serving as a gathering place for wet feet, water guns and snacks.

California Girl....did you actually mean California Gurl??


ps - something is wrong with your answering machine!

Sure gonna miss seeing all these great goodies!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!!

Congratulations to the winner! I love the quilt posted today. I am so disappointed though...I've been trying to buy the special of the day (scrap bags, the cute red and green bundles, etc.) and there are NONE available (or am I doing something wrong?). I'm so bummed.

Merry CHRISTmas!

Thank you Joanna and everyone at Fig Tree for the 12 Days of Christmas Fig Tree style. It has been so much fun, I looked forward to and loved every day of it. Your blog is number 1 in my books :0)

Congratulations to Leslie. Thank you, Joanna, and all your staff for 12 days of Fig Tree fun. Love those new blues!

Oh my, I love this boardwalk quilt pattern.

I have enjoyed looking at all of your wonderful item's.

Preordered Boardwalk kit - I can't wait for it!!!! So beautiful.

I, too, missed the labels. I'm so disappointed! Were they a one time only offer or is there a chance you will get some back in? Thanks!

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