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Love Fall.

Working on some author review for my upcoming book today and couldn't resist sharing the view from my dining room table where I am currently working. It might also be that I am procrastinating just a tiny bit.

If this is my editor reading.... I am definitely not procrastinating. Just gathering inspiration :-).




Geez, I  love fall.


Beautiful! Love the colors.

Now that definitely is an inspiring view! Gorgeous!!!

Loving fall seconded. I love the colours in that picture.

May I come work at your dining room table too??? Pretty please? :-)

You're one lucky, I mean, writer!

Your table looks lovely before your eyes even reach the window!

That is a view to inspire~! I love fall, too.

It's no wonder you are procrastinating.....with a view like that I would too :) Its lovely and the colours are so pretty. I love fall too :) Although here in Australia we call it Autumn :) Hugs Vicki x

Gorgeous, Joanna. I just love the old spools worked in with typical fall pieces.

Those colors are awe inspiring..

Just beautiful! I have cool temps this morning but the usual green grass and palm trees in Florida. *sigh*

What a beautiful arrangement - Love the colors!! Makes me want to make a cup of tea, sit on the porch and enjoy the beauty of autumn!

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your inspiration.

Have a super great sewing, stitching, and inspiration day.

I can see a fabric line coming on!!!! Wish we had Fall, or even autumn, but being in the tropics, it's just green, green, green!!!! Still beautiful but not the same!
enjoy and soak up the inspiration
sugary hugs
Wendy :O)


I certainly agree--I share your joy in the tree color and the wearing of sweaters. Thanks for sharing your view!!

What an inspirational window! (and it just happened that way, too, I bet). The colors are dynamite, and thank you for sharing. To Wendy B, I love green of the tropics! I'd love to be there. Fall is beautiful, but it's the glow before winter, which in Oregon, is cold, grey, rainy and death-like! (Tropical sounds pretty good to me!)

The good Lord is quite an artist!

When mother nature takes her painting brushes and colors autumn, everything looks so like home, it makes me want to run home and sew!!! Am at work and in Florida, eventhough we are enjoying a cool day. I love your cermic pumpkins, where did you find them??

Beautiful. Usually our view here in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas is fantastic also. But this summer was so dry that many trees just "shut down" and it is a dull fall. I envy your view!

The fall in Northern Ontario Canada is just spectacular with the maple trees glowing red. I really missed the change when I lived in St Louis for a few years. But I wouldn't miss winter. What a pretty view in and out your window. Blessings Sandra

Simply lovely. I really need to gather some items for a tablescape. You've inspired me.

Autumnal colours are simply the best the fading of the green into oranges always is a scene to be admired.

Oh I love fall, I keeping adding to my vignettes and I just love the spindles tucked in the pitcher. I'll be bringing some of mine out of the sewing room tomorrow for sure.

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