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It always feel so odd for me to announce the arrival of one collection- in this case Butterscotch & Rose- while literally at the exact same moment, introduce the newest group that we are about to show. But sometimes that's just the way it turns out....

So, today we would like to introduce to you our newest collection, due out in stores in Spring, 2012!



California Girl

 ... a Summer Inspired Retro group reminiscent of days at the Boardwalk.


... fat quarter bundle of goodness.



... jelly roll of yumminess.


And the first quilt pattern that returned from the quilter.... Star Blooms. Available in two size blocks. Shown here is the 20" block. To see the rest, come visit us in Houston or check back here for more sneak peeks! 




Pattern and more info will be available in November!


Talk to you soon,





Joanna this fabric line is beautiful! I love the addition of that blue color in there and the pics of the quilt are wonderful! Can't wait to see more :)

SO sweet! Love the punch that the brighter blue brings to the party!

So once againI have a new favorite! Hope the show goes well, I'm loving the big blocks too!

Both lines are just gorgeous! You never fail to delight us with your lovely aesthetic.

Hi Joanna....
Seriously.....every single one of your fabric lines gets better and better and better. California Girls is to die for and I am sitting here now thinking how long will it be before I can buy some of that wonderful fabric?

Looks like a very springy line with perfect timing. Beautiful!

Oh. MY. goodness! This is GORGEOUS!!! I'm sure it is even more beautiful in person and I really can't wait to see it!

Love the looks of those colors and the Star Blooms pattern. I will be on the look out for further peeks.

I can't wait for spring! :)

I love the colors! Can't wait for it!

Wow, California Girl, what a different name for your line of fabric. I can just imagine it happened at a Flea Market!
Love the new quilt, and the red fabric from Butterscotch is absolutely fabulous.

What a beautiful line. I love the sharp blue print, ehat a great punch it brings to a lively new bundle. Can't wait to see it our in stores :) Pattern is awesome to....looks like a nice quilt to lay under while enjoying a good book in the hammock :)

Congratulations (again!) on another lovely, lovely collection.

Don't know whether you've noticed, but there is a PDF of the collection up on the Moda website - love these btw, they always group the fabrics by colour, which is really useful - and it really showcases that beautiful toile! My favourite...I think!! x

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