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It always feel so odd for me to announce the arrival of one collection- in this case Butterscotch & Rose- while literally at the exact same moment, introduce the newest group that we are about to show. But sometimes that's just the way it turns out....

So, today we would like to introduce to you our newest collection, due out in stores in Spring, 2012!



California Girl

 ... a Summer Inspired Retro group reminiscent of days at the Boardwalk.


... fat quarter bundle of goodness.



... jelly roll of yumminess.


And the first quilt pattern that returned from the quilter.... Star Blooms. Available in two size blocks. Shown here is the 20" block. To see the rest, come visit us in Houston or check back here for more sneak peeks! 




Pattern and more info will be available in November!


Talk to you soon,





You have done it again!!! Gorgeous!!!!! And looovvvee the quilt.

Gorgeous!!! I just got some Butterscotch & Rose and can't wait to cut into it ... And now something new to look forward to!! Great job!


Looks beautiful! Lovely colours! :)

What a gorgeous collection - love the freshness of the colours!

I have already ordered this bundle of loveliness sight unseen. if it is from Figtree & Co then it is bound to be beautiful.

oh so gorgeous again Joanna...love the pattern too... I am a california dreaming now
Hugs Dawn x x

Wow, what a surprise :) Happy Face!!! Look at that bright blue in there that is the big surprise to me. I love the whole bundle.

Oh my gosh, I just love that blue!

I guess since I am from CA I will just HAVE to order it...LOLL Honestly it is gorgeous!

sao in Midlothian, VA

Love it!

OMG! California Girl is just gorgeous! And I thought that Butterscotch & Rose was my favorite fabric line..lol! Just cut into my FQ bundle of Butterscotch & Roe yesterday. It was hard to do. Can't wait to get a hold of some of the new line!

that bundle looks divine - a winner for sure, I bet a lot of people will be waiting in line to buy it when it come out! love the Butterscotch and Rose also.

I love each collection you come out with more than the last. The colors and patterns are gorgeous. Need to quilt faster.

Oh Joanna!!! Another lovely fabric set!!!! Gosh, you'd better stop and let me catch up! LOL. I can't wait to get some B&R.

Have fun this weekend.

I love the new line and it looks gorgeous made up in the Star Blooms pattern....anxious to see it in the stores!

Love your new fabrics!!! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing with us!

Wow, what a beautiful new collection! Definitly a must-have!

Oh, wow! I want to make that!!! Love the new fabrics, too!

oh the blue is talking to me

love it!

OOh; so much more my style that B & R! Huzzah for grey and yellow! :D

Love, love, love this new collection!!! The flowers are fantastic!!!

I love the colors - they remind me of summer dresses and bare feet and just plain fun!

Oh! What a pretty line and that pattern is a must-make!! Waiting...not so patiently for it's release and wishing I were in Houston! Congratulations on your newest creation!

BIG SMILE!!! The fabrics are sweet...can't wait to see them in person someday. And that quilt pattern...my new favorite. It's the best combination of drama and charm.

Another homerun! I love the blue and I am not a blue person.

I will be in Houston and can't wait to see your new fabric line. I love all your fabrics and buy each and every quilt kit I can get to fast enough before they are gone. Keep up the beautiful work!! Peggy

Another wonderful fabric and pattern. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Great work, well done!

Have a super great sewing, stitching, and designing day.

That seems (seams?) like a girl I could have a good time with! Very nice.

Such pretty spring colors an I loved seeing Butterscotch and Rose yesterday. Love them both!

Oh yes this fabric just talks to me. Just makes me happy looking at it with all the soft yet bright colors. I especially love the blue. It could be one of those you would not even cut for a while- just leave in it's bundle to to appreciate for a bit. Nice work as usual.

Ohhh my goodness, I'm just in love with all your fabric lines. What a gorgeous collection!!! I'm sure I'll just HAVE to add to my mounting collection.

Oh, Joanna, that is absolutely gorgeous... simple, but beautiful! How I wish I could join you in Houston! Every single one of your fabric lines have outstanding appeal!
I wish I could work faster!!!!!

I keep saying to myself, this is my favorite Fig Tree Collection...and then you come out with something that's equally cute! :) I love this one because it incorporates the pretty baby blue. It gives this collection an old-fashioned feel to it. Not sure of what era, but maybe the 20's or 30's? (I'm probably way off). Anyway, I guess this is what I will be asking for from hubby for B-day and Christmas, some Fig Tree collections, which will include this, and Strawberry Fields and Buttercup! :)

Now that it's all quilted -- beautiful!!
Linda from Hawaii

Wow - you nailed it with California girl AND Star Blooms.

I love these fabrics! The colors are lovely. I'm currently in love with Strawberry Fields...I'm sure this will be love too!

Gorgeous, gorgeous!! The blue is absolutely to die for!!

ohhhh, maybe my daughter would choose this for her wedding quilt! I would love to work with it, gorgeous new line.

SPECTACULAR Joanna!!! - am a native California Girl - naming the collection nails the "personality" of a California Girl and the beautiful landscape here too! . . . caught a glimpse of it in your last blog - note to self: better start saving $s now!! . . . agree with the previous quilters comments on Star Blooms pattern - note to self on that one too! When and where does the line form for the Spring introduction?

Oh Joanna!

I don't know how you do it! Another gorgeous group of fabrics and a beautiful quilt. I only wish I could be in Houston to see them up close...
I hope you have a great market. I'm sure California Girl will be the Belle of the Ball.
Note to self: must have a LOT of those CG blues!

Another beautiful collection I'll need. Love this and I'm a California Girl. Yes, love it!!

beautiful colors - can't wait to get my hands on it!

That is just a very pretty and pleasant quilt. It's a must make and the the colors are so fun.

Love it Joanna :) The name is fab too. I was in California in 1999. Wow....the fabrics are just soooo pretty. :) hugs Vicki x

Love this collection. I lived in California while working, my children were born there and are still there even when I came home to paradise. I'll definitely make a quilt from this collection to reminisce my life in CA. Mahalo for designing this--just for me!!

I love your new California Girl collection and that quilt! I hope you'll have a kit for this quilt because I love the exact color combination. Usually, I like to change things up some, but this is such a great combination of fabrics/colors. Really expresses the fabrics well and has the look I love.

Love the deep blues and corals in this line. Can't wait to see them in person.

As usual once more beautiful, I could never say which is my favorite because with every new line I fall in love again. Have a good time at the show. Blessings Sandra

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