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Love Fall.

Create H.O.P.E.

Its been one of those crazy weeks around here. Most of the week has been spent either prepping for or vending at the Pacific International Quilt Festival. Man I love that show! 

But tonite I am just popping in for a minute to let you know about a great cause  run by some lovely ladies, that happens to have a great giveaway with some Strawberry Fields yummies.....



You really ought to go and check them out! Love those gals.




Other than that, I will be back in a few with some fun new sneak peeks that you might or might not be waiting for.

But first I have to help unpack the truck and the props and the quilts. And maybe even put up a few leftover kits on the website. If I'm lucky.

Talk to you really soon.


Absolutely LOVED your booth @ PIQF. Just can't get enough of your fabric lines. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next!=)

Strawberry fields is my absolute favorite! We raise organic strawberries in MI, and I have so many strawberry items in my house, so the fabric goes great with my decor. I am making a strawberry fields quilt for my daughter as we speak...I have her hooked on strawberries too. Thanks so much.

I also loved your booth at PIQF! I went at the last minute, on Sunday afternoon, not only to look at the wondrous quilts displayed, but to go to your booth. I was lucky to get Strawberry Fields fabric, even though when I opened the kit, I realized that I had a whole lot of WHITE fabric as well! I really really wanted some charm squares from that line, but I searched everywhere on the internet as well as at your booth, and drat it, none to be found. But, I also got a couple of scrap bags, with snippets of this and that, and last year I only got one scrap bag, and I used little bits from that bag in almost every project I made . . . I LOVE your attitude, your artwork, your designs. Thank you so much

I love Strawberry Fields fabric. So beautiful!! For that matter all your fabric is lovely. Can't wait to get some and make a quilt. THANKS!!

I appliqued flowers onto quilt blocks using Strawberry Fields. Love it! They turned out beautiful. I'm sure your next line will be just as great. Thanks so much!'re quite possibly the nicest girl in know....and for sure the most talented :0). Thank you so much for featuring Create meant the world to us!

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You guys are amazing I think everyone should know about it!! xoxox

If you check on and search "Strawberry Fields" you wil find a few shops with charm packs left.

DIdn't get to go to PIQF this year-boo! I missed seeing you. Hope all is well:)

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