Another Chicken Dinner....
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Fresh Vintage and a Bit More Dinner!

Ooopps... I forgot to post more winners for the last couple of days. Let's just chalk it up to a VERY long weekend full of pattern writing and photo editing! 

So here are some more winners of a BUTTERSCOTCH & ROSE box of scraps, courtesy of the very generous MODA and the new issue of Fresh Vintage shown below:

On Sep. 18 at 6:45, Annette S. said " How can you choose only one colour, Each time a new fabric range is released they are my new favourite colours. Th e soft blue, the delicate pink, the taste of apricot. A delicate sage. All sigh worthy."


On Sep. 16. at 10:53 SummersCamp said "At the risk of sounding completely creepy, I really think we could be the best of friends...  Pretty sure you stole my bucket list!  And I love everything you turn out.  Everything.  Seriously.  But, I'd like to see your take on warm/rich, French-country colors.  Regardless of what colors you choose, though, I'm excited to see what you come up with next.  You have indeed piqued my interest with that sneak peak!  *B


Please email me with your info. Congratulations!


On the home front:

We drove to a nearby beach for a photo shoot this weekend and managed to get a bit of play time in. A lot of football and sand play was had by all.



On the work front:

Our latest edition of Fresh Vintage has finally shipped! Can I get a hooray?! Wow, this one has taken a while to get out to you guys. Can't even begin to tell you how glad I am that its on its way! If you are on auto ship you should be getting it any day or have it already.

For more info, click here.


...the original vintage quilt that the pattern was created from. Just love the way it feels French and classic and Americana all at the same time.




The Sewing Project in this issue:



The Recipe:

A  yummy corn salad.... super simple. Created by my 6 year old!


Hope to hear from all you winners soon!




It's always delicious here!

Your Little girl is just beautiful! what a great shot!

So love your pattern and fabrics.

Congrats to the winners! May I be jealous? Oh, I mean, I am jealous...

Can't wait to try the yummy corn recipe from your pretty daughter.

How fun to grab a little time at the beach. It won't be long before the cold weather will be biting at our doorsteps.

It's always fun to see what you're up to. Thanks for the post.

what a lovely shot at the beach. my element is water. the new vintage line is extraordinaire!. lovely and yummy

Your daughter is so sweet and growing so fast,she will be a heart breaker one day. I am sorry I didn't win but congrats to the two winners.Today is a beautiful fall day here in Ontario Ca., hubby out golfing probably not many more days for that. I to love the fall. Blessing Sandra

Love your blog - always inspirational!!! Congrats to the lucky winners!


Drats! A loser again. Congrats to the winners. That corn salad looks wonderful!

Joanna your blog is always sooo beautiful.
Congratulations to the winners, have fun with your goodies.

Hi Joanna, Love the quilted flowers. Are they poppies or tulips? Just love caramel & red together so on the white looks Stunning. Congratulations to the winners. I have been meaning to subscribe to Fresh Figs so as soon as this is written will go. Looking fwd to future talks. Susan Sampson

Would absolutely LOVE to see this quilt as a kit.....hint,'s gorgeous

Your hard working weekends payoff for the pretty you bring to the table...Susan

Oh, I just can't believe it-- another quilt I'll just have to make!! How do you do it?? How do you know what I (we all) like ??!! Thanks so much!

So glad that everything is humming along so well. Blessings to all the winners! And the picture of your daughter is adorable. (I love the quilt!)

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Susan submitted a comment on Fresh Vintage and a Bit More Dinner!

In fact we might just have a few kits for that lovely at our upcoming show, Pacific International Quilt Festival. Hope you can join us there!


Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Bebe submitted a comment on Fresh Vintage and a Bit More Dinner!

So glad you like this one. It is one of my all time favorites I think!

Happy quilting,


What a wonderful picture of your daughter.... beautiful girl. I just love the quilt project from the new Fresh Vintage and the other projects as well. Looking forward to having it in my hands.

This is my first visit to your site. I found the link through the "tie one on" for your fig apron pattern. Your colours are lovely. The chickens adorable. For something a liittle less folksy, I would like to see you also include more muted gray tones for blues and greens and browns. A sort of back to mother earth reflection on a misty morning if that makes any sense. I do love your sunny colours. I agree, I am ready for cooler weather and wearing sweaters.

beautiful new quilt. I'm going to call them tulips.
lucky dinner winners! congrats:)

love the cream and beige together on the tulip quilt and the pop of color in the flowers,amazing how 'simple' can be so elegant! love it!

Seriously?! Wow. Am I still a winner even though I'm terribly late in claiming my fame? I'm starting to panic now... Also, I can't find your email. My computer may be to blame. *B

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] SummersCamp submitted a comment on Fresh Vintage and a Bit More Dinner!


No need to panic. I am sure we will connect!


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