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A Day of In Between

In between. Sometimes I really love in between. In between means that I am done with one thing, and haven't quite yet started work on the next thing so I am in between and happy to be there.

I am about to be in between teaching gigs, in between photography shoots and in between soccer games.

In between two projects last week, I had a few minutes to organize one of the quilt hutches full of soft, fall flavored quilts next door in the office



In between pattern projects, my daughter came up with this recipe below so I put it in our latest Fresh Vintage booklet which I just finished. I guess I am now officially in between Fresh Vintage booklets too. More on that later.


Let's hear it for in between.





In between is good! Can't wait to see the latest Fresh Vintage!

Quilt stack is delicious! I need to finish more quilts so I can have a similar one!

Thanks so much for a great workshop at Hollyhill. Are you sure you don't want to show me 78 more times how to iron those Dolly arms? I'll see if I can get you another apple spice cupcake with caramel frosting.

Looking forward to next year.

Ohhhh those quilts are so buttery and yummy! I want the whole pile! Have fun in between - I know you won't be there for long. :)

Waiting for the new Fresh Vintage! Her recipe sounds very interesting!

Oh those lovely quilts...the colors are so inviting!

Lovely the buttercreams, yellows, & pretty. Sounds like an intriguing recipe :)

Enjoy your well deserved in between time. Hope you don't mind me distracting you for a moment with a little story.

I started quilting just over a year ago. My friend Jayne admired a quilt I made, so I gave her a Mill House Inn charm pack to get her started. A group of us got together at Jaynes at the weekend and admired her growing stack of quilts. We now have three more ladies and two of their daughters who are keen to have a go. I think we have a Quilting Bee! Thanks for the inspiration, Joanna xox

"In Between Day" is a super new holiday idea :) I'm going to start celebrating it every chance I get!

Just read the "recipe"...adorable!

I love your reds and greens. We made the nest christmas quilt out of those fabrics two yeard ago and it is my favorite quilt

Love the bucket list. Hope you make it all work. Favorite color - that would sage green. thank you for the giveaway.

I can't pick an item to comment on! I love them all. I never access Fig Tree & Co. without receiving some kind of inspiration. You are one of my favorites!!

Green is my favorite color ...all shades and hues of green. You are definately one of my all time favorite designers. I just love the fabrics for quilts and projects!!

Love the Blog.
Your precuts have arrived and I am already working with them. They are wonderful.
And as always - more peach please. You always have this in your collection - so I know there will be more to come. Thank you.

Guess I never thought of naming the times I have between things as they seem to be so short.But putting a name to it means it isn't just wasted time. Thank you for that.
Love your soft colors in your fabrics.

love your shop, how about lavender , thank you

I will leave the color choices to you as your choices speak to my preferances very well. Thank you for sharing your many talents.

I want to let you know your color are so soft and comforting. They make me feel like a young girl again. Your blues remind me of a refreshing drink of water on a cold hot day. Your reds are invigorating and those soft peaches make want to wrap myself up in a comfortable quilt and sneak a mid afternoon nap, Ahhh! such a guilty pleasure.
Do I have a favorite probably all the ones mentioned. Oh except the greens! The greens remind me of spring time. I had know idea colors effected me so strongly till I got into quilting. I always look forward to your next creation.

Pat W

Hi Joanna, I love the recipe. Ahhh! So cute! I really love your colors and you have hit my emotional color buttons so many times...the reds...just right...the greens..perfect..the blues...yep...the browny/grays...perfect...the creams. the butter the chocolately browns...I think you need some black and whites with those perfect reds and greys. Something like a French chalkboard announcing pastries of the day...lots of love to you and yours! Pam

Really enjoy the pictures, colors and comments on your interesting website.
Yellow is such a cheerful upbeat color making it my favorite color. Reminds me of a sunny bright day.


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